Forced facebook invasion of ICHC

Upset by the recent ‘beta’ version of cheezland? Many folks are it seems (including me!). This idea comes from our friend two_kittehs…a boycott on April 2nd.

Two_kittehs says “We can do something about the Facebook invasion. To get their attention, let us go on strike, for one day, no ICHC, no comments, no new lols and no clicks. If we all do it together it will get their attention. May be. When they see how many of us will leave if have to choose between ICHC with Facebook or no ICHC.
April 2nd, because we are not fooling around.
I am also collecting lols that express these sentiments. Let me know if I have missed any or make a lol yourself.
Please share, post on other cheezburger sites, other lols, anywhere and everywhere you can think of. We can only make an impact if a lot of us do it.

TPTB may care if enough of us do it. Well will at least has a satisfaction that we fought for our beloved cheezburger and lolkittehs.

They can have the FB comments but also give people who don’t want to do that a choice. That is all, is not much to ask I think.”

Good idea and worth a try. Are you on board? Please spread the word!


155 thoughts on “Forced facebook invasion of ICHC

  1. i will mark it on my colander–just need to nawt mayke pasghetti afore then.

    srsly, i embarrassed to admit dat i not sure whut da purroblem wif facebook be–i not use it dat much, so going a day or 30 idn’t gonna bothfur me.

    i not want to fill up dis eggscellent publicayshun wif peeps trying to splayn to me, but iffen someone could send me a linky to a thread or someplayce where i can read about it, i’d appreciate.

  2. This is gonna be tough, I know. Like many folks I’m used to visiting cheezland several times a day, for the lols, for the camaraderie, for the sense of community. But if we can pull together and DO this, well, it should at least get the attention of TPTB.

    So remember…on April 2nd, no visiting, no commenting, no clicking, no lolling. Stand together cheezfrends!

  3. Me tu. AI yam discloas tu gon permanintlee…peer yud…teh end…furebber..nawt commin bakk needer…buh bai….*displais nawty bitz in genrul dyreckshun ub teh Grand Fromadj et al*

  4. Ai habs nawt heardified abawt dis — what am happening????

    Ai duz nawt due social media adn ai refooozes to habs its forced awn mii, so ai iz wiff yoo awl!

  5. ai 2 duz knot unnerstand watt b happinin. ai due knot due phacebuk. due knot want.
    ai b boycottin on aprul 2. but sumbuddi, pleeze ‘splain.

    • They is going to switch completely to Facebook comments, so either you will have to use your facebook account or agree to “share” info from your Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL accounts with Facebook. We are trying to fight this incursion. Many of us have emailed, left comments on ICHC, lolcats etc complaining about this change but nothing has come of it. So if we all join our paws and boycott ICHC for a day, at the same time, it stands better chance of being noticed, then protesting individually.

      • Ef dis b tru, den wooy nawt kreaet a booogust akownt awn fb n hawtmale (!) wiff sae owr namez heer liek “angelwaitz64” or “1_+_1_ktttehs” or “Nawt sweet Honeyloclynn” an uuse dis az r reel namez and fulll da rest ob teh recqird stuffz dey demandz frum uz wiff da most owtraggus stuffz en LOLSPEAK? Den owee kan idntifiz eeche odder n tawk n stuffz n dey gotz nuffinz!!!

  6. Ai stands wif my bruvver adn sistur kittehs.

    Ai pledges: “Ai will nawt look, ai will nawt comment, ai duz nawt adn will nawt haz a FB page”.

    Nawt sekund, da head cheezez decided tu put all kinds ob carpy stuffs (pictures, videos, gifs, etc.) in wif da regular lols adn nobody can haz good pun runs, etc. Den dey takes away da voting burgers. Den dey takes away da collektibles. Den dey splits ICHC adn LOLcatz (which wuz otay) adn eberywun wuz happy to haz just regular lols about ebery free hours. Wiffin a short period ob time, dey decides tu do away wif WP logons adn force FB adn a coupla uvver fings to comment. Why? Well, da head cheezez says dat iz because dere’s so many trolls. May be so, but aifinkso dey can haz betterer filters adn moderators to do da job of weeding out trolls. Da carp dey haz on ICHC increases da chances ob troll comments dat’s fur sure. Da “lols” on ICHC are many times nawt to my liking adn ai nawt a prude! Aifinkso it all started wif “Cheezland After Dark” adn progressed frum dere. Forcing FB and uvver login fingys will nawt prevent trolls frum making comments. Go to any web site dat let’s you make comments adn you’ll see. Peeuuuwww – sum peeps dat do that are peeps ai nawt wanna be around.

