Nooz frum Altosinger

Dis am deh latest nooz frum Altosinger:

He seems to be going downhill— increasing trouble breathing. I have to go to the hospital. Thank you all—
Love you  all—janey


26 thoughts on “Nooz frum Altosinger

  1. grabs da paws ob da cats on eithfur side of me, and dat starts da guardian cat circle fur janey and scott.

  2. Circling up. ———————–>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ====================>>>>
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ———————->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> =================>>>>>
    >>>> ===================>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ———————–>>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. *joynes circlol wif big-feeted goggie*

    Prayers, prayers and more prayers — I’ll make sure we pray for both of you at church this morning.

  4. Thank you all. Update coming. GOD bless you exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or think!
    Love you all! —janey

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