Ayla Goez tu deh Raynbow Bridge

Dis sad newz am frum deh Manfredmom:

To all my friends & family who know how I feel about my cats:

I had to put Ayla, Princess of Siam & ALL the Universe, down this weekend.  Her tumor had grown so large that it interfered with her eating & bathing.  She had a good life.  Her litter was dumped in the woods behind my apartment in 1998.  She was a joyful little thing and even though I wasn’t sure I wanted 3 cats, I took her in.  In the end she had all the tuna & gushy foods she could want (and in typical Siamese fashion, she demanded more!).  Big bro was kind enough to take us to the vet.  It was good to have him there to lessen the loneliness while waiting for the vet.  He got a bit choked up. After it was over, we handed the vet a kleenex because he even had a tear in his eye!  And so I’m down to 2 cats.  No “replacement” for Ayla as she was irreplaceable!




29 thoughts on “Ayla Goez tu deh Raynbow Bridge

  1. ((((((Manfredmom)))))) I am so sorry Ayla had to leave you. You are the best of meowmies to know when it is time. I know how hard it is for me …but we know when they come to us that they must also go. Hugz to you.

  2. {{{{{Manfredmom}}}}} Ai sew sawree fur yur HYOOJ lawss. Iz berry berry sad, indeed. Butt(!) iz kleer tu mii dat deer Ayla wuz trooly lubbd an treasured. Eben a Princess ub Siam & AWL teh Yooniberss culdint ask fur moar dan dat, aifinkso. Plz tu letting us noe ifn dere’s anyfing wii can du tu lessen yur payns, k? Kthxlubsyoobai. ♥

  3. Oh dear, dear Manfredmom! Mai hart Iz trooly breaking fur yoo.
    Ov corse, she can nebber, ebber bee replayced! If wun iz Ayla, Princess of Siam and ALL the Universe . . .

    An hard az tath last trip may has bin, it wuz teh way yoo cud show hur how VERY very very much yoo did luv hur. *leekee aiez rite nao*

    Ai hope – ai doo hope – tath she iz nao merrily playing in teh Meddow – wif mai Cinders, Fin(Glorf1ndel) an TigerLily, awl ov whom ai lost this past yeer.

    Teh awnlee gud part heer is that, even tho tehre iz a GIANT hole in yur hart rite nao. ar harts ar awlwaiz big enuf fur yet anuther kitteh in need ov a luving hoam.


    An ai am verry glad tath yoo ar heer – eben awn tish sad okkasion – ai can giv yoo mai emeow . . .

    Pllez rite – at last! 😉

  4. Adn nao ur Ayla iz a princess in de byootifol medow, wif a strong gurlish figgur adn awl de energeez ob a bebbeh kitteh. Hur waz lukkee to hab yew; a gudgud mamma. {{{manfred mom}}}

  5. Heavy heavy sighs. It’s so hard to lose a beloved fur beebeh.
    *Each time I’ve had to help a kitteh over da bridje, da vet haz cried wif me. Izza clinic only fur kittehs adn dey iz bery loving peeps.*

  6. Ai awlsew has teh hyooj sad for yoo…iz nebber eezy, but dey noes dey nebber leeves us, adn sew dey fankfankfank us for endng der pain, aifinkso. Shee is running frew teh meddow, meeting new frens adn greeting old ones, adn feeling fine nao. Ai is absotively certain she blesses yoo for being such a gudgudgud mawm.

  7. {{{Manfredmom}}}
    {{{Big bro}}}
    {{{Even teh Vet}}}
    I’d gib Ayla hugz tu butt(!) sheez romprompromping in teh meddoh adn woant sit still lawng enuff fore snorgles oar schmoos.

  8. minny hugz foar yu and awl uv yur grate halping peeps. Ai am shoor Ayla is in teh Meadow playing wiv mai Furhead and Max. Furhead hadded sum Siamese in her ifinkso, so ai think there will be much tu tawlk abowt.