    So dis to da head cheezez dat made decision to go dis route: ppppfffftttt – ai spits in your direction! STN!!!

    • One of the things that I find really irritating about the whole deal is that it has been suggested many times that a good way to control spam and trolls is to require everyone who makes a lol or posts a comment to be a registered member of ICHC. With a profile and the accountability that would bring. Anonymous lols and comments have caused a lot of trouble in the past and yet that suggestion was completely brushed off by TPTB. “Oh, that would stifle creativity and make people not comment!” In my opinion it would be far better than trying to force all of us to use FB whether we want to or not.

      • So true, BF. So true. I’m with you.
        Maybe we can all play here for teh day instead of ICHC. Might halp wif teh withdrawal.

      • Dewun ennyfing awn heer wud nawt bee ae gud aiydeer, enny aktibitee ub enny kiynd wud shoe dem dayt iyt wuddnt meen meuch, NOE hytz ob enny kiynd aytawl wud shoe dem dayt wee izz meenun iyt, iyf yew puyt sumpyn awn heer adn ebbrywun kaem heer tew sea iyt dere’d styl bee mobemunt adn tew dem wudnt maek enny diyffreunce!!


      • Ohai, Biker!!!

        I needz tu making dis berry cleer:

        Deh Cheez Town Cryer am MAI blog. I b deh owner, admistrator and editor-in-chief. Deh Cryer am nawt associated wif deh ICHC empire in any way, shape or form. Hits on deh Cryer am NAWT hits on deh ICHC whirrld. I duz nawt now, nor haz I eber workt fur ICHC or any uv its affiliates. I gitz NO PAY frum ennywun fur maintaining dis blog.

        Deh Cheez Town Cryer am a WordPress blog and am subject tu deh WP formatz and policies. It am nawt a part uv deh FaceBook empire.

        Cheez adn lubz,

      • Oe kaee, ai habs tew reed duh wurdz aeygen, aynd ai reelyzeed dat wuz HEER adn NAWT deyr, aiz ae liddle deyns sumtymz, HEER wud bee faiyn, sea yew onna sekkund ub Aeypreull!!

  7. Well, if were are all going to have to “Facebook” to post anything on Cheezeburger, thats it for me. I’m only logging in now and then these days just to get rid of my last collectibles to others – certainly not interested in “sharing” my info via Facebook.

  8. If TPTB were questioned about their education, there’d be splendid responses about this, that, or the other degree, HOWEVER they have the school smarts, but put them out on the street & they’d be dead in a day or two, there’s NO street smarts there, no daily survival technique to figure out what needs to be done here.
    IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT, that’s street smarts, the educated PTB just slide over it because they don’t understand it, MAYBE April 2nd will pound a little sand in their rathole brains (excuse me, their educated little heads)
    EVERYBODY SHUT IT DOWN ON APRIL 2ND, we only have a greatly treasured site to lose if WE don’t boycott it for ONE day!!

  9. Iz wiff yew awl. Teh kittehz needz 2 taek teh bieg stepz tow ardes woreld domenashun nao n U nite 2 beet dis dastardle deed. nao!!!1!

  10. Ai iz wif yoo!! We will stand tugevver on dis issyoo. Ai do nawt want Faceboop involved in mai life! Yay for finkinb ob dis !! (nawt sure who did, but yay for yoo ennyway)!!!!

  11. Count me in as well. I have to stay off Facebook because of patient-privacy concerns; if ICHC forces comments to come through FB, they have just forced me out of ICHC, alas. I hope we can make an impression and change the direction things are going. Will boycott 4-2-12.–Lungdoc.

  12. Has anyone gotten a sense of how the changes are being received on the other ICHC sites? I hate to say it, but Lolcats has become just a tiny part of a big conglomerate, ai fear. Any way that we can recruit peeps from the other ICHC lol sites and meme sites?

    • From what I saw in my wanderings today, barely anybody even comments on the LOLs. There may be conversations going on in the user profiles, but I don’t know very many people that frequent the other sites (that don’t also come to lolcats).

      • Yes, and I think that’s what’s driving this. They’re trying to up the commenting on the other sites, and, if we get thrown under the bus, well, that’s just good business in the end.

