20th Annual Letter Carriers Fud Drive

ohai, dis iz a repeet uv my erlier post:
ahem, attenshun pls, ai haz an NOUNCEMENT!!!


dis iz fur awl teh Yewnited Staits: Cheezpeeps ~ teh sekkund Caturday in May (May 12) will be teh 20th annual Letter Carriers Fud Drive.

/lolspeak off: This is the largest single day food drive in America, and I hope everyone will try to leave 1-2 pieces of non-perishable food at your mailbox for your carrier to pick up. In the 19 years of this charity, the USPS has gathered over 1 Billion pounds of food to distribute to local foodshelves. The food stays in your area, so you are helping the families in your own community.

Please leave non-perishable items (nothing needing refrigeration) out on May 12. Common sense says: nothing that’s been opened, no rusty/bulging/expired date cans, no unlabeled food. Bags of rice, beans, etc, canned goods, boxed dinners and pasta, etc. are very good. This is the time of year that schools will be letting out for summer soon, and hungry kids will not have a hot lunch provided until fall.


If every mailbox in the USA has one piece of food in it, this will be a record-breaking year for us. Thank you all. ai now return tu owr regular silliness.


8 thoughts on “20th Annual Letter Carriers Fud Drive

  1. This bees very important stuffs. Many food babks are out of food now after the big holiday drives. And more and more peeps need help. I have a proud that I have been volunteering for this drive since 1995. And my husbear (USPS retd) for longer than that. He ran our local drive for about ten years. Please put out food by your mailbox! And, if you can, check to see if you can even help out that day. Rly. Srsly.

    • fankies, sk

      don’t think it’s done around here as all the local grocery stores and supermarkets have food drop bins and goodhusbear and I use those.


  2. Wills dew!!

    I can has kwestyun? The fudfudfud bank at the house of Ceiling Cat’s Boss where ai werkwerkwerk also distributes pet phood…can teh USPS carriers take fuds fur kittehs adn doggies too? Fankees!

  3. Fanks for teh heads up lc! Yesh, ebry yeer dis am hao ai cleenify my cab knits. Awl dose cans ob veggies adn soops adn wotnots dat were awn sail, so ai botted elebenty ob each, den fownd dat ai duzunt needs elebenty adn nawt habs plais to put dem adn – *CB stops to cache her breffs* – dis am a winwin fore ebrybunneh. 🙂

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