    May your grieving be gentled by great memories of yur sweetie.


  9. Yoo iz a moest egg salad meowmmy adn Ayla wuz lubed adn libed a wunnerful lief beclaws of yoo. Keepin yoo in mai fawts. {{{{{{{{{Manfredmom adn Ayla}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  10. Aww Manfredmom ai iz berry berry sowwy fur yur loss. Iz awlwaes sew hard wen we hab tu let loose owr fur babies. Mai hart goze owt tu yu at dis tyme. Ai know mai hart kittehs – Suzy, Pixie & Jennyanydots wil be dere in teh meadow with yur byootifull Ayla.


  11. Alla Keows dat goez obur teh Raynbow brij iz fayngblee, dey iz lubbed berry muych adn wiyl bee forebbur myssd, leuk foarwurd tew teh reeyewnyun iyn teh meadow wif alla Keows dat haz goan awn beefoar yew adn oar WAYTUN foar yew tew goes dere tew, foar ryt naow beeaewaer ob teh fayk dat wee habs hayd lawssus tew, soe wee noez whut yew awr goeun therw, wee iz seyndun BEEMS ob lub tew yew tew heylp wif yur lawss {{{{{Manfredmom & Ayla}}}}}

  12. Sorry it’s taken so long to get to this! I am sorry to hear that is was time to tell her Goodbye; That is so hard to do! But you loved her and loved her to the end. And i just remembered—“goodbye” comes from “God be with ye”. She is with Him, lovey,
    all my love—janey

  13. Wutta beeyootiful nayme, Ayla. Ai noez hao hard dis iz foar yu. Butt (!) Ai tellz yu a storee. Wen Ai lawst mai Miha in August, wuzza berry sadd daye. Hao kan dey bee heer wun moment an den gawn teh neckst Ai wunnered?? Iz berry hard foar us meer mortalz tu unnerstand. Teh neckst mornin, Ai woak up tu teh beegest warm awn mai fayce. Ai opened mai eis tu teh britest sunbeem, shining rite awn mai fayce. Ai nawt onlee hadda beeg warm, butt (!) sumhao felt a beeg lubs tu. Ai noo at wuns dat it wuz Miha, tryin in hurz own littlol waye tu show mee wut it feelz lyke tu bee in teh meddow an thankin hurr mama foar awl teh yeerz ob lubs an happeez.
    Nao yu muss fynd kumfort in knowin dat yu did teh bestest yu noo hao foar hurr. {{{{{Manfredmom}}}}}

  14. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Manfredmom nd Princess Ayla}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    OH, so sorry to read such sadsadsad news. I really can’t add anything that hasn’t already been written above, except that I am sharing your sadness, loss and heart break. Just keep reading all the words of encouragement that everyone has given you here.
    We awl dew lubs u!! *Schmoos* ♥ ♥ ♥

  15. (((((((Manfredmom)))))) {{{{{{Ayla}}}}}}} I don’t know you on ICHC, but I share your pain. We all have lots of furbabies there to greet her. Hugs, and passing large package of shamwows around…

  16. {{{{{{{{{Manfredmom adn Ayla adn famblee}}}}}}}}}}}
    You were an enormous Blessing to Ayla, as you are to all your fur-bebbehs. As hard as it is to let their tired wee bodies go, remember that their love and joy and gratitude stay with you forever. Peace be with you in your grief, and menee schmoos.

  17. I’m so sorry that you had to let your sweet Ayla go. She is in the meadow playing with all of our heart pets now. Ayla…I loved that name ever since I read it in Jean M. Auel’s books.

    {{{{{{{{Manfredmom & Family & Ayla}}}}}}}}

  18. {{{{{Manfredmom, family, Big Bro adn teh Vet}}}}} I am so sorry.for you and everyone involved. At least Ayla will be out of any pain, but it doesn’t fully make up for the loss of our little fuzzy friends. Please give your other two kitties a hug from me and Tommy and think of all the good times – memories are so important xxxxxxxxxx

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