Cawling Awl Cheezpeepz

clik heer fur mewwzic   << dat will opun in a separate window, den come bak heer tu sing-a-long

♪♫  Sing-a-long Werds ♪♫

Me~owing adn yowling deh LOLcatz am cawling —
Cawling fur u adn fur mii;
Payshentlee LOLcatz am wayting adn watching —
Watching fur u adn fur mii!

Kum home!!!  Kum home!!
Ye hoo am weeryy, kum ho~o~ome!!
Me~owing adn yowling deh LOLcatz am cawling,
Cawling awl Cheezpeepz, kum home!!!

Plz tu klikking on wunna deh linkz above tu finding ower noo home.


14 thoughts on “Cawling Awl Cheezpeepz

  1. YayYayYayYay! *clappityclappity* *bownsebownse* Yaaaaaay!! Fankyoo, mai Cween! Ai stahtid to goez hoam lass niet n am wurkin mai wai fowurd fum teh lassist lol to teh laitist lol. Yay!!!!!!

  2. Wii needs a LOLcat hymnal!! Nao dat wii has two eggsalad entries — well dun mai cween and neenerbeener!

    Mai ai adds wun?

    Ai comes to Cheezland alone,
    When teh nip is still on teh roses
    Adn teh voices ai hear, meowing in mai ear,
    Kittieland discloses….

    Adn deh walk wif mii
    Or der stalking miii
    Adn dey tell mii it’s time for fud,
    Adn teh lubs wii share as wii frolic dere,
    None other am half sew gud(gudgud).

  3. Shal wii gavver att teh Lolcats,
    Teh furrimuss, teh squeeuble Lolcats?
    Shal wii gavver wivt teh Lolcats
    Dat plai dere furr u an fur mii?

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