St. Louis Cheezmeet!!

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May 18 – 20

First Event ~
Friday May 18
A Night At Laclede’s Landing

7pm ~ Dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory

After dinner, we will have a walkabout on the cobblestone streets of Laclede’s Landing. Shops, music, drinks, a stones throw from The Arch and the Mississippi Riverfront.

Day 2 May 19th.

EAT A BIG BREAKFAST!! This is going to be one heck of a day!!

11am St. Louis Zoo

I recently found out that while it is free to visit the zoo, they are now charging for parking. We can still park at Forest Park for free, but then it’s a hike to the zoo. Perhaps we can pile into cars and share the cost of parking. Also, please ignore the negative media attention the zoo has been getting these last few weeks. Yes, 2 lion cubs passed away and PETA has it in for them. The truth is, the majority of the animals at St. Louis Zoo are rescued. They are adopted from customs, circuses, illegal exotic pets, etc. It is a very nice place!

Saturday Afternoon ~ Whenever we get hungry and tired

A picnic in Forest Park

Forest Park is where the zoo and the Science Center are located. Gary and I will provide this lunch. Nothing fancy, just sandwiches and chips. Please let us know if you are vegetarian or vegan, so we can supply alternatives.,_Missouri)

After Lunch ~

A quick walk across the skyway over I-64 and we arrive at St. Louis Science Center. This amazing place is free to the public and had something for everyone, even if you are NOT a science buff. Guaranteed to be a great time!!

Saturday Night ~ 8pm

Croatian BBQ Dinner at Tony and Joe’s

Gary and I will be providing this dinner. Not to worry, Croatian BBQ just means that the meat is purchased at a Croatian butcher and prepared by a Croatian. It’s just BBQ, but Gary requires me to call it “Croatian BBQ.” We will also have Baked Beans, and, of course, my world famous homemade Potato Salad! There is no website for the place, so I will include the address and phone number. Yes, it is a bar, but they have a banquet room in the back that we are free to use. Once again, vegetarians and vegans, please let us know.

Tony and Joe’s II
1414 7th Street
Madison, IL 62060

Easiest access from STL is across McKinley Bridge

Day 3 Sunday, May 20th

I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted after Saturday!! But hang in there, we have one more thing to do before we part ways!!

11am ~ Grant’s Farm

Come meet the actual Budweiser Clydesdales!!! Grant’s Farm is home to the world famous Clydesdales and no trip to St. Louis would be complete without meeting them, up close and personal!!

I am not too sure what we can do for a late lunch/early dinner before we all go home. Any and all ideas would be very welcome!! What have you always wanted to do in St. Louis?