Ohai, PB!!
Since u mention it, lemmee hang dis annowncingment heer!

*dragz annowncement in from yesterdayz LOLz*

Ur detentions Plz!
Oooops, dat nawt rite. :oops:
Lemmee try agin.

May I haz ur attendifications, plz!?!?!?

(datz better. :D )

Tu Sillybrate dis wunnerful noo home deh Grated Cheeziz haz gibbinged us, wii iz gonna haz us a HomeKumming Parade!!!

“oooooo, cween,” u sez, “telling mii more!”

Deh Parade will b on Sunningday, deh 4th uv March. Datz March Forth, git it? ;)
Rite heer on deh lolcats site. It will being on deh 11am LOL. Dat b 11 am Pacific time, 12 noon Mountain Time, 1pm Central Time, 2 pm Eastern Time, 7pm TTI time.

“oh, but,” u sez, “I nawt nebber been tu a Cheezland Parade b4. Wut I gotta do?”

U kin makifying a parade entry. It kin b enneefing u imagine. A float dekkerated wif craype paperz and flowerz. A marching band. A horsee unit. A big balloon. A clown. A juggular. A bird. Wutebber strikez ur fancy. Just rite it up in a word proccessor so u kin copy and pasting it into a comment.

Oh, cween,” u sez, “I nawt smart oar funny oar nuffin.” :oops:

Datz ok, U duzn’t haz tu make an entry. Teh parade awlwayz needz deh bystanderz tu watching deh parade adn talking bowt wut dey b seeing.

If u haz nawt seeinged a Cheezland parade b4 and am wundering how on erf wii kin haz a parade, plz to chekking owt deh Noo Yeer’z Day Parade frum 2011.

Plz tu b reddy tu haz fun!!!

Sneezeecat haz volunteerifyinged tu leed deh parade adn frows teh spakrly confetties awn teh grownd!! W000t!!


8 thoughts on “Parade

  1. Oooo klappityklappiyty. Ai haz nebber bin tu a Cheezland prade! Ai hazza eggsitid! Aifinsew ai bi maeking a entry ob sum kynd… Mebbbe a herd ob kats….

    Du yu fink de CongaRats will hab a marchi, er dat is, a conga-ing yoonit?

  2. Ai noes iz lolCAT parade, but teh ADVMB (teh whirled-famous All Doggie Vuvuzela Marching Band) habs been rehearsing eggstraw hard lately — iz ok if dey marchifies?

    But can someone else lead dem? Ai has to werkwerkwerk in teh House ob Ceiling Cat’s Boss on Sunningday mornings…

  3. yay yay yay! purraid! awl ai gotta duz iz bemember to show up. 😉 OOOOooooo ai hazza ai dee ya fur purraid purrtisssi pashun. duz ai telling yoo naow or jus surprizz effury?

    • Just show up wif wuteber u wants fur a parade entry. Dhere am no point in us trying tu orgamanize fingz in enny way ……. U just kant orgamanize kittehz!!! Dis am nawt a race, where ebbreewun tryez tu haz deh nawt-sekkond entry. U just posting ur parade entry sumtime on deh 11 am LOL. I kan’t wait tu see wut ebbreewun will haz. Matter uv fact, i kant wait tu see wut I will haz. 🙄 Guess i better start on sumfin!!!

  4. Ohai mai cween! Dis mai seem liek a berry straing queschun butt(!) can we uuz uh past pet hoo be waytin at teh Bridj…can we goez tu teh Meadow to meetz dem and bringz dem tu parade?

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