Deer peepz,

I haz been reeding  deh commentz on LOLcatz and heer on deh Cryerdeh past few dayz bowt deh upcoming changez tu deh ICHC sites. Menny peepz haz sed dat if dey must gibbing dheir info to FaceBook oar nawt comment, dehn dey will nawt comment.  Dis haz givinged mii  a grate feer dat wii am about tu lose ower wunnerful community.  I simplee cannawt sit bai adn watch dat happen.

To keep ower peepz togezzer I haz mading a noo blog naminged  Yesterdaze LOLz  dat will feature, nawt surprizingly, deh LOLcatz frum deh previous day.  (Ifn  ifinso wunna deh LOLz am just too rude oar stoopy I will posting a different LOL.)  I will posting deh LOLz at deh same time az dehy wuz originally posted on LOLcats, so u will finding dem on Yesterdaze LOLz at deh timez u am used tu.  But, since dey am getting posted a day later, deh weekend skedule will b on Sunday and Munday.    Clear az mud, rite?  🙄

Yesterdaze LOLz am a simplol, strateforward wordpress blog dat am designed to b a plaice fur Cheezpeepz tu play.  Awl it will haz iz LOLz and comments.  It will nawt haz a LOL making feature.  It will nawt haz profilez.  It will nawt rekwire a FaceBook sign in (although, if u wantz tu use ur FaceBook ID, u kan).

I haz set deh blogz privacy settingz so dat deh search enginez will nawt indexing deh noo blog.  Dis makez it a kind uv stealth blog, it am dere on deh intertuubz, but few, if anny, peepz will just wander in frum a google search.

I haz set up dhe  comment settings so that you do not have to have an approved comment for your comment to post right away.  In other words, people’s first comment will not go to moderation.

I duz  nawt  haz a list of nawty words that sends comments to moderation because I feel it limits the spontenaety of LOLspeek.

I haz turned on a comment “like” button.  It am dat littlol thumbz up/down fingy at deh bottom uv eech comment.  Dat am so peepz can gib u an attaboy!  It am nawt deh same az ower old comment burger-votingz, but it duz let deh lurkerz b a part uv deh community.

Az long az I nawt git oberrun bai trolls, i will leeving fingz dis way.

Today, I haz posted several LOLz heer fur Cheezpeepz tu playing on while wii b boycotting deh ICHC.  I suspect dat nawt ebbreewun hoo vizitz deh LOLcat site joyninged ower boycott — but wii did get over  2800 vizitz tu deh Cryer today!! Dat tellingz mii dat it am worth deh effort to keeping ower Cheezland intact.

I hopes u likez.