St. Louis Cheezmeet!!

dis annownsingment cumz tu us frum  Kitty Novich adn it lookingz like a buncha funz:   

May 18 – 20

First Event ~
Friday May 18
A Night At Laclede’s Landing

7pm ~ Dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory

After dinner, we will have a walkabout on the cobblestone streets of Laclede’s Landing. Shops, music, drinks, a stones throw from The Arch and the Mississippi Riverfront.

Day 2 May 19th.

EAT A BIG BREAKFAST!! This is going to be one heck of a day!!

11am St. Louis Zoo

I recently found out that while it is free to visit the zoo, they are now charging for parking. We can still park at Forest Park for free, but then it’s a hike to the zoo. Perhaps we can pile into cars and share the cost of parking. Also, please ignore the negative media attention the zoo has been getting these last few weeks. Yes, 2 lion cubs passed away and PETA has it in for them. The truth is, the majority of the animals at St. Louis Zoo are rescued. They are adopted from customs, circuses, illegal exotic pets, etc. It is a very nice place!

Saturday Afternoon ~ Whenever we get hungry and tired

A picnic in Forest Park

Forest Park is where the zoo and the Science Center are located. Gary and I will provide this lunch. Nothing fancy, just sandwiches and chips. Please let us know if you are vegetarian or vegan, so we can supply alternatives.,_Missouri)

After Lunch ~

A quick walk across the skyway over I-64 and we arrive at St. Louis Science Center. This amazing place is free to the public and had something for everyone, even if you are NOT a science buff. Guaranteed to be a great time!!

Saturday Night ~ 8pm

Croatian BBQ Dinner at Tony and Joe’s

Gary and I will be providing this dinner. Not to worry, Croatian BBQ just means that the meat is purchased at a Croatian butcher and prepared by a Croatian. It’s just BBQ, but Gary requires me to call it “Croatian BBQ.” We will also have Baked Beans, and, of course, my world famous homemade Potato Salad! There is no website for the place, so I will include the address and phone number. Yes, it is a bar, but they have a banquet room in the back that we are free to use. Once again, vegetarians and vegans, please let us know.

Tony and Joe’s II
1414 7th Street
Madison, IL 62060

Easiest access from STL is across McKinley Bridge

Day 3 Sunday, May 20th

I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted after Saturday!! But hang in there, we have one more thing to do before we part ways!!

11am ~ Grant’s Farm

Come meet the actual Budweiser Clydesdales!!! Grant’s Farm is home to the world famous Clydesdales and no trip to St. Louis would be complete without meeting them, up close and personal!!

I am not too sure what we can do for a late lunch/early dinner before we all go home. Any and all ideas would be very welcome!! What have you always wanted to do in St. Louis?


51 thoughts on “St. Louis Cheezmeet!!

  1. Ai can haz sucha nessytid!!!1! Ai will deffinitlee be dere! Ai haz alreddy bin approobd fur a baykayshuns day awn Friedegg teh 18rd, sew dis izza mini-baykayshuns fur me. 😀 Miss Kitteh, can yoo rekkomind ineggspensib lodjings in teh area? O, an ai hazza beeg car, sew ai can fit 3-4 peeps in mai car fur teh cheepniss ub teh parking at teh zoo.

    *happehtayl dansdansdans*

    Sing it wif me, nao!

