34 thoughts on “i iz abowt to

  1. *lazurz lokkd awn*
    *calcyoolaytin optimul trajektoreh*
    *heet sensurz indikayt kuukeez has reechd purrfik warmness*
    *lawng-raynj sensurz indicayt no hyoomin prezinss neerbye*

    *leep-pownse-grab-drag-chomp-run-hyde … nom-nom-nom*

  2. Ai wonderz how teh soon-to-be-legendary April 2nd Log-Out, Walk-Out, Boi-Cot, Protest am doing? Ai guess we won’t know until tomorrow…

    *CB, Casey & Bette continues dere indefatigable marching wif dere picket signs*

    “Hell No, To FB We Won’t Go!”

  3. P.S. Did yoo notice how long dat OBNP kittenz (in previous pic) ear-furz am? Esp. teh right ear…O, teh kyootie-pie-ness ub dat littlol boi!

  4. Dere izza paddypaw kreepuyn eup onna kewkeez wiffa hoeyl beuncha poyntee enns dat wud garyb ae kewkeewiffaout beeyun noetycd, sumtymz dis wurks, sumtym iyt duzznt!!

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