Tidmum Walks

*sneeks in and hangs a poster up*
Our cheezfriend in TTI, Tidmum is doing the Race for life again this year. It’s a fundraising race for cancer research.
She did it a couple of years ago with Ambercat.
Ambercat did it several years, even last year, just a couple of months before she passed over the bridge.
If you want to support Tidmum and her walking team with munnies – you can do so here.
And if u can’t support wif munnies – we all understand that too – u can support her wif sum enkurraging commints! All support is good support!!
Yay for Tidmum and her walking buddies!!

14 thoughts on “Tidmum Walks

  1. YAY Tidmum!!!! 😀 \o/

    Booooo Cancer!!! 😦

    I misses Ambercat, adn KimKiwi, and mai bruzzer John. Awl gone b4 their tyme cuzza deh ebil cancer. 😥 😥 😥

    • Fanks mai cween.
      I misses dem too.
      An mai Mummeh. 18 munfs ago teh eebil dizeeze took her away frum me :*(
      I do tihs for ALL the Peoples. Those before, now and in teh future.
      One day, I hope this eebilness is gonaway. Forebbur.

  2. Go Tidmum! Go Tidmum! Wii nawt habs spare munnies rite nao, but wii is sending yoo tons ob supoprt adn Enkooraj Mints tu halpify yoo on teh wai! Fankees for doing dis for teh sake ob awl ob us. Yoo is awesum!

  3. Wishing tidmum every success in her Race for Life this year and Bonne, bonne chance, from St. Louis, Missouri. I have many, many relatives affected by cancer of all kinds, which reminds me, I am very overdue for my mammorgam… Have a great race!

  4. OMCC!!
    I has SUTCH a big fankyoo to say to all ov you 😀
    The Target has alreddy been reached and smashed, upped and smashed again!!!
    My frens and I hope to raise as much munnies as we possibly can….
    Such Love and Generosity from you wunnerful peeps for such a Worthy cause 😀

    Claire xxx

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