April 2, Reminder

Dis b frum two_kittehs:

April 2, Reminder

Once ICHC beta becomes fully operational, we will no longer be able to comment without either logging into Facebook or agreeing to share our e-mail account (Hotmail, Google, Yahoo or AOL) with Facebook. Many of us want an option wherein we can login without having to share information with Facebook.

To get their attention, we are going on strike, for one day, no ICHC, no comments, no new lols and no clicks. Our strength is in numbers. If we stand united, we can make a difference.  Fight the good fight for our beloved ICHC and lolkittehs.

Please share, post on other cheezburger sites, other lols, anywhere and everywhere else, that you can think of.




Ohai, Cweenmj heer tu tell yoo bowt a few changez I haz made tu deh Cheez Town Cryer.

Dhere haz been sum peepz habbing log in problemz so I haz been  fiddling wif sum uv deh blogz commenting settingz.

If u am logged in to WordPress,  Facebook or Twitter u kin commenting wif ur WordPress/Facebook/Twitter identity.   (Dat am nawt a change)

If u am nawt wanting tu use wunna those IDz, u kin still b making a comment.  I haz changed deh settings so dat u duz nawt haz to enter an emayo address or name.   (Dis am a change.)

Deh comment box lookingz like dis.   (if u am logged in tu WP, FaceBook or Twitter u will need to clik Log Out/Change tu seeing deh bottom part)

Az u kin see, it no longer sez (required) in deh space fur deh email or name fields.   U duz nawt haz tu telling mii ur emayo address.  U kin using wuteber name u be wanting tu use: ur real name, ur ICHC name or enneefing else u wantz.    If u putz a webby site address in deh website field, ur name will b  a  link tu dat website.    If u duz nawt enter a name, ur comment will post wif deh name “Anonymous” .

I have also changed the comment settings so that you do not have to have an approved comment for your comment to post right away.  In other words, people’s first comment will not go to moderation.

I have never had a list of nawty words that sends comments to moderation because I feel it limits the spontenaety of LOLspeek.

I haz also turned on a comment “like” button.  It am dat littlol thumbz up/down fingy at deh bottom uv eech comment.  Dat am so peepz can gib u an attaboy!

Az long az I nawt git oberrun bai trolls, i will leeving fingz dis way.



SparkysMom am recubbering!

Good mews!!! Just got this message: Mel is out of surgery and recovering. She’s doing ok. Things are going to be touch and go for a while, risk of infection, continued dialysis. But right now she’s ok and back in her room.

 If you’d like to send cards:
Melody Colville
Anaheim Regional Medical Center
Cardiac Unit 150
1111 West La Palma Avenue

Anaheim, CA 92801
Doing teh happitail dans, dans, dans!!!

Sparkysmom to Have Open Heart Surgery

Dis nooz b frum Cattailz:

The latest news for Sparkysmom is serious. They did an angiogram today which revealed multiple blockages. They’re going to operate tomorrow, Thursday morning, open heart surgery. Cheezfrends, maximum vibes and beems are needed! The good news is that dialysis is working and she has been getting stronger and feeling better so better able to handle the surgery. I’ll post updates as soon as I hear tomorrow.
If you would like to send cards, here is the address:
Melody Colville
Anaheim Regional Medical Center

1111 West La Palma Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92801
cardiac unit 150
Thanks for all your beems! She will be thrilled to hear from her cheezfrens!

Tidmum Walks

*sneeks in and hangs a poster up*
Our cheezfriend in TTI, Tidmum is doing the Race for life again this year. It’s a fundraising race for cancer research.
She did it a couple of years ago with Ambercat.
Ambercat did it several years, even last year, just a couple of months before she passed over the bridge.
If you want to support Tidmum and her walking team with munnies – you can do so here.
And if u can’t support wif munnies – we all understand that too – u can support her wif sum enkurraging commints! All support is good support!!
Yay for Tidmum and her walking buddies!!

Forced facebook invasion of ICHC

Upset by the recent ‘beta’ version of cheezland? Many folks are it seems (including me!). This idea comes from our friend two_kittehs…a boycott on April 2nd.

Two_kittehs says “We can do something about the Facebook invasion. To get their attention, let us go on strike, for one day, no ICHC, no comments, no new lols and no clicks. If we all do it together it will get their attention. May be. When they see how many of us will leave if have to choose between ICHC with Facebook or no ICHC.
April 2nd, because we are not fooling around.
I am also collecting lols that express these sentiments. Let me know if I have missed any or make a lol yourself.
Please share, post on other cheezburger sites, other lols, anywhere and everywhere you can think of. We can only make an impact if a lot of us do it.

TPTB may care if enough of us do it. Well will at least has a satisfaction that we fought for our beloved cheezburger and lolkittehs.

They can have the FB comments but also give people who don’t want to do that a choice. That is all, is not much to ask I think.”

Good idea and worth a try. Are you on board? Please spread the word!

SparkysMom in Hospital

Dis b frum Cattails:

Sparky’s Mom, AKA Melody, was taken to the ER Thursday afternoon. I got this message from her son last night:
“At least one of her kidneys has failed so she’s going into ICU. Her EKG was abnormal, and there’s fluid in her lungs, but both of those could be related to the kidney failure. They’re still doing tests, so they can’t say what’s what, but there’s a lot bad going on. They take some hope from the fact that she looks ok, her color is good, her heart rate is ok. She’s not in pain. So there’s hope. But really we don’t have a good diagnosis yet, just test results. She’s going to see a kidney specialist soon and then we’ll know more.”
I will keep you posted as I hear more. Please send your beems and prayers. It sounds very serious. *Leaky eyes* We luvs our Mel, yesh we do.