Helpin owr Furbabees Obur da Bridge

Dese wize werdz kumming tu us frum deh sweet Sparkysmom:

we awl kno dat da time may come when we has to deside abowt helpin owr much lubbed kittys (an goggies) to cross obur da Rainbow Bridge.
dis is beri hard an we must trust an follow our harts (an try nawt 2b selfish !)
I discovered dat ifn yu tell da vets office when yu make da ‘pointment dat yu is bringin yur pet in for dis, da vet mite b able to make it e z er for yu.
at owr vet, as soon as we signed in, dey called us into a liddle private room, an axed us “how do yu want to do dis?”  den da nice lady told us whut de options were,  an we talked bowt how we felt.  den she left us alone wif da kitty till we wuz reddy to let hurgo.  da vet peeps were awl beri nice n sweet to us. i wuz beri impresssed. it wuz like dey awl knew why we wuz der an wuz feeling wif us, yu kno? i fink tellin em why we wuz comin let dem make it as e z as n e one cud for us.
when yu have made dis decision yur selbs, i recommend yu tell da pointment purrson at da vets why yu  comin in, an i hope dey  b at leest as kind as owr vet wuz.


10 thoughts on “Helpin owr Furbabees Obur da Bridge

  1. dis be so troo. wen i worked at da vet, she din’t like sirprizes. she wontted tu b reddy for da flud ov emoshuns from the peeps and keep the dying loved one comfy first. dis be da sadest part ov da vet job.

  2. In northy California where ai live ai has been looking for a vet or tech who will come to da house. Mai kitties HATE the car ride into town and ai sorely dislike to sees der discontent. Der are some communities dat has dis service and is sooo good to be able to say goodbye to our lovies in a calmer and stress free home situation.

  3. I meant to add ai agree whole heartedly with the suggestion of allerting vet staff of the reason for your visit. Our vet staff is wonderful with this type of situation. Such a hard thing for all involved made a little easier by gentleness and love.

  4. The last two times I’ve had to help one of my kittehs, both the vet and the tech [who had babysat for my kittehs several times when I had to go out of town, and whom my beebees lubbed a LOT] cried with me as each kitteh breathed her last. That, to me, is a sign of a loving service provider, and I will never switch vets. EVER.

  5. Ai agrees. Mai vet letted me pay up frunt sew as nawt tu deatain me affterwurds. Alsew ai has eben gottid a simpafee kard frum de vet a fyoo daes layder.

    Has leeky ais foar mai frenz KCTailkinker and trollingtomcat in de loss ob dere furbabies. {{{kct and ttc}}}

  6. bery wise werds.

    sumtimes, you nots got da tiem to spend a few last days wif yur furchild, liek when da tests come back after dey been at da vet fur awhile, and you not knoes what to do.

    ask da vet whut dey wud do iffen it were dere cat: you offen get bery different answers dan when dey trying not to make da choyce fur you. has helped a lot.

    ok, i gonna go cry now.

  7. I really am so lucky with my v-e-t: it’s for kittehs only. They are all so wonderful and will give suggested treatments and alternatives. Any time I’ve needed assistance to help a kitteh across da bridje, they’ve all been so sympathetic it’s almost like helping their own fur beebehs and they do cry with me. No payments until later (they send a bill in the mail the next month). And it always surprises me when a few days after the fur beebeh iz gone that I get a beautiful card signed by all the Dr.TinyCats and some of the “front desk peeps”.

  8. Has leaky eyes as i think of teh last voyage of many of my fur babies. I’ve been going to the same office for over firty yeers and that means they have seen my furry one through many ups and downs. Tears, cards and even contributions to the vet school in our fur babies’ names let us know we chose the right office.

  9. Mai V-E-T is super wonderful about this. Please, yes, do tell the office why you are making the appointment. They know how difficult it is. They will do all they can to make the experience as dignified and stressfree as possible. My heart goes out to all who have had to take this courageous measure.

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