Beemz tu Laughingcats

Dis b frum Laughingcats:

ohai, mai leej!

*bows low, then decides tu start grovelling fur awl its wurth*

ai wuz wundering ef yu could let peeps know that ai am going fur sir jury on Feb 8 at 12:50 ICHC time, and ai wud lyke tu get sum beems nd kind thots sent my way. itz nawt serious, just carpal tunnel, nd teh dr tinycat haz dun hundreds ov dese prosedures. ai still hazza nervus about a knife slicing into my living flesh, tho, and beems wud be appreshiated.

thank yu fur getting owt teh wurd!



29 thoughts on “Beemz tu Laughingcats

  1. Dear LaughingCats, You haz our Best of Happy Wishes and our Brightest Beams flying your way! All will be well, Dear Heart. And teh best part of it is that you gits to sleep frew it…at least we HOPES you do! Much Loves and Many Blessings, Always, Teh Nippy Nose.

  2. Weddingsday, Febroo Airy teh 8nd,12:45 Wet Coast time..chekk. Cheez Catlendar markifyed fur Laugingcat’s sir jury…chekk. Beemerator aymed tu teh sowfeest at Minnee Applol Less, chekk. Frowin in sum posting sir jury floofee blankeez an chonklitz (fur mediclol porpoisez ownlee….ub coarse)…chekk chekk an chekk.
    *Nao pracktiss yr tiping holdeen a penslol in yr mouf, soze yu doan knead tu yooz teh heeleen sick fishie (carp ill) tunnel handz*
    *Schmooz frum VLC*

  3. *fololloes gunnersmama’s czech-liszt foar teh setting-ups ob beems*
    *froes blankee obur chonklits, den slipzwiffakwiknis unner der tuu*
    *samplols chonklits foar anowerannahaff … um … ‘kwalitee cawntroll’, yesh, dat’s it*

    Sendin yu lawtsa beems, LC, and … erm … fyoor calolerees. 😳

  4. I WERKED FOR Many yeers inna 40 purrson office where eberi buddy (well- awl mos eberi buddy) hadda cts- manny hadda sir jury- eberibuddy came frew da “proceedure” juss fine- so hab curage ! doan b a fraiddy-kitty- yu is gonna do well !
    an jus fink how much beddur yu will b wif owt da hertin hands !
    will b sendin beems yur way soon as i polish up da beemerator gun site an da lense an WD40 da aimin wheel ( da beerer been gettin a lotta use dees days- CUZ I KNOWS IT WERKS ! yep, aiknoesit duz !

  5. Beemitybeemitybeemitybeeeeeeeemz on eggstraw ohai for yur Sir Jury! Dr. Tinycat wills take eggstraw special gudgudgud care ob yoo, aifinkso. Ai iz sending bof day-ob-paw-surgery adn later-on-heal-fast beems to yoo!

  6. Yew will bi sew gladgladglad yew diddis serjury, yess!
    Affter menne yeers ob wyre strippink adn uvver elektrikal werk aktibitees, mai hubkat had got tu de poynt ware hims handz wul goe tu sleap adn hi wud dropping himz tuuls. Cud nawt eben enjoi fishing acawse hims cus nawt howld de poel.
    Hims had de serjery awn boff handz a foo weeks apawrt. Hii iz sew happee hi diddit! Gibbed hims a noo leese awn lyfe!

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>beems tu de kitteh hoo laffs, adn tuu hur DrTinyHands>>>>>>>>>>

  7. ai iz nott a fry ted az teh nyfe iz goin in
    ai JUSS layz tehre peessful adn grin a littul grin
    coz ai iz dreemin prittee dreemz of kittehz adn tehir gaymz
    adn if teh surjunz mess up AI’Z GOT AWL TEHIR NAYMZ

  8. Bestest ov LUK LUK LUK to you deer!!! Myn was veery suksessful, even watched the event,could knot beleeve all tthe PHAT in muh rist. All this stuff fastenates me. Yu will bee so glad to sleep again at whatever your sleepytime is. Beams on high to you, Laughingcats!! You be betteren OK.

  9. Ai noes awl will bee well … doan bee fraid — jess lie bak adn fink ov Inglund. 🙂
    [Ai finks Versed shud bee sold ober teh cownter fer jenerul purpusses. Jess sayin’.]

  10. Whis hen yoo a qwikqwikqwik recubberee adn lawts uf presies adn chonklits frum yoor fambly. Maek shur tehy do ebberfing lyke teh lawndree, teh kleenin, teh warshin, teh kukin. yoor jawb is tu relaks adn get butter wif a kwikness!

  11. Ohai, laughingcats, my frend! Ai iz echoing wot otters has sed heer: yu will be teh glad wen itz dun. My hubcat had teh awful pane in his hand, adn dropt his cawfee cup caws he nawt cuds get a grip 🙂 butt(!) after the Sir Jury, his hand is strong adn steddy adn – best ob awl – teh pane adn teh numbness wented away. Ohai beems coming yore way. –>–>–>–> {{{laughingcats}}}

  12. THANK YOU everyone!!!! ai am much calmer & reddy fur whutebber showz up awn Wednesday. yur luv, support nd beems (HI beems, yet!) are wurking dere majik sew ai’m nawt sew skeered oar wurriting az much az ai wuz. ov korse, my typing skills will be sumwhut wurse fur a whyle! kthxbai!

    • Ohai, laughingcats! Nawt shoor you can type yet, butt(!) even if you has to hunt adn peck wif yore nose, can you let us no hao yore doing? Better, ai hoaps. {{{laughingcats}}}

  13. teh gnus iz in dese lions (as is offen teh case) ~ my sir jury went pretty well, considering that ai have a high tolerance for novacaine, and Dr Tinycathands had tu stop twice tu put more numbifying stuff in me (unfortunately true) sew ai wud kwit screeching (akshually nawt true). ai am now awn house (ar)rest, nawt able tu drive (pain meds) or du _enny_ howse wurk (can’t get bandages wet, sew ai’m tayking no chanses!) or cook (ai can’t warsh dishes, sew ai can’t get dishes dirty, sew we hab tu eet owt every nite; teh lojik iz absolute). my hubcat haz been amayzing, let’s see how long he puts up wit dis! ai have doctors orders taht ai cannot go bakk tu my jawb until teh bandaids cum off (onna 22nd), sew THANK CC fur Cheezland!! ai wud be a drooling bag ov brayn-ded wiffowt yu guyz. thx again fur evverywun’s support, beems & luv, it haz halped immensely!!!!!

  14. Sew glad to hearify dat fings wents well!! Huzzah for Dr. Tinycat adn for bravebravebrave Laughingcats! Nao, wut cans wii do to extendify dat “get taken owt for fuds” fingie….


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