    Oooooooooo meet me in Saynt Loowee, Loowee, meet me at teh fayr zoo! 😀

  2. Living in St. Louis I could find out a FEW things for you, as far as parking in Forest Park, the Municipal Opera parking lot during the day is free & about 1/2 a mile away from the Zoo, I’ll check out more as I can.
    I know its hard to find parking on Lacledes Landing on the weekends, you may have to park just south of it at the Arch Parking garage, there are a few smaller parking lots on the Landing but they fill up somewhat quickly, check them first, if full go to the Arch garage.
    Grants Farm tours are FREE but the parking (only in the APPROVED lot, its a nice area & the city ordinances call for towing for unauthorized parking) is $8.00 per car, as many people that can fit in a car is O.K., its the per vehicle charge to park.
    See cweenmj for my contact information if you need info HAVE HER SEND YOUR EMAYO ADDRESS TO ME, THAT WAY I CAN PUT IT IN MY CONTACTS & NOT HAVE TO LOOK FOR IT IN THE SPAM FILE, I’ll scout out rates of reasonable places to stay, i’m in south St. Louis county at Lindbergh & Lemay Ferry and the Motel 6 has a $39.95 rate right near me but I’m 10 miles South of Lacledes Landing, about 14 miles South of the Zoo, & a bit further away from Madison, Illinois

    • Biker, for downtown/riverfront stuff, what about parking at a metro station, and all of us piling on the metro? Is that feasible?

      • It might be possible but the Metro Link runs along the North side of St. Louis involving a larger distance to travel to meet for the station depending where everyone finds lodging, unfortunately Metro Link doesn’t run down to my area, maybe we can coordinate more as peeps find lodging & there’s a better idea of where everyone is located.
        It would be ideal for turtlol because Metro Link goes to the Airport, that’s only 2 miles from St. Charles but lodging out there is more expensive closer to the airport, GET on Google & find the 800 number for Motels &/or Hotels & find out their rates in the St. Louis area.
        As far as spots to stay it would be possibly better to be somewhat centered because Lacledes Landing is on the Riverfront, the Zoo & Forest Park are west out of downtown near the city limits (7 or 8 miles) & Grants Farm is outside the city headed South, about 9 or 10 miles from downtown

        • um, Ai has been towld ifn Ai can’t say sumfing nize, donut sey nuffin at awl. MetroStink aka ScamTrack DO NOT WANT, personally…. I am one of those who must convey myself at all times, so teh Mugger Mover is not an option for me. However, that being sed, there are those who love and use teh rapid transport, and nebber hasa prollem. Ai iz nawt wun. Ai will drive, drive, drive wherever and when ever, either on 2 wheels or 4 to get to where Ai wunna go…. I preesheeate yu finkin uv me fur teh Hareport Metro, but it’s nawt gunna happen in dis lyfetyme….
          ktnxbai fur naow…..

      • oooo ai did nawt noe teh Metro wuz sew skary! 😯 ai libbd in norvern Birjinya fur a wylol, wen ai wuz in skool, an we tuk teh Metro ebrywarez! it wuz moast ossim! wut a shaym, Saynt Loowee duz nawt hab a naise Metro. 😦

        see, ai nawt noez ifn ai wants tu stay closur tu Saynt Loowee oar tu Granite City, ware Kitty libs. ai nawt mind draibing… traffik duz nawt wurree me a tawl… ai just wanna be close tu ware awl teh Cheezies will be, sew ai nawt miss anyfing! aifinkso ai must konsult wif Kitty awn dis… *nods* yesh, aifinkso…

      • Metro Link during the day is O.K., but at night in certain areas there have been some incedents requiring watchmen at the stations, it might just be better to get located & drive because we don’t know how long we’d be out-&-about in the evening!, flexibility will see us through without problems, WEE HABS KEOW POWER adn kayn dew dayut!!

    • oooo and that’s a good rate at that Motel 6! Thanks, Biker! {{{{{Biker}}}}} Can’t wait to meet you! 😀

      • That’s a mutual feeling here too, like a family with relatives you hadn’t seen before because they were too far away, YAAAAAAAAAAY!!

      • Here is my contact info, I tried to send it to your address & it came back, my home phone is 314 487-0969 ( is shut off at night) cell is ALWAYS on 314 365-3685, send me an email to see if you get in O.K. or go to spam, which is checked daily, I have your email address in my contact list but it doesn’t work!!

  3. o hia CDW – ai also has a jellius! hope lots of cheezpeeps can mayke it, adn have much fun adn eat lots 🙂

  4. I am so jealous. I used to live in Kansas City and I looooooooove St. Louis. I’m too far away now (Georgia), but I will be with you in spirit. Have a great time!!!