      • Ai kommintz awn Luvly Listing sumtymes. Ai Njoiz the Der, Ai Fixed It! an sumtyme teh wedding syte.
        (Haytes awl dat FAIL stuffz!!!)

  13. Well, for what it’s worth, I’m a pretty frequent commenter on Pundit Kitchen… and I don’t even have a Facebook account. I’ve only got a WordPress account for Cheezburger sites because of some troll attempting to pretend he was me at one point.

    If ICHC moves to requiring Facebook, that’ll be it for me posting entirely. I don’t need a Facebook account and, from what I’ve seen on Failbook, I don’t want one. I can understand wanting to link together social media, so have no problems with having it be an option, but… an actual requirement for Facebook, no. This isn’t a Facebook usergroup.

    • I also don’t have a Facebook by choice. And I like being able to zip in and comment and not have to worry about someone following me to my personal site from it.

      Even though I’m not part of the whole community thing and haven’t really been brought into the fold as it were–I mean, I had to celebrate my own nawt sekund nawt sekund because no one said anything, which is kind of like throwing a surprise party for yourself — I’ll stay off on April 2 in a sign of solidarity and my own personal protest.

      • You ARE a part of the community just by being here! Sorry I missed your nawt sekund nawt sekund – is it too late to say congrachoolamayshuns? I also had a nawt sekund that went unnoticed, but figured it was just because there weren’t many peeps around at the moment. There’s a definite ebb and flow. Thanks for joining in on the April 2 stay-away.

      • ohai cr!! Manee sawrees that nobody noticed yur nawt sekund nawt sekund!! catburgh is rite–there are tyms of day when nobody’s about–that’s about teh onliest time ai eber get a nawt sekkund, and sumtiems it gies unnoticed!

      • thanks πŸ™‚ didn’t mean to sound like Whiny McWhinepants about it. It was just one of those things, you finally make that three point basket and that’s the one time nobody’s looking, and you just throw your hands up and go “well THAT figures!”

        Also, ai werks teh swingrshifts sew ai em yushully awn laet oar erlee, nawt priem tiem. Sew yah, ai getz itt πŸ™‚

  14. I’m in! I will not visit, check ,lurk, peek at cheezland on April Two!

    I like fb for keeping in touch with folks (even tho i know my every click is tracked), tho it’s not necessary to require visitors to be tracked by fb in order for them to participate in LolCats. That just rubs the wrong way like requiring prospective employees’ passwords to their media accounts.

  15. Ai nawt hab mental enerjies tu deel wiv awl teh hassells ob tri-ing tu powst tu cheezland aneemoar. Ai tryd tu sai bai-bai der butt(!) got mod-rat-ted agin soe ai haz coem heer tu sai bai-bai tu cheezepeeps.

    • (((Wolfkit)))

      Dere be other places u can go, u noes. If you laik tea or coffee, ai noes a gud place for u. Wif cheezfrenz and no forcebook. πŸ˜‰

  16. I’m in, although I feel a real cheat – I’m going on holiday on 31 March and won’t be looking much at Lolcats anyway in teh 2 weeks after that. However, I give my whole-hearted support to this cause and really hope it’ll move TPTB.

  17. I thought I would pass along my convo with Ben, I must say I admire that he makes himself accessible to folks, he has a profile and will accept friend requests. Even if I don’t care for the answers I appreciate him replying to me.

    Me, March 25th: Hello Ben. I am a long time ICHC user, I’ve had so much fun and met so many nice folks here. I know you must feel like a target lately, so many peeps unhappy with the beta thing, I must say I am one of those unhappy people. I do not understand how it can continually be claimed ‘we’re not trying to force anyone to use FB, you can comment using yahoo, hotmail, etc.’. And yet when I wanted to comment on a friend’s lol using my yahoo ID what should appear but “Click “Agree” to sign in to using your Yahoo! ID and allow sharing of Yahoo! info.” I would have left this message on the cheezburger blog post ‘welcome to the new cheezburger’ but it seems comments are discouraged there, not even a box to type comments in. Thanks for listening, I hope some decisions will be reconsidered, many changes do not seem ‘user friendly’ at all.

    Ben: Hi BF473, it’s hard to see from an individual (or a group) perspective, but we gather data across all our users. The number 1 system our users use outside of Cheezburger is Facebook. For some, it will be a change in how to use our comments, but for the 90+% of users who have Facebook, it will be much more user-friendly and encourage commenting. In public areas on Cheezburger (like comments) we encourage people to be logged in because we want to keep the comments somewhat accountable and minimize trolls and spam. This messaging system I’m using now on the Profile will not require Facebook.

