42 thoughts on “Good Mornings!

  1. Nobodie else on teh delibery route gonna get eny mail todai cuz teh postman splorted frum teh kyoot. Hope u wasn’t hex peckting enyfing important. Better luck tomorrow….

  2. Wii’z unred… dat’s wai wii’z wite.

    (get it? nawt red = wite! *gigglolsnorts* @ mai own stoopy joek :lol )

  3. Ohai

    I think yew shud consider eggstending the boycott fer a week. Why? One dai will be seen as a blip.

    Also the ting that makes a difference is MONEY. Iffen advertisers are unhappy with low number of views – tis will have more effect than any amount of rational discussions.

    I libs wit a hooman – iffen yowr pressure is based on hoomans being rational and co-operative – yew are sunk. Iffen yowr pressure is poor advertising sales – they will fold like a chinese suit on a wet day.


    • Well, nawt-sekkund, ai is hoapin dat “blip” is moar lyke a littlol sink-hoal. Teh fakt dat we got lotsa commints yefferday awn teh lolz, eben tho it wuz a sunnyday, adn will prolly get lots moar tumorro wen ebrywun floodz bakk, will hoapfully showing dem teh diffrinss publik opinyun ob teh syte can has.

      Dey myte be finkin moobin tu teh noo platform will improov fings for dem, adn mebbe it will bring in moar ob teh trollish “WTF wiff teh bebbeh-tawk” pplz frum FB, but hoapfully dey will nao has teh statistikz tu cowntur dat wiff whut will happin iffn teh cheezland communiteh abandonz dem. Put dat in ur spredsheet adn smoak it!

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