KCTailkinker Uppydate

Dis am frum mai frend and urz, SparkysMom:

an uppydate on our fwend Kctailkinker-

wel, I fot I’d take a moment to fill yu in on whuts goin on wif our fwend, Kc.
sum ob yu awlreddy knoes summa dis, but heer we go.

She had hur fird knee re-placement on hur rt knee in Aug.  but dis time it werked !

hur dr did da sir jury onna tues, but he wuznt happi wif whut he saw when he got inder. It bovered him so much that 2 days later he went back in an did sum cleen up werk.   whutta good Docky!

hur knee is werkin.  not purrfek yet, but she is habn da physical ferapy 3 X’s a week, an she can move around on hur own, incloodin going up an down da stairs to hur ‘partment !

an noe nasty (MRSA) ‘fection !

she haz hooked up wif a social werker/advocate who has connected hur wif a transport company that will take hur n e where da regular buses go, so she can go to da grocery store or udder shoppin awl by hursel w/o assistance !   dats a reel “yay” for hur.  plus, and best ob awl I fink, for her,  is dat she is feelin much happier in hurself.  nawt so down, yu know?
she has gone back to hur church, an dey pick hur up an take hur home from services.
she wuz able to participate in da KC Cheezmeet in Ockkytowber an hadda gr8 time, an lubbed meetin yu awl.

hur fwend frumda fird grade, mimikitti, took hur to a xmas concert which she loved

she is gettin hur Social Security disability noaw, an will hab Medicare in 15 munfs, meanwhyle she has helf ins an da advocate is gonna help hur wif medicaid an low-income/subsidized howsing.

She wants to fank awlla yu for awl da good fots an beems an e-mails an cards yu sended hur-  honestly dey help so much !  when she wuz in da re-hosp yur e-mails reely helped an der were so many comin for hur, dat da staff noticed and came to see who dis purrson wuz-  i know purrsonally dat when yu b inda hosp w/o visitors, awl alone, yu duz nawt get the same level ob care as somewon who gets attention via visits an e-mails an snail mail.  we awl b fankin yu cheezpeeps for awl yur help !
I knoes dat dis yeer haz beena ruff won for so many peeps, I wuz so happi to b heerin sum good nooz! an I wanted to share it.

meowwy catmuzz to awl, an to awl a gud nite !


12 thoughts on “KCTailkinker Uppydate

  1. Oh, fanks be to teh blessed Boss of CC!! Ai has sucha hyooj proud ob owr KCT — so strawng adn brave! Dis be eggstraw joyous Christmas prezzie, to hearify such gudgudgud gnus. Fankees for sharing it wif us.

  2. IMHO there’s no one who deserves a happy tayl more than KCT. She’s had a rough coupla years. Now she’s home, with her fur beebehs, going to church, meeting with friends, and enjoying independence. This great news brings a tear of joy for her. Merry Catmus adn a Happytayl Gnu Year for KCT>

  3. HAAAAAAAA-LE-LU-JAH! I am SO glad things are going better. Going through the fire is never easy, but i know you have come through stronger and purer for it. You are loved and i am so thankful to GOD for you, sweetie! You are an encouragement and an example, dearest. GOD bless you exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or think!
    Love you lotses! —janey (altosinger)

  4. Thanks SparkysMom for updating awlla cheezypeeps. It’s nyce to get some wunnermus news aftur awl that KCT had endured. Smooz and best wishes {{{KCT}}} Griffyn

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