Some answers? (sorry, very long)

Friends, one of the most frustrating parts of the whole ICHC to-do for me has been that we can’t seem to get straight answers to our questions.

I ED’d a conversation between cheezfriend NawtyKitty and an ICHC team member that seemed to provide at least a bit more info about future plans and changes, especially response 3. Most of response 2 seems to be related to specific questions NK asked, which I did not see but I decided to post the response, for continuity.

Some things are still pretty vague but maybe some of your questions are answered here. The posting is done with the permission of both parties:


Part One response: Unfortunately, for major technical reasons we are moving from the old system to a new one. Much of the issues people are expressing are already on the map to be addressed and we hope to address them as quickly as we can. The old Cheezburger runs on WordPress, which turned on a registration requirement on us without our knowledge — that was not our choice. Based on the number of users, we believe that Facebook is a better option at creating a troll-less, spam-free experience in terms of the new commenting system. Spam and trolls became an increasing problem. You also don’t have to use Facebook to comment. You can use your Yahoo or AOL or Hotmail account do comment without using your real name. We are excited about creating a better Cheezburger, and we hope you will stick with us as we work through the bumps in the beta.


Part Two response: I understand now what you are referring to about the “you may also like” widget to the right of the LOL, showing 3 related LOLs for you to view. This feature is going to be brought back, but it will look and function differently. We haven’t scheduled the launch of this feature yet, but it is on the roadmap to be implemented. It’s going to work somewhat like this: 1. You are scrolling through the FP LOLs and you see one that you really like! 2. You click on the post’s title, which will take you to this LOLs single post page. 3. Below this LOL, which will appear at the very top of the single post page, you will be able to scroll down and view related LOLs. We are planning on showcasing more than 3 as well, providing you with more LOLs to look at. The “recaption this” and “view all captions” links still do exist on the old Cheezburger. These links will only appear if you click on the title from the FP, which again will take you to the single post page, and if the LOL was submitted via our builder, and the original submitter allows for other peeps to caption. Not every FP LOL on the old Cheezburger has been submitted via our builder with the option for other peeps to recaption, which is why you may not be seeing these links. The “Share on Facebook” button is of equal size to the “Post to Cheezburger” button. We think that the design of the new Cheezburger draws the eye directly to the new layout of the posts, which is larger and more centered on the screen. Can you elaborate on why you and others feels that the Facebook button is the most prominent feature and how it takes precedent over all things Cheezburger? Also, what is this annoying tab you are referring to that covers up the favorite button? Are you referring to the “Post to Cheezburger” button? When you click on this button, a drop down menu will appear with a list of your favorites and Cheezburger sites, giving you the option to add the LOL wherever you’d like.

Part Three response: Voting, recaptioning, view all captions, viewing who fav’d your LOL, and improved avatars are definitely all coming. Yes, soon is not a set date, and we apologize that we haven’t given you a set date, but soon does not mean 6 months down the road. We are hoping for ASAP, which could mean 2-3 weeks. It all depends on possible unforeseen bugs/roadblocks that our developers may encounter. Hopefully none, but you never know. We know that these are important features to you, and we are working on making them better, more effortless to use, and well functioning. All images that are allowed to be recapitoned will have the recaptioning tool implemented next to or near the image. I’m not sure exactly how this is going to look, but it will be there soon.


So there you have it. Don’t forget about our boycott on April 2nd, no lolling, no commenting, no clicking, no lurking! And please don’t forget to log out of your ICHC account when you leave on the 1st. Solidarity! 🙂





10 thoughts on “Some answers? (sorry, very long)

  1. Thanks, bf473. I’m still confused – but I usually am. But I’m surely grateful that you are trying to make heads or tails of this mess.

    They still don’t understand why we don’t want to use FB? It’s so easy. FB can use any and all of anything you say publicly. That’s why the captioners are particularly upset.

    I’m at the moment a little upset because I’ve been trying to go back through some of the old LOLthreads to bring the to safety – and right now – many seem to be missing. I hope these are the ones they say are “trucking around the universe somewhere but will reappear soon.

    And of course, no one can really understand why they want to change something that for us, the users, had been working so well.

    • I keep hoping that things will become clearer if I just keep posting items as I find them. Still very upsetting/confusing.

      Something that still bothers me…in a convo with me Ben claimed that over 90% of ICHC users also use Face Blech. In spite of the huge outcry against using FB I suppose that may well be true but I would have liked it if they had taken a poll to find out exactly how what percentage and if there were objections to using FB in these capacities. They might have been surprised at the results, though, sadly, I doubt it would have really changed anything.

  2. Exactly, bf! I use FB, butt(!) I DO NAWT WANT FB to copy my posts to ICHC, or even know that I’m on it! I don’t understand people who just don’t seem to care about online privacy….they ‘check in’ at real world locations and post that info all over the internet. They leave digital trails enabling people to put together far more information about them than they imagine. I DO NAWT WANT this to happen.
    The thing that annoys me about the response above is that I CANNOT comment with yahoo! (And I even made a new ID name ready to go in yahoo.) It isn’t working. They have acknowledged there’s a bug. So if they go live without fixing that, I can’t comment, because I’m NAWT going to use FB to do so.

  3. Ai has a kwestyun —

    Ai refooses to habs anyfing to do wif FaceDork — will ai still be able to keep my ICHC account and create and save lols to mii collection?

    Ai agrees wif JCH4K adn otters — it sounds liek TPTB are teh sort ob very very young peoplol who fink dat ebberfing on teh innerwebs must be benign adn gud… Ai iz beri protectib ob mai privacy adn will nawt EBBER allow FaceDork access to anyfing ob mine. Ai wulds liek to noe if ai will habs to cancel mai whoel ICHC account, or if teh FaceDork part onlee applies to posting comments.

    • dis iz my wunnerings, tu. az a federal employee, ai WILL NAWT uze facebork (ai doan eben hab a naccount) becuz ov teh trakking nd privasee ishoos, lyke catena poynted owt. ai hazza hyuge wurried taht ai won’t be able tu play wiff awl my cheezfrends ai hav maed in teh last 10 munths (haz it only bin taht lawng? ai feel ai’ve known evverywun heer forebber!) which wud brake my heart. ai want tu stay nd partisipate, but ai won’t du ennyfing dat mite cawse problems at my jawb oar wiff a future jawb.

      • sorry, ai didn’t updayt my WP profile (stoopy WP!) ~ dis iz laughingcats! (so much for privacy issues ~ aaargh!)

  4. Ai nawt haz a FarceBuk, Yahoo, Hotmail, or AOL accounts – adn ai neber will (privacy adn hackers and all dat stuffs). So guess ai won’t be posting comments on ICHC or any uvver ob dere sites. Ai haz seen manymany comments from peeps dat says dey nawt haz FB adn/or any ob da uvver accounts. TPTB will, aifinkso, lose more commenters adn LOL makers dan dey gains.

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