Noo Plaice tu Play!

Ohai Cheezeepeepz!!

Duz u missifying deh gud old daze?  Bak wen u kud vizit cheezland and see LOLcatz dat made u laffing?  Adn awl ur frendz hung owt in deh commentz?  Dhere wuz no stoopy cartoonz oar GIFz oar Videoz popping up?

Haz I got nooz fur u!!   Deh grated Cheeziz haz made a wunnerful place, just like deh Cheezland uv old!!!11!!!! elebenty!!!!!  it am

Plz tu stop in and say ohai!!  Letz make deh noo LOLcats site az grate az deh old cheezeburger site!!


5 thoughts on “Noo Plaice tu Play!

  1. FangQ mai cween! Ai juss kaem heer 2 let peepl noe bowt ower noo haben uv juss kittehs, an fyned dat u hab beetid me 2 it.
    Ai hoep dat teh peepl hoo wuz nawt happytayl abowt teh chaynj wull at leest gib it a trie!

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