Scott Haz Noomoanya

Dis b deh latest frum Altosinger.

Okey-dokey—Scott is in the hospital as of today with pneumonia. They will keep him for a while. They have him on IV Levaquin-clone, and we shall see how things go. It took a few hours to get him a room—apparently the whole area is getting slammed with this bug, and slammed hard. The RN said until 2 weeks ago, they were just empty, and now, they’re chasing their tails. Anyhow, he is in Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital, rm 262, which is Telemetry–that’s kind of halfway between ICU and just being out on the floor. He’s on a BiPAP machine full-time till his O2 levels stabilize. Other than that—just please continue the prayer, as we need all the help we can get, to quote Charlie Brown! GOD bless you all! —
love you lots! —janey


9 thoughts on “Scott Haz Noomoanya

  1. O noes! Pore Scottt! an pore u! Wun fing affer an udder, az teh milky made sed.

    Lolspeak off/ God bless you both and give you both the strength you need to trust Him and get over this latest hurdle. Keep singing! /Lolspeak awn

    Awl teh beemz an praers an hoeps an wishmez fur himz ful rekubery. Doan wiv teh nassty New Moan Yas, doan, ai sai!!

  2. Oh, gnoze! New Moans, yah, fer zat dishtressifying noos! Healing thoughts and prayers for your Scott to recover his strenf an’ to fro off doze blue moans wifakwikness.

    Psalm 34:19-20
    “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all. He keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken.

    {{{{{scott and janey}}}}}

    • Oh, my! I couldn’t concentrate enough to hear from the LORD last night—THANK YOU for that lovely verse. It is exactly what i needed.
      All my love—janey

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