Noo Job

Dis b frum ower frend OldLurker:

Afder elebenty munffs of no work, Ai hab a job!!!!!!! Bee in unem… not working waz not fun at all. Da billz keept cumming when ai had liddlol monies. So, mai cheez frens, ai will still be lurkin but not so mush. Ai lub you all an LOLCATS kept me sayne all these munfs.

Thankies mushly, OL


16 thoughts on “Noo Job

  1. Deer OL, Ai haz a beeg hapy hart heering yur nooz!!!1! 2 liddo monies is deh Pleh! Naow bee berry gud 2 yursef…itz werk 2 hab bran new job!!! Hapy thots 2 yu, fren. {{OL}}

  2. Yaaaaaayyyyyyy foar gnu jawb! WOOOOHOOOO, ee-vunn! Hallelujah! I’m so glad for you! May it go well and be exactly what you need!
    Love you bunches! —janey

  3. YEEHAW for the new job. It’s certainly a challenge, but you’re one of the lucky ones. Great going. Come back when you can. It’s always nice to have news of the cheezpeeps.

  4. Yay!!! Sew glad yew gawt a new jawb. Jawb huntin iz teh pleh…
    Hoap it iz ebberyting yew wunt it tew be an moar.

  5. Fur a minnut dere, AI fout u saidz muffinz!
    AI’ve bin watchingz tew much My liddlol Ponee againz…. LOL

    Butt (!) Hurrayz~! Noo job~!

    Nao, where did AIs puteded mai confetti cannon?

  6. Oh huzzah!! Dis am such beri gudgudgud gnus!!! Congrachifications — wii is joining teh happy dansdansdans nao!

  7. How wunnermus OL. Sending many beems of good luck for happytaylness in the gnu job.



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