    Me: Hello again Ben. I meant to add my thanks for making yourself accessible, for.. hopefully anyway… listening. When you read the comments on this cheezburger blog post…well I don’t see anyone clamoring for more interaction with FB!

    It has been suggested many many times to control spam and trolls by requiring lol makers and commenters to be registered ICHC members and yet that suggestion was pooh poohed, ‘oh, that might squash creativity and put people off commenting’. Now forcing usage of FB is to control spam and trolls? And, again, why tell us we can use Yahoo or hotmail or what ever for commenting when it is not true, we still have to ‘agree’ to share info with FB? Thank you for your time.

    Ben: Hi BF473, I certainly have not “pooh poohed” those suggestions in the past. It’s something I have pushed for here, but the problem was that based on every scenario we looked at, it would diminish commenting to a trickle of what it used to be. So we lived with it until WordPress required that users create a WordPress account to comment. That became a big problem for us as we were forced into a decision. In the beta/Facebook comments, more than a billion people have FB, Yahoo, etc. accounts and use it everyday. Some people objected against Facebook on the grounds that you will have to use a real name. So the alternative options are to allow users to use a pseudonym, and if you want to do that, you can use your Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL account.

    Wow, that’s a lot to read. Anyway, there you have it, from the head cheese.

    • Fankeez fur passing dat along, BF.

      I haz metted Ben, and hii am a berry nice guy. But, hii am running a company. Hii haz tu b making deh bizzness/tekky decisions. And I guess dat himz dicisionz makez deh bizzness/tekky sense. Hii haz employeez adn billz tu pay. Deh ICHC empire am hiz bred adn butter.

      It am too bad dat hiz interests adn owerz seem tu being at cross purposez.

    • Seems uh bit hypocritical to me.
      1. Having a WP account is a big problem, but requiring a Facebook account isn’t? I know it’s been said that you don’t actually need a Facebook account, but how does mandatory Yahoo, AOL & Hotmail integration work without one?
      2. Profile messges don’t require all this? Why is that different?

      • Yeah, it doesn’t add up, in my opinion. As I’ve said above, and as Ben hints at – they’re trying to up the comment count on all the other sites. If that means the lolcats commenters getting thrown under the bus, well, that’s just business. Sucks for those of us *actually* commenting.

    • From Ben’s response as shared by BF: ” . . .we lived with it until WordPress required that users create a WordPress account to comment.” Really? How about the Cheeztown Cryer? It’s a WordPress site. Are you forced to have a WordPress account to comment here? I tried posting this comment, filling in only my email address and “catburgh” but got an error message that my email address was associated with a WP account and that I must log in. Now I’ll try it with another email address, NOT associated with WP. CatBurgh

      • Hmmm, so I was able to comment on a WordPress site without using a WordPress account. Interesting . . .
        Darn, have to run errands, but will check back. CatBurgh

      • I have never had a word press account and haven’t had any problems commenting. In fact, I still use an old AOL account for both here and ICHC comments because i feel tied to my little turquoise quilt avatar.
        Well, the only problem I ever had was briefly when I was using the old link to my cheezburger profile. When I updated it, I was fine. I don’t know much about how this works, but it seems to me that making the cheezburger account site a required field would solve the problem about spam and trolls.

      • The requirement to be logged into Word Press only affected those with Word Press accounts. It did nothing to stop people from being able to comment anonymously. It was a silly requirement on Word Press’ part that really accomplished nothing.

    • I wouldn’t object to being required to have a WP account to comment. It’s just that it hasn’t been required in the past. But forcing us into using other email accounts to share with FB JUST to track users iz not my “thing”. As I said before, I don’t have and never will have a FB account. My privacy is more important than anything else. Business decisions are business decisions, I agree. But it’s just like anything else: if the owners make decisions that don’t fit with my preferences/privacy, I don’t go there anymore. It will be very sad to lose a site that brought so many smiles and happyness.

      • I an so with you Onlee Kitteh. I chose not to have a Facebook account specifically because I wish to keep my privacy. If ICHC had the requirement to share info with Facebook on the day I started visiting, I would have walked away and never come back, just like I have done for so many other sites that do use Facebook. I’m not willing to make yet another email address just so I can comment on ICHC.