  5. ohai awl, dis am turtlol, Ai libs in St. Charles, wich is rite across teh Missouri Ribber frum St. Louis. Ai wood welcome a cheezfren in mai howse fur teh weekend, and we cood go in mai car (gud gas mileage, tu!) tu deez playzes…Ai hasa Zoo membership, sew Ai cans park fur free, BTW. Ifn we can has a bigger vehicle, dat wun can yuse mai parking pass.

    Ai am luking forward to meeting sum Cheezies and habbing sum funs! Ai wuzzint shure Ai wuz gunna be in town dat weekend, but now it seems Ai is.
    Oh, and bikertu is kereckt abowt Grant’s Farm needing reservations…. it’s a pain, but otherwise they are overwhelmed. It be a berry popular playz. Might has sumfing tu du wif free beer samples….

    • It used to be 3 or 4 beers for free, I heard recently that they’ve “reduced” the number of beers you can have because of “skeurralus aktibitee” from people who had little or no sense & did “stoopy fings” while they were there & drank more than they should have, PLUS the new owners aren’t anything like Augie Busch was like when they still owned the Brewery, having said that, let me say this, the tour is GREAT, all the different kinds of animals to see & the Clydesdales & the stables, it is a very nice tour, bring your sunscreen too!!

      • oh yes, teh Grant’s Farm tour is wonderful…I haven’t been there since the InBev takeover, so you know more than I about that….and yeah, I kind of do recall that they have cut back on teh free beerz cuz uv nawtee behavior. Since Ai donut drink, it nawt matter tu me, ennyways, but sum peeps duz lub a beer ur 2.
        Awlso, Ai heerd dat tehre be (whispurrs) bebbeh Clydesdales! Like, new borned! WHEE! Ai wunna see teh bebbeh horsies! and tehy has manny otter kine uv aminuls dere, like deer from awl obber teh whirld, antelope, buffalo, stuff like dat. Tehy roam free around teh grounds (well, not the WHOLE place) and you take a tram tour around teh grounds and can see awl teh bebbeh deers and antelopes and stuff!

        And, teh St. Louis Zoo, being a whirld-class Zew, has manny bebbeh critters, and like has been sed, am FREE. Teh Children’s Zoo part has an admission fee, and teh noms are expnsib, like tehy are ennyware else like dat, but it is a wunnerful zoo, and it very historic. It has a hyooge outdoor aviary that was built for teh 1904 Whirld’s Fare in St. Louis!
        Oh and be sure to wear good walking shooz fur Zoo and Grant’s Farm. Dat seems common sense, but last time I was at teh zoo, I seed a ladee wif teh hi heels teetering around and I was like, Huh? Wut? wut wuz hur finking??? LOL!

      • Ohai SP and Turtlol! *wavies floofy paw toward teh soufeest* Ai iz awl teh way up in Warshington sew ai can’ts get dere, but pleeeeeeeeeze to take teh pikchurs ob teh bebbe Clydesdales adn postify dem!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ai hoeps ebberwun who can get to teh Cheezmeet habs a wundermus tiem!

        • Ohai Shepmom!!!1! *waybs floofy paw twards Warshingtun weigh* Ai will be shur tu tayk & post sum pixors ub teh skweeeeee bebbeh Clydesdales, just fur yoo! Ai’z berry essytid tu see dem, mice elf! 😀

    • Ohai Turtlol, wii hazzint met *extens floofi paw ov frenships*. Ai alsew lib in St. Charles County. Wii will be going tew teh zoo an teh picknik sew ai luk forward tew meetin yew!

      • ohai Spotstarmom!!! Ai will luk furwurd to meeting yu and everywun else dat am coming tu St. Looie!! YIPPEE!!!!

  6. Kitty, u has done an OSSIM job planning tihs!!! Ai am sooooooo sorree taht Ai kant b tehre wif u guize. Has a wunnermous tyme, adn rememory tu taek….adn powst