April 2, Reminder

Dis b frum two_kittehs:

April 2, Reminder

Once ICHC beta becomes fully operational, we will no longer be able to comment without either logging into Facebook or agreeing to share our e-mail account (Hotmail, Google, Yahoo or AOL) with Facebook. Many of us want an option wherein we can login without having to share information with Facebook.

To get their attention, we are going on strike, for one day, no ICHC, no comments, no new lols and no clicks. Our strength is in numbers. If we stand united, we can make a difference.  Fight the good fight for our beloved ICHC and lolkittehs.

Please share, post on other cheezburger sites, other lols, anywhere and everywhere else, that you can think of.




17 thoughts on “April 2, Reminder

  1. And, if you’re a non-logger-outer like me, don’t forget to log out Sunday night so that you don’t have any kind of presence on the site Monday. Happy boycotting!

  2. Wen deh noo LOLcatz site wuz made I thot dat wii had ower deer home agin. All LOLz, awl deh time. No gifz oar videos, plenty uv time fur conversationz and lists and hijinkz. But deh proposed changez wud totally change fingz. In addition tu being forced to sharing info wif facebook in order to comment, wii wud lose so much. Awl ower pritty adn distinctive avatarz wud b gone. Awl deh fun smileez dat wii know adn lubz and dat add so muchly charactar tu deh conversationz wud b gone!! Deh dual identitiez wud disapeer! by dropping deh WP platform, ower Cheezland will change in menny wayz.

    i wholehartedly support deh boycott on April 2.

    Tu fend off deh LOL wifdrawlolz on April 2, i will posting sum LOLz heer fur deh cheezee peepz tu play on wif dhere frenz. Deze LOLz shud appearing at deh normal LOL timez.

  3. Has anyone communicated with ICHC to tell them why there will be a strike on Monday? It wouldn’t do much good to give them the silent treatment if no one tells them why we’re mad.

  4. I fear that we will also lose much more with the change in the way that comments are made: Being able to pay tribute by going back and commenting on older lolz, ascii art, embedded videos, linkees, secret messages, etc. Not to mention the number of commenters (both regular and occasional) that will simply refuse to use the new system or leave altogether (like me) because of privacy concerns. I don’t know for sure that we’ll lose all those features (I haven’t been able to try things out without creating a Facebook account), but from what I have seen in discussions with the cheezes, the attitude is “Like it or lump it. We don’t think the same things are important as you do.”…as it has always been. And…Wordpress does not hold a monopoly on this type of commenting system, or even the simple HTML pattern recognition needed to translate text to smilies or embedded videos and the like…or even spam and troll filtering…or even the features that the Cween mentions above. It uses many of the same public tools that are readily available in the cloud that many other sites use, comment management arguably being the most fundamental of them all.

  5. I think of myself as a regular commenter on lolcats/formerly-known-as-ICHC. And if forced to comment via Facebook (on which I have an account) or from other dictated sources, I will log off permanently.

    The Cheese’s F**k You Very Much attitude is much to be deplored

  6. Beta sucks. I’ve basically told Ben as much. He’s got to see all the anti-Beta LOLs flying by on his DB and yet nothing changes. I won’t even visit any of the sites anymore. I just keep my account active in order to talk to people who don’t have Facebook. Personally, I don’t want to use my Facebook account to make comments. I’ve had enough issues with the trolls on the site. I don’t want them to know who I am in real life. I’ve been assured by the head cheez that this’ll cut down on trolling. Sounds like an invasion of privacy to me. Wonder who’s getting kickbacks from Zuckerberg for this marriage made in hell.

  7. I’d add a comment, but I’m not supposed to comment today, right? (Kinda “duh” here . . . sorry I’m not too “with it” on these matters , , , insert sad.confused face here,)

  8. Beta was released on March 20th. Perhaps a repeat of April 2nd on the 20th of each and every month will get their attention?

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