  18. I has a confused.

    I does not has a farceboink account, and don’t intend to have one now. I dislike FB, and all it does, quite intently, and do not trust them with anything remotely resembling personal data.

    I find it a bit of a faff to log into weirdpress if I wants to make an ICHC comment, but I can live with that. Although I have never understood why logging in via an ICHC account doesn’t register you to comment on LOLs.

    For a start, has it definitely been said that we will not no longer be able to log in via WP? Some forums I know allow you to log in via one of several existing accounts, including WP.

    Needing to have (say) a hotmail account for ICHC doesn’t really strike me as the end of the world – as far as I’m aware there is no limit on having multiple hotmail accounts, or having such accounts in a name such as puddy_tat@whatever (mine isn’t “hotmail” it’s one of the others by the way)

    (Facebook does in theory have a “real name” policy – although if I registered an account under a fictitious hooman name, the chances are they would never spot it, unless I was pretending to be a celeb of some sort, but if I registered as “puddy tat” with my catavar, the chances are I’d get thrown out.)

    If I had a hotmail account I used exclusively for ICHC, then even if FB does see that address, I’m not sure it’s really going to do a lot of harm. Ultimately, I’d suggest that as a way forward for people who don’t like farceboink. (That having been said, there’s a heck of a lot of people out there who do seem to like it.)

    There are a lot of things that track you across the web already, and I believe ICHC already has links with some. Ultimately, there is no such thing as a free lunch, ICHC’s servers need to be kept running, and moderator kitteh needs to be fed cheezburgers somehow, so ICHC needs a source of income which it doesn’t get from us.

    It’s worth remembering this –

    Having good security software (firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware programs) on your computer (and all of these are available as free downloads) – AND keeping the programs up to date – will reduce risk of anything unpleasant happening, and there are browser add-ons (at least for fyrefoxks and chrohm) that can cut down on scripts, cookies and visible advertising etc – I’m aware there is a “facebook disconnect” app that can be added to chrome.

    Also, clearing cookies / cache etc on a pretty regular basis is also a good idea – you will have to start remembering your passwords – or noting them down in some sort of code – but this will not only tend to speed up your browser, but limit the extent to which anyone can follow you around the interwebs.

    • It is not the end of the world. It is a matter of principle. Even when you login with say a hotmail account, you are giving permission to “share” your data with FB. This seems like coercion. I have too many email accounts and do not want to be saddled with another one. I also regularly post on another WP blog and that does not seem to require logging in to my WP account. So this is an ICHC requirement not a WP requirement. I should not have to give up on my online privacy to be able to comment on ICHC.

    • With regards to being freeloaders on ICHC, aren’t we
      1. providing eyeballs for the ads
      2. Clicks and pageviews, that get the said ads
      3. Buying stuff from Lolmart
      4. Last but not the least provide content for this site in terms of photos and captions

      I think we are an important component of ICHC, not freeloaders. YMMV.

  19. I too, am not on facebook. If this is a requirement that will be the end of littlol kitteh pictures for me. So sad. I will hide in my basket wif my little obnp on April 2.

  20. Awlsoe – remember to log OUT of your ICHC profile on April 1st, so you are completely gone from ICHC on the 2nd!!! (thnx to littleAPC for this suggestion!)

  21. Dis maya bin poastid sumwares awlreddee, bud ai mistid it (nawt awl dat nawn-yooshwul). Wut whirrld-wied thyme bees owr prowtest boi-cottun starting awn Teh Dae? Wuddit bee moar impreshiv ifn wii boi-cottid moastlee awl-at-wuns foar twennee-foar howrs? Oar wut? Mai angshus … lemme show it tu yu.

    [Ofurkrynowtlowd … ai spoas moar peepuls wud ceeing mai commint ifn ai akshlee klikt ‘Poast Commint’ wen ai wuz dun. πŸ™„ ]

  22. I’ll be solidified and no cheeze for a day but will I acktually have to work at this desk then? Oh and I won’t be able to plai if iruntheworldbook haz to be used. 😦

  23. i’m in. I plan on getting a hotmail addy when the excrement hits the air extruder, cause I don’t want to leave forever–I has a sad over peeps I know getting ready to leave!

