Sparkysmom to Have Open Heart Surgery

Dis nooz b frum Cattailz:

The latest news for Sparkysmom is serious. They did an angiogram today which revealed multiple blockages. They’re going to operate tomorrow, Thursday morning, open heart surgery. Cheezfrends, maximum vibes and beems are needed! The good news is that dialysis is working and she has been getting stronger and feeling better so better able to handle the surgery. I’ll post updates as soon as I hear tomorrow.
If you would like to send cards, here is the address:
Melody Colville
Anaheim Regional Medical Center

1111 West La Palma Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92801
cardiac unit 150
Thanks for all your beems! She will be thrilled to hear from her cheezfrens!

26 thoughts on “Sparkysmom to Have Open Heart Surgery

  1. O Mel! I will pray with ohai beams immediately! Wif lots of lubs, beams, thoughts and prayers! Plz to be get beddur soon and soonest!

  2. Prayers and thoughts to the maxz! ———————–>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ((((((((Sparkysmom))))))))))))))))))))))))) Dear Lord, Please guide the surgeons and the medical personnel to do the very best job they can do, and help with the healing of da Sparkysmom…Anom.

  3. *Weee-ooh! Wee-Oooh! Here comes KKC on her fixeded beemeraytor!
    Rggh…ughh! Et Bee heviair dan AI thawt!*



  4. Beeems to Sparkysmom! Wut a releef to noe dat teh dialysis is helping. Teh finding and fixifying ov blockages is huge! Wii awl keep yoo in owr purrayers for tumorroe an daiz tu come.
    Cattails, yoo ar such a guud fren tu awl, keeping efurry updated awn frenz. {{{{Cattails an Sparkysmom}}}}}

  5. Oh, my.Well, now we know what’s going on..Father, thank You for all the wisdom You give to doctors, and the skill You give them to help you heal folks. Thank You for the increased strength so the surgery can take place. We ask for protection for Mel as this operation goes on, and that You would give her and the family peace. We ask for that joy which is our strength. Bless all involved, and give them all that is needed to do their jobs. We ask all these things in Jesus’ Name—amen!

    Love you bunches—janey

  6. “Heavenly Father, giver of life and health: Comfort and relieve your sick servant Melody, and give your power of healing to those who minister to her needs, that…her sickness may be turned into health, and our sorrow into joy. Amen”

    Beemitybeemitybeemitybeemitybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemz on ohaiest ohai frum us!

  7. got my beemz on ohai for the sir jury! wishing your surgeon a keen eye and steady hands and wishing you much speedy healing! {{{{Mel}}}} love and minny energies foar heeling!!!

  8. MENNEE BEEMS TEW SPARKYSMOM!!!!! FOAR AE BERREE FAYST REEKUBBEUREE, mae yew habs liddl oar noew dyskumfeurt ayt tawll

  9. Sending many prayers and good wishes for a very speedy recovery and looking forward to the good news that you are out of surgery and on your way to a long and healthy life!

  10. Sending lots and lots of ohai beeeeems of healing thoughts heading west. Wishing a speedy and uncomplimicated recubbery, wishing her family piece of mind and ob coarse, wishing her Sir Jury team a keen eye & steady hand. Bonne rétablissement to SparkysMom and solidarity with her family, for they also serve who only stand and wait. Bon courage!
    {{{{{Melody and her fambly}}}}}

  11. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>beeeeeeeeeeeeeeemz>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> fur owr deer Sparkysmom!!!1! Fanksyoo, Cattails, fur letting us noe. Ai will deffnitlee be sending hur a card! 😀

  12. sendin extree strong beemz 2 sparkysmom >>>>>>>>>>>++++++>>>>>>>> pj an jessica sendz extree strong meowz >>>>>>>>>>>> pleeze get well. we awl love u!

  13. Sending many beems due souf (adn a little east) fur Sparkysmom.
    Oh grate CC, guide da hands ob da surjeons adn nurses.

  14. **********Eggstra strawng heeling beems to Melody and her fambly, and Cattails**********


  15. Sorry, I have heard nothing yet. i sent an emeow an hour ago to Matt… just checking in with him. We should hear soon.

  16. Good mews!!!
    I just got this update: Mel is out of surgery and recovering. She’s doing ok. Things are going to be touch and go for a while, risk of infection, continued dialysis. But right now she’s ok and back in her room.
    And I am doing happitail dans, dans, dansing!

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