Twu Uppydaytz on Scott

Got deze overnite frum Altosinger:

They just called me. They have put him on a ventilator. There are 2″ of snow on the ground. I have to get dressed, clear off the car, and go. Please ramp up the prayers.
Thank you all and GOD bless you—janey

Okay–he is on the ventilator and sedated; we will know better between noon and 6PM, PST as to how he will do. He is a very sick camper. All your prayers are greatly appreciated. I’m a little shocky here, but i will be all right. I’m going to get some more sleep now that i’ve been there and seen him. GOD bless you all bunches!
Love you —janey



23 thoughts on “Twu Uppydaytz on Scott

  1. Oh, Janey, shocky am nawt the good! Caretakers need care, too! Ai nose dis must be the troof, becaws peeps kept telling it 2 me when I waz my mother’s guardian. And please do be extra careful driving inna pleh snow when you are so stressed. [Said she who, along wif my brother, bofe claymed to be able to drive the roote to Mom’s horse pistol in our sleep, on accounta we drove it so muchly!] And when they were taking my uncle to his surgery yesterday, my poor cousin actually fainted, hit her head on a door and needed stitches herself, She, too, musta been shocky, aifinkso. I hope you are able to get some sleep somewhere besides waiting room couches and eat something healthier than vending machine fare. My mum’s nurses were very halpful and sweet, but when yooz exhaustified, there’s no place like home. Unless, ob coarse, the snow beez too dangermous to commute all time.
    All that said, I know all of Cheezland sends our healing beams, thoughts and prayers to you and Scott.
    May God bless you both,


  2. Ai am addin ower purrz, prayers adn heeling light ttu ebreywun else’s for Scott tu get dis noo moan ya offn himz chest. Yu guiz haz had enuff alreddy! Altho yu prolly doan’t noes mii, Ai izza frekwent lurkker heer adn inna teerume, adn just want tu add mai support.
    {{{{{{{{Scott & Janey}}}}}

  3. Oh, Janey, I am so sorry to hear this. Beams are winging their way to you–strength beams for you and beautiful healing beams for Scott. Love you!

  4. Love and prayers to Scott and to you, Janey — you’ve both been through so much and shown such grace and strength throughout it all. I hope God brings peace and healing to you SOON.
    {{{{{{{{Scott adn Janey}}}}}}}}

  5. Thanks to you, my dear friends. I did get some more sleep–one of the good things about a small town is we’re only a few blocks from the hospital. As soon as i finish catching up with e-mail i will be off to the hospital. My special treat when he is in the hospital is “cardboard cuisine”–especially the Amy’s Enchilada or Tamale verde. Very deelishus and nootrishus!
    Love you bunches—janey

  6. Habbings just been gru dis wif teh Princess, ai noes iz beri scary! It takes tiem for teh lunglunglungs to clear, adn it seemed liek dere wuz no progress, den suddenly a lot ob progress. Wii iz prayifying for dat for Scott. Adn for strenf for yoo — sit quietly when yoo can, adn remember to eats protein!

    • Yes, indeed! I have been eating healthy fuds; of course how much i’m able to eat is directly tied to whether i can relax some. But i am resting when i can, and came home because i thought it would be better to drive while awake….
      Love you bunches! —janey

      • Iz funnee hao dat werks — many fings werk better when awake. Ai remembers teh tiem ai wuz sew tired wif awl teh Easter services, ai was practicing in teh church, left, adn went back to make shure ai had turned teh piano off… … … ai felt sew silly.

  7. Oh, diz bee terri-bull!

    Beeeeeeeemz, hedbonkies, purrz, and awl dat udder happy stoff bii headinz ur wai!!

    {{{{{{{{Scott & Janey}}}}}

  8. Oh, Janey and Scott, how much you have all gone through. ((((((((Janey and Scott)))))))) Boss of CC, please work through and inspire the doctors to do the best healing they can!

    • Mama says, ‘Never pray for patience, because “the trying of your faith produces patience”! Ask for grace and endurance in the current trail, and the patience will happen all by itself!’
      So thank you, dearest! i do appreciate it!
      Love you bunches! —janey

  9. Oh, my dear, dear friends! You folks give me so many smiles and so much joy. And as we know, “The joy of the LORD is your strength”! Today wasn’t as good as i had hoped, but i remember the “one good day, one not-so-good day” cycle from Harborview last year. Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement! GOD bless you all!
    Love you bunches! —janey

    • I remember that from January — so many phone calls and visits to check, and always the answer “not yet,” “not there yet,” “no change” — and then suddenly, all was well. So I hold that hope in prayer for you too, that you will have a good night’s sleep and learn in the morning that the world is bright again.

      Remember St. Julian: “All will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things shall be well.”

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