  24. AI LUB IT!!
    Sew manee peeplol habing teh dialog adn sum eben trying to find solushunz dat wurk under teh new system (tho foar mii, nun awr acceptiblol).
    Mehbii dis shulda happend befoar teh decizshun wuz made tew change.
    Jes sayin’ *cough*Ben*cough*

  25. Hmmm…wonder what the gnu gname of ICHC will be? My top three votes are:
    1. Cheezebook?
    2. Facecheez?
    3. Cheezface?

    FYI Ben, I have no idea why you “unfriended” me. I’ve never sent you a personal message (although I’ve been mighty tempted to lately, I admit).


    I hates it. It’s turned into electronic kudzu, a hideous, noxious weed that’s relentlessly infiltrated the interwebs. Now it’s reached our beloved former paradise, Cheezland. I join Owr Qween and the Old Guard loyalists.

  27. I haven’t been on ICHC in a while because it’s kinda gone to carp, even though I miss my old friends. 😦 I actually enjoy using FB, but I don’t really want it connected to my ICHC. So…I will make sure to log myself out of ICHC if I am logged in on the 2nd. If it goes back to the fun way it used to be then I would certainly come back!

  28. *Drags soapbox in*

    I’m definitely all for the boycott of ICHC on April 2 – it just means I’ll have to boycott on April 3 cause I live in Australia and we’re around 20 hours ahead. I don’t nor do I ever intend to have a Fakebook account. Mind you for those of you who do use FB I’m sure it’s useful for you and I have nothing at all against you for using it. It’s just I’m not comfortable about using it as I’m paranoid about identity theft. Yes I do have a Hotmail account but if I’m to use that to log in to ICHC to comment, will it compromise my privacy? As others have stated if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I don’t understand why they had to change the whole commenting method – there was nothing wrong with the way it was. Yes there was issues with PITA trolls but surely that could have be rectified with comments only allowed if you logged in using your ICHC log in. I joined ICHC originally for the pictures of cats and then as time went on for the community with other cheezpeeps. I met some lovely peeps too. I have to admit I’m very disappointed about this change and will seriously consider if I will keep visiting ICHC. 😑

    *Gets off soapbox and drags it out*

  29. Sololdarity Foreber!!
    Me, Casey & Bette am busy making owr Picket Signs ober here..

    (uh, culd we possibly get a reminder on teh nawt-sekkon ub April? We am committed but haz poor memories…)

  30. I will also be unavailable on the second ~ I am very unhappy with this turn of events. When we got the lolcats site, it felt like home, and I thought TPTB ‘got’ it. We aren’t here just for the funny captions on the cute pictures; the people who frequent this place are a community and we are friends and neighbors. I often go back and read the comment threads under old lols, and feel like I know many peeps who are gone. It bothers me that the commenting is what got me to finally stop lurking and come out to play, and be part of this unique and wonderful group. From what I understand, the profile pages won’t require FB, but as others have said, what happens if they decide to get rid of the profiles? FB simply is not an option for me, for many reasons. I don’t want to go, but it isn’t anywhere near as fun to look at the pictures without joining in the comments, which often have nothing to do with the picture! ai hazza big sad taht ai mite hafta nawt bee heer wiff my fwends.

    • Mii tu, agin: it isn’t anywhere near as fun to look at the pictures without joining in the comments, which often have nothing to do with the picture! ai hazza big sad taht ai mite hafta nawt bee heer wiff my fwends.
      Ai haz slowd down cumin here, no fun if can’t spress self!

  31. Ds am teh responz si juss receebd frum teh TPTB in answer tu mai emayo tu dem regarding teh gnu an imp proovifyed ICHC;

    Hi there,

    Thanks for sending in your feedback about the new Cheezburger!

    We will gladly share your message with the developers. We really value your input and opinions, and hope Cheezburger continues to bring some happiness to your day!
    Many of our features are still in the works for the Beta sites. Please bear with us while we continue to implement features on the new Cheezburger. The beta that currently exists is not the final product. This is our testing period, and much of the feedback we are receiving is already on the map to be fixed or implemented.

    For more information about the new Cheezburger please check out Ben’s blog post:

    Thanks again for your feedback!



  32. Ai can has kwestion?

    Gibbon dat many cheezpeeps are away or workifying on teh nawt-first, do wii finks wun dai is enuff? Wut abawt three dais — Moandai, Toosday, adn teh wun dat’s hard to spell…

    Iz too mush?

