41 thoughts on “We herd

  1. tee hee. sumday, aks me about da furst day i were feeding da general-population kitties at da sankchewary. bout 300 cats. dey still laf about it dere. so i thought it’d be a dood idea to be in da room wif dem as i opened da 30 or so cans ob fud, so da kitties wud equate me wif dood tings. yeah. right.

      • let us say it were NAWT da brightest ting i eber hab done…. i had cats crawling in playces i didn’t know i had. ya knoes da famus photo ob da guy wif a bumbly-bee beard. sort ob liek dat. but dey were all purring, tho dey DID habe claws….

        gots a piture sumplace ob my getting back at dem, tho, by putting down two bowls of tuna jooce. fur a room wif about 120 cats. sumtiems i be NAWT a nice hoomin.

        • not tryal by fire, merely by fur….. try to imajine getting OUT ob a room wif dat meny cats, when dey all climbing da hard-cloth screen, wif paws sticking out from each edge cept da hinged side.

          da peeps at da sankchewary were not bery nice, but da ‘sperience ob getting to knoes all dem cats was an absoloot joy. (it seemed liek effury kitty i’d eber known, all da ones now at the bridge, were there, somehow–you’d get a glimpse ob sumbuddy wandering by, and think, “wow, she looks just liek marfa!”–and it were liek a gift, not a sad-making ting; it were, insted, kinda awe-some.

      • O hai calicoliberationcoalition! Nice to meetcha *extends floofy paw of fren chip* ai dididn’t knoe enneeboddee else sed ‘tuna jooce’! bella and bonnie lubbs dere tuna jooce, dolfin frendlee and in teh springwater ob corse

  2. Teh MMMMRRROWSKI BRUVVURZ awr BEEEMUN wif paryd adn alla Keows awr reelee PURRRRRUN aewae wif joi adn haypeenus azz wee AWL sheud bee, dis iz teh SEUPURR KATZ MEEYOW!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ai habs barawt ae hoel beyunch ob TOONA kasseroel foar ebbreewun, habs sum gud noms tew sellybraeyt dis aoekey…. oekaey…… wunnurmuss plaec dayt CWEENMJ habs brottud eus tew, fankies cweenmj {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{cweenmj}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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