22 thoughts on “A funny for teh cheezfrends

  1. O, ai enjoyed dat ever so muchlee, BF! Fankes…

    *CB, Casey & Bette continue marching wif dere picket signs and slogans*
    “Down wif ICHC! All dey cares about am teh munnee!”

    Yoo know, for a company dat started (if ai unnerstands it correctly) wif a ideer dey gotted from someone else (two guys in Hawaii?) and succeeded thru teh photos and clever werds ub dere visitors – well, dey gotz a lot ub nerb, IMHO. Ai eben sees greeting cards wif LOLs dat ai recognizes for sale in teh store!

    • Yessurdae, ai reedid teh ICHC ‘Terms of [ha!] Service’ awl obur agin. Az ai unnerstans it (an ders noe garrintee ai goddit rite, yu unnerstans), baysiklee awl owr stufs ar belong tu DEM. Nawt jus teh LOLs wi maek, butt (*!*) AWL OWR COMMINTS TU!!!!! An dey can du enneefing dey wants wif dem. If ICHC disaids tu, dey can maek teh buks ov LOLs, liek deys awlreddee dun, an teh LOLmaekurs doan gets ennee roiltees (eggsept wii gots Owr CweenMJ, ob kors – Ohai, Mai Leej!! – hoos owr Roiltee). An if ICHC disaids tu maek buks owta owr bestist commints, liek owr Purrayds an cawnsurts an Cheezstock an stufs, an sell dem foar munnees — deres nuffin wii candu abowt it, an dey gets tu keeping awl teh munnees foar demselbs!! Hmmph!! An den dey treets us liek wii doan mattur. Hmmph agin.

  2. sitt me daon adn tel me storeez
    of teh wae fingz yoost tu be
    wen we cood cum adn plae on lolcatz
    wile remaynin Faysbuk freee

    tel me of teh fun we had tehn
    weer nott seflish butt ai doent fink
    taht lolcatz wil be improovd bai
    addin in a Faysbuk link

    ai doent offen commint on ICHC so it woent maek enny diffrunse tu ennywun butt me if ai stop, butt ai duzz nott haz enny linkz to Faysbuk, adn ai aynt startin nao.

  3. dat video be priceless. da thumbcat compilation cute, too……. idn’t it nice dat such nice peeps liek us be so easily amuzed?

  4. Ohai BF473, fankee fur teh funnee! Ai wuz habbin a sad cuz ob no cheezyburger todai, but den ai gotted owta bed (yeah, arownd 3pm) to see dat ai had totally forgotted abowt this wonnerful cheeztowncryer! Yay!

  5. Oooh, an fankee tessm! Dat wuz a gud wun. Ooh, an a Happee Birfday danse fur yu. Iffen yur birfday izzent til tomowree, yu kin saves teh danse fur later.

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