38 thoughts on “One day

  1. *Cweenmj, BF, LCB, JCH4K – any ob da “orijinul” ICHC’s: Haz anywun gone back da las coupla or free years to grab sum ob da great threads adn put inna “Lore adn Legendz”? Ai knowz dere’s a bunch adn wuld nawt want to lose any ob da “recent” ones to da carpy “server cleanout” dat mite come wif da FB requiremint.

    • There are already many that seem to be missing. They TOLD us they would all be there and safe. I think maybe they are still in the “trucking around” place. And they are going to put them back.

      At least, I truly hope so.

      I’m going to try to rescue what I can for the mean while – in the form of HARD COPY!!! Not just Internet links.

      I tried to copy they once to a word document. but it didn’t work, because of the deep nesting. The last one I tried came out all right in my email. Haven’t tried to print it out, though.

      • I fink dey may hab moobd arown. I wuz lukkin for teh redneck scientist, and ai culd nawt find it frum the cheeztown linkee, but googlol finded it foar mii.

  2. ohai ebbrywun! ai haz a stoopy….how duz ai get mai Gravatar tu show up heer when ai iz nawt logged awn to ICHC? Ai iz logged intu WP

  3. Teh boi cardinal burdz beez meen burdz! Wii hadz wun hoo ust tu beet hiz wife awl wintur. Tehn inna Spring hii wudz start tu bii awl lovey tu hur an shii wudz nawk himz oan himz tayl feddurz! Hii wud nawt fite bakk, needer, Aifinkso cuz hii wuz hopin tu “get lukky.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

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