    Dey shuld feel teh wrath ob teh pointy ends for inviting teh grate Oktopuss of Facebork in adn forcing it awn us…

  33. I don’t do FB. I don’t want to do FB. I resent the idea that I must be presumed to use FB just to be allowed to comment on an entirely unrelated site. This is the worst idea ever.

  34. I haz noawt bizzited teh ICHC in the elebentybazillion yeerz, but ai duz NAWT like teh FarceBionk, for shoor. Will boycott 4/2. An lookee heer! Mai Gravatar haz folloloweded mii! Ai did nawt dew that awn perpuss….

  35. PS ai iz sew happitail tew seeing awl mai frenz heer…. wish ai cud spend mai thymez in Cheezland agayn…. 😦

  36. Ai can habs anuvver kwestion?

    Wut if, awn teh dai wii comes back from teh boycott, wii habs awl changed our aba…dabba…pikchur fingies to teh “no facebork” one nc66 is using….?

    Dat is, ob korse, if iz awlrite wif nc66… *whispurrs* adn sumwun teachifies peoplol liek mii hao to do it!

    • *raises paw ohai in teh aer adn waves it arownd wildly*
      Ooooooo, oooooooh, ai noes! nc66 toald me he nawt minds dat ai “borrowed” his abba dabba fingy adn added it to my own, adn dat N-E-bunneh cans yooz it. (He sed so upfred sumwares) My abba fingy am teh same, eggsept it has a littlol “no fb” in teh bottom rite corner. Ai did it wiffa photo editor, butt(!) you cuds simply copy/save nc66’s abba fingy, den uplode it as yore abba fingy on yore ICHC profyle page.

  37. Ai gess it not workify if ai nawt habs a WordPress account, but it seemed to workify on my ICHC account, so come teh nawt-yet-fourth ob April, ai is ready!

    • Aiz nawt an eggspert, butt(!!) did find dat it workifyed after ai registered my avatar at, using teh same emayo ai yoozes wif ICHC (ai hoaps gravatar am not part ob teh facebork empire.)

  38. Cownt mii in tu! Eben tho ai hazzn’t bin “in” innalawt ob whyles nao 😦

    CheezPeeps ar teh bestist!!! {{{{{CheezPeeps}}}}}

  39. Ai do solumly swearz not tu click, lurk or anyfing else awn April 2nd.

    While I do have FB, I really try to keep it separate from all other interests because of the FB privacy issues.

    I DO NOT want my ICHC comments to be posted or linked in anyway o my FB account. I just DON”T.

    Please ICHC, stop trying to tweak your site. It was awesome to begin with, and you’re just messing with the mojo.

  40. Ohai, psychokat & Kat_M & geniecat & HungreeHippo & ReallyReally & bellaandbonnie & maynekoonmaizey & gunnersmama & honeycakerabbit & shepmom & shatzeesmom & angelwaits65 & chrisaflute & Lytrigian & nativeca66 & laughingcats & CB & shadowcat77 & faemaochasiubao & Kwithie & Charles Rainier & neenerbeener & maryqos32 & ZUCCHO ZUCCHO & catmadinwestyorkshire & miniminsmum & nicewitch & two_kittehs & meezermomm & catena & lovecharliecat & Puddy_tat & Cygnia & keshet & OnleeKitteh & Cattails & A Biker Too & cweenmj & bluesfan473 & kenkar & Upfi & Elka & wolfkyt & ruthie & MacFeegle & Lungdoc & trollingtomcat & honeyloclynn & op_sMama & pjperry & Ninjaman & bayshang & lion_rainbow & Shadow83 & OtherMother & Kitteh_Kat_Celia & Elfyn & noodle & ‘Niser & valharms & soskuie & JanetCanHas4Kittehs & Cowdogwah & calicoliberationcoalition & JuneyB & Hippo K & muchcat! (Ai hoaps ai didunt miss enybunneh)
    What an amazing, inspiring group! *starts humming* We are family! Ai got awl my cheezpeeps wif me! We are family!

  41. Ai hab loggeded owt of WP and ICHC from now as ai am in Oz and the tyme zones confuzzlol me and ai did not want to lurk or cawmint by mistake during teh stryke on teh 2nd (cheeztyme). Ai have unbookmarked all ICHC sytes and have teh stickers on teh puter screen saying NO LOLs and NO ICHC. Butt(!) ai will be visiting here manee tymes! {{awl teh cheezpeeps}}

    pee ett – ai ams bellaandbonnie

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