Call da movin compuny


39 thoughts on “Call da movin compuny

  1. Hmm..kitteh muss bii libbin wiff mai ex-hubcat. Teh heetin cumpany cawled him tu mayk shur he wuz ztill libbin at teh saym address, cuz he yoozed sew liddlol heetin fyool inna wintur. (He had teh ice onna INSYDE ub him’z winderz.)

  2. o hai to ebberyone ober here on cheeztowncryer on teh stryke day. big fankees to our cween for teh lol πŸ™‚

    • o hai miniminsmum! our cween tolded me on teh thred wiff teh sad song dat it be ok to be loggeded on to WP ober here. so we’re not stryke brakers. kthksbai

  3. Ohai evereewun. Mai hooman and i has disagreement abowt prioritee of using the ‘puter.
    hooman: who bought puter?
    sudgie: yew did.
    hooman: who pays fer howse puter is in?
    smudgie: yews.
    hooman: who pays fer intertubes?
    smudgie: yews do
    Hooman: so who shud use puter first?
    smudgie: ME!

    hooman : less start again….

  4. This iz a VERREE naice thing to wake up to.

    Ai thot mebbee ar cween wuz just traing aut teh noo thummee thingees. πŸ˜‰ Ai laik them. πŸ˜‰

    An ai’m glad taht ai wuuzn’t braking teh strike. Cuz ai dint want to log aut ov WP. Nawt shur ai remembrrr mai Passwerd!

    So GOOOOOOOOOOOD morning, ebreewun!!! Let teh straik commence.

    Duz enewun know if we can sneek ober an just luk???

  5. 😯 mawm?

    dat’s wut mai mawm duz… sebenty yeerz old, an hur sez “noe, noe… wii can handlol it” πŸ™„

  6. Naiow ai kud kawmeynt, cuz onna sekkund ai diydunt ebbun yewz mai pewtur ae tawl.
    OHAI ebbree wun, ai iz knoetussn dayt alla deh faeyzbeuk thyngeez dayt dey WUNTZ euss tew yewzz awr NAWT beeyun yewwzud BERRY meuch aytawl.
    LOL, LOL, LOL, aifink dey fawwed inna pyl ob p-e-w-p bai taaryn tew MAEK eus dew dere syllee liddl systum wehn wee dydnut wawuynt tew form teh gyt-goe,, aifinkso!!

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