MuggleMary Survivez Date wif Sir Jury

Dis gud nooz arrivinged in mai emayoz dis morning frum MuggleMary:

Ohai mai leej!

Ai surbibed teh sir jury but just barely. Obi was sick, but iz bettur, just laik zeek wuz erlyier. Bof all beddur nao an muggs stawp takin teh perkosets thaht makes hur krayzee an wii awl lib fru teh platr remuval. Will post photos soon!

Xxxxxx mugglemary

11 thoughts on “MuggleMary Survivez Date wif Sir Jury

  1. So glad things went well, MM! No matter how gallant and helpful Sir Jury may be, none of us wants to meet him if we can avoid it!
    Take care, take it easy, and stay well.

  2. ohai, ebbreewun!
    my foot is doing very well, I took a video earlier that my computer appears to have swallowed and hidden.
    I had a very bad time with my pain pills, was driving, playing bumpercar and disproving the “theory” that there were more police watching for drunk drivers between xmas and new years because I was going up the down entry ramp and pinging off of curbs. And screaming at cats. And not being able to find anything. And hallucinating people in my room and screaming at them. And wondering why I could see those patterns in the carpet without my glasses on, since there was no pattern in the carpet. And finally realizing and am back in my right mind now.
    back to my dear Dr. TinyFoot on Monday to have the stitches out. More ugly photos to come, I am sure!
    {{{{{{{{{all my tea and cheez friends}}}}}}}}}}

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