Beemz Needed

Dis came in mai emayoz frum Shepmom: 

Hewwo ebberwun,

I has a hyooj sad adn a hyoojer worried.  Teh Princess is in teh Emergency Hospital wif aspirate pneumonia.  She seems to bee startifying to responds to teh Auntie Biotics, but we wont’s know for 24-48 moar hours if dis is survivable.  Pleeze send any beeeeeemz yoo cans spare.

Fankees,  Shepmom


40 thoughts on “Beemz Needed

  1. Beems ob helff adn recubbree foar de sweet Princess, adn beems ob strenff adn comfort for yoo, Shepmom.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{Shepmom adn her preshus Princess}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  2. Fathe, i pray for all the best things for both Shepmom and the Princess. Bless them with peace and joy in the midst of this time, and give the doctors extra wisdom to deal with this, we ask this in Jesus’ Name—amne
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Shepmom and Princess}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    All my love—janey

  3. Shepmom: Manyest beams and bestest feel-beddur wishes for your Princess’s speeeedy recovery! Bon courage! {{{{{Shepmom et la Princesse}}}}}

  4. Fankees, fankees, fankees, adn eggstraw blessifications to awl our deer frens…

    Teh Princess is hoam!!! She started respondifying right away to teh Auntie Biotics, her feber was resolved quickly adn she started eating wiffin 26 hours of her previous last fudfudfuds. Teh last sticky wicket wuz teh pulse oxygen, which needs to be abuv 95 off O2 (just breaving room air). She got dere Toosday morning, adn so ai coulds bring her hoam Toosday night. She wills be on Auntie Biotics for a couple of munfs, wif moar xrays to come, but teh ER vets said wunce dey turn teh corner, dey usually do fine.

    Teh funny part is teh nebulizing — ai has to take her into a steamy shower room for 5-10 minutes and den “beat” her sides to help break up teh schmutz in her lunglunglungs. She goes limp on teh floor adn ai has to slide her into teh room — she finks she’s gettin a baff!

    Wii is happy campers, but still prayifying hard for no complications or relapses.

    Fank yoo awl for teh beeeeeeeemz adn prayers….dey mean so much. Cheezfrens am teh bestbestbest!

  5. Just a quick pupdate — last Toozday wii hads her “midterm” xrays — teh wuns where we hopehopehoped dat teh noomoania wud habs startified to breaks up. Insteads, dere wuz no signs of ANY remaining noomoanias — her lunglunglungs were cleer!

    Fankees ebberwun again for awl teh lubs, prayers, and beeeeeeeeeemz. Yoo is trooly wunnermuss peeps.

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