Sunny Watch

Dis am landifying in mine emyo inbox tunite frum KCTailkinker:

Ohai frens,

I haz a sad. I think Sunny is on his last. His breathing is bad enough and as of today, he is not really eating. He will eat just a little bit on snacks but I think he is only doing this for me. He doesn’t seem to be in any pain but is being comfortable at home. He is drinking water.  I need to keep an eye on him. I told him that if it is time, then Mama Dofy (my mom) is missing him and will be happy to see him. I also told him that Daddy Jack (my dad) misses him and so did his brother, Sooty.

I have a lot of crying right now. I am so sad. I will miss him. So many of the physical therapists called him “loverboy” because he is so sweet and loving.

I need your prayers, thoughts and beems. Not necessarily for him to recover but so that his passing will be loving and easy. His is 19. It would be selfish of me to try to do everything to make him stay if he feels it is time and God knows it is time.  Sunny has had a good life and a long life. When the doctor wanted me to put the fluid in him, it was so painful and scary to him that this was not what he would want at the end of his life. I am afraid .

Thank you.

Hedbonks & purrs



47 thoughts on “Sunny Watch

  1. *lolspeak off for now*

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Carol! Praying for your Sunny to be able to leave without pain or discomfort. Hugs to you!

  2. Many hedbonks and ai has alerted my kitties in da meadow to be on da watch. So many loves will be der to meets an greets. Dey are waiting for ALL of us.

  3. Oh, mai fren, ai am so sorry tu heer dat noos. Ur Sunny is sew lukee tu hab bin ur babee. Adn yew ar so wyse tu knowing wat is best foar him eben doh it is paynful fur yoo. Dat is pure unselfish lubb yoo gibs tu him.

    Ai sends beems foar a peecful, easy jurnee ober de bridjj wen its tyme, and a komfort in ur hart dat yoo adn hee lubbed eech udder tu de end, adn dat yoo will seeing him agin wen its tyme.

    {{{{{{{Sunny adn KCT}}}}}}}}

  4. Oh, my, Carol. You know i am praying for you, dear heart, and for your dear Sunny, too. Our felicia lived to be 23, but that is rare—as our friend Nora Hernandez said, so many of them wind up being “road tortillas”! But i pray that his homegoing will be peaceful, and that you will be conforted. GOD bless you, sweetheart.
    All my love—janey

  5. Oh Carol, I am so sorry to hear this. It is so hard when our babies must go. Blessings to you for having such love, and may Sunny continue his journey easily, knowing he was loved forever. Many hugs hon.

  6. AI’ve alerteded mai goggies dat dere bee anodder kitteh on deh wai to teh bridjj and too bee oberprotective of her when hii getz dere until you gets dere to cross de bridjj togefer.

  7. Carol, my heart is heavy with sadness for you. I pray Sunny will have a peaceful journey to the Rainbow Bridge. My kitties Suzy, Jennyanydots and Pixie who are already in the meadow will come and help the other heart pets guide Sunny over the Bridge. I also pray for you that God will comfort you at this sad & difficult time. With Love & Hugs, Rebecca ox

    {{{{{{{{Sunny & KCT}}}}}}}}}

  8. Deerist KCT, awl ov Cheezland iz heer tu supporting yu froo dis tyme. Styll, iz skaree juss liek yu sed. Yu b faising muchly unsurtinteez ryte nao adn yu mai be wonting tu maek awl teh ryte decishunz. Decishunz taht yu will nawt kwestyun laytur. Awl ai kan sai iz der b no ryte decishunz. Der onlee b yur bestist decishuns – teh decishunz yu maek wif yur gutz adn yur hart adn wif awl teh love yu haz fur yur sweetist loverboi Sunny. KCT, aifinkso yur duing dis ryte, ebin tho it maeking yur heart tu hurt muchly. Ai sending beems of komforts tu bofe ov yu and wishiz fur a peesful jurnee fur Sunny. It sownding liek hii wil haz manee frends tu plai wif adn cuddlol wylol hii waytes tu seeing yu agin sumdai. Mai hart braykes fur yoo.
    {{{{{{{{{{KCT & Sunny}}}}}}}}}}

  9. for KCT adn Sunny

    o mai darlin ai wil hold yoo
    az teh litez begin tu fayd
    tayk cumfurt in owr closeness
    adn do nott be afrayd
    yoo noe ai’d neber hurt yoo
    after awl taht weev been thru
    wot ai haz to do nao
    ai iz doin it for yoo
    yoo noe hao deep mai luv iz
    so ignor it wen ai crai
    adn let me cling on tu yoo
    az we haz tu sae gudbai

    • O, Sunovawot, yu haz given me teh leaky eyes. You have purrfecktly expressed all that we want our fur babies tu know in der last daze and moments.

      KCT I am praying that the love and memories you have experienced over the last 19 years will rise up and overshadow the grief and the fear you are feeling now. Remember, weeping endures for a night but joy comes in the morning.


