Sparkysmom continues to improve

Wii can haz uppydayt furm Cattailz:

Sparkysmom continues to improve… better each day! She’ll probably be out of the Cardiac Unit in the next day or two. Then it’s a private room at the hospital for 4 or 5 days, then maybe a rehab facility for a couple of weeks, then home.

Cards continue to come in and they make a big difference for her. High point of her day! She wants to email everyone but isn’t quite up to it yet. She has an iPad so in a few days she’ll at least be able to get on line and see all the beems and good wishes people have been sending.
Here’s the address again if you’d like to send a card.
Melody Colville
Anaheim Regional Medical Center
Cardiac Unit 150
1111 West La Palma Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92801
No doubt in my mind, cheezfrens’ beems are powerful medicine. Thank you all for your support. I’m honored to be part of such a wonderful community.
Purrs ‘n hugs,

14 thoughts on “Sparkysmom continues to improve

  1. Oh, Father GOD, thank You for Melody’s continued healing! Thank You that she will be among us for a while longer—for that is all any of us have, after all! Please give her Your joy which is our strength, and enable her to speak Your hope to those around her, so they can see You through her. Thank You again, LORD!
    In Jesus’ Name—amen!

  2. BEEEEEEEEEEEMMZ tew Sparkysmom, yew dew nuffun beyut GITZ BEDDUR ADN BEDDUR, haeelyun Beemz tew yew foar nawt meyuch payun adn eez ob meubmunt tew, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY,

  3. Yay fur Sparkysmom!!! Still sending mennee beems westward… {{{{{{{{{{Sparkysmom}}}}}}}}}} {{{{{{{{{{Cattails}}}}}}}}}}

  4. I haz such a happitail fur this newz! Wuz gonna send a card, butt(!!) grandkittehs haz coldz an runni noses an stuff, an dey haz bin stayin heer, sew did nawt want tu sendify germy fings, sew am sending cleen cleen helfy beems!
    an hugz tu!

  5. Ohai cheezfrens! I spoke wif Mel Friedegg. She am sounding gud and Dr. Tinycat sez she iz getting moar betterer. She is still in room 150 in Cardiac Care and will continue dialysis 3 times a week for awhile. She is thrilled to know you continue to send beems and ur cards make her day! Fanks for all ur prayers and gud wishes!

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