50 thoughts on “Ar we there yet?

    • Ohai dhere, RainbowMaus!!! I donut beleeve I haz metter u b4. *extendz floofy paw uv frend shipz* Welcome tu ower Cheezee groop!!
      Adn Conga Ratz on deh nawt sekkond comment!!!

  1. No. U cant ask agin foar at leest da next kitteh litteh baux! *fawls bak for a martoonie* Ai needs wun. Yup. Aifinkso!

      • Yesh! And wii ar nawt goin to Mexico eever….well nawt teh contry just tew Mexico Missouri. Yup. An stawp playing wif the maracas! Ai haz a heddake nao!

      • Ohai kctailkinker, haow awr yew, habs nawt seeyn yew inna whyul, haow izza knew knea?, wehn ai gibbs yew ayudbyce aebaout yer knea beefoar teh opprayshun ai hadda reyud faes wehn ai faound aout dayut yew habs uvvur oapeerayshunz beefoar adn kneau alla baout teh meuskulz adn streynfunun dem, haow dew yew laiyk dis neu saiyt?, iz beautimus, aifinkso!!

  2. In ower fambly it wuz, “How menny moar milez, Daddy?” Hi alluz lukked at teh odometer at teh beginning an hii cud du teh maths in hiz hed. Hii wudz tell us eggsakly how menny moar milez tu Grandma’s hows.

      • Mai oldestest dodder still axes “R wee der yet?” an she be plenty old. I tell hur wot I allus told hur: “Yes. Get out.”

      • OH! Ai did nawt meen dat ai wanted tew go bak tew ICHC. Ai wuld bii jest az happy tew stay here foareber. Iz duh fun!!! Ai wuz jes waytin foar teh gnu LOL tew show awp. Ai fink ai gawt mai timez rong. Teh cween mite bii liek mii and hab permanent howse guest if shii nawt careful. :mrgreen:

      • ai noes too, ai had to unbookmark awl the ICHC webbysites as ai doan trust myseff not to tayke a peek … jutt one littlol peek … STOP!

      • Yeff, payjvyooz is a big deel fur teh ad-peeps. Dey figgur iffn ur luukin at teh payj ur luukin at der ads, adn if no-wunz luukin dey goez elswayr. Dat kynda fing gets menshund in teh boredruum moar den webber or nawt teh cheezpeep communiteh is happeh.

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