  10. Yu R blest foar Loverboi Sunny being a partt ob yoar lyfe, and hee wif yu. Iffn it iz thyme, ai prayz foar him tu habs a peeceful passing anna sayfe jernee tu teh ranebow bridj. Ai prayz foar yu tu nawt habs teh skared an noez dat we R awl heer foar yu.
    *Goez upp tu teh beemeraytor ruum at teh tawp ob teh howse*
    *Sets beemeraytor awn ohai*
    *Swingz beemeraytor arownd til iz poyntin strate souf*
    Aktivate KC coordinates!!
    *Puts awn teh bai-nao faymuss Snoopee gogglols, juss foar sho*
    *Pullz beemeraytor triggur an fawlz bakwerds frum teh powerful forse*
    *Watchez az beemz glitter in an ark akross teh mornin skye*
    {{{{{KCT & Sunny}}}}}

  11. oh carol, awl mai hart goez owt tu yu an Sunny. Himz passing will be peesful an calm wiv yoor luv to guide him ova teh brij. Mai Chloe will be theer in the meddow to greet him wiv a Mrrrroaw an hedbonks.
    {{{{{{{{{{{sunny and KCT}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  12. May he have a peaceful and kind passing, and although this is sad for both of you now, may you both look forward to your reunion with each other and the rest of the family with much gladness. ♥♥☼♥♥


  13. Sending prayers and gentle beeeeeemz for what must be… it is so hard when they must make this part of the journey without us, even though we know they will be young and strong and well again the second their blessed souls leave their tired bodies. We grieve with you, dear heart, and surround you with all the love of Cheezland to help you through this. Sunny is and will always be yours, forever, and will continue to bless you for being such a good mom.

  14. Oh KCT. My heart iz crying adn my eyes iz leaking. Ai’s sorry fur you adn Sunny. He haz libed a long life, dat’s fur sure (my oldest heart kitteh, TuffGuy, wuz 20). Iz wun ob da hardest fings to haz a kitteh-furbeebeh go to da Meadow. (((((KCT))))) (((((Sunny)))))

  15. ,,, Whut sunovawot an’ ebbrywun else hab sedd.

    Carol, I’m sending you hearts and beams across the I-70 Corridor to you from St. Louis.
    {{{{{KCT and Sunny}}}}}

  16. ((((((((((Kctnsunnynfambly)))))))))))))
    Ginormus hugs to each n every wun of u.
    Courage, strength, hedbonks, beems, prayer, n whatever u needs coming ur ways. Sad for u. 😦 😦 😦

  17. Dis am teh sadest adn hardest part ov sharing our lives wiv kittehs but Sunny noes yu ar tehre fur him wen he nedes yu most.

    Run free in teh meadow, little kitteh.

    {{{{{{{{kct adn Sunny}}}}}}}

  18. Minny beemz uv lubz tu yu adn Sunny. Furhead adn Max will bee wayting. May warm thots halp yu thru this tyme uv greeving.

    {{{{{KCT adn Sunny}}}}}

  19. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{KCT and Sunny}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    You’ve been such blessings to each other for so long. Praying for your strength, hope and comfort – this is the hardest part of loving, isn’t it? May you receive the gift of what each of you needs to take you through this.

  20. KCT, you and Sunny have been so blessed to have each other. May his passing to the other side be peaceful and pain-free. And may you have comfort and peace knowing that he is in a better place. Love is forever.

    {{{{{{{{{{Hugs and beams to you both}}}}}}}}}}

  21. Everyone who has said goodbye to a beloved pet is understanding what you are going through right now and knows how painful this is. Being a pet’s human means that we have to do what is best for our much loved friend, no matter how hard it is for us. The last, best gift we give is letting them go as easily as possible, even when we hate it and don’t want to do it. Courage, strength and love find you and support you through this difficult time. {{{KCT & Sunny}}}

  22. KCT/Carol, plz noe dat teh Divine Miss Bonny and Ai will be thinking of you and BEEMING fur yu and yur Sunny.

    Sunny will be wayting wen it am yur tym tu go obber teh Bridge…… and it will be a joyful reunion, not one of sadness. Be well and strong, fren!

  23. Just talked with KCT and Sunny hangs on. His hard breathing comes and goes; he is not eating. She asked me to let you know. They are snuggled together in bed and she doesn’t want to leave him long, even to log onto the computer. She said to tell you all how much she appreciates your beems and love and support.
    Love and hugs to {{{{{KCT and Sunny}}}}}

  24. Watch for an update from KCT soon. If she idn’t on soon I will fill u in wif a bit moar. Sunny rallied late Sunday night, drank some water and even ate a bit uf gooshie fud. And then he ate a little bit again this morning. Beems and prayers may have given KCT and Sunny a few moar days together. Thanks for all ur warm and comforting thoughts, wishes and poems.
    Cheezfrens are teh bestest!

  25. Fangs yew to awl mai Cheezfrens. Wut Cattails sed. Sunny iz still bery weekweekweek butt he haz decided tew stay foar a liddlol bit lawnger. Wif awl da prayers, beems and thots, Ai fink Sunny iz heer foar a bit. He iz nawt well oar ennyfing butt he surprised us inclooding Pyewacket. Pye saw Sunny get down an decided dat he wuz hongry. Pye lukked at him an thot she saw a goast and wuz bery shocked! She wudn’t go past Sunny untlol Sunny akshully went owt tew da kitchen! Ai beleeb dat awl da prayers, beems and thots helped Sunny so he can be wif mii and Inky and Pye. Fangs yew awl foar ebberbuddy. Ai beleebs in da heeling ov prayer, beems and thots! Yew ar awl da most bestest frens in da uniberse!

  26. ai sew sawri, kct. its sew hard wiff a furkid that yoo no sew well, an hab lubbed sew mush. Iz hard no mattur hao lawng yoo nos tehm. mai fotts wif yoo, an beems fur yoo an sunny, mai deer fren. hang in tehr. ai lubs yoo. {{{{{{{{{{kct}}}}}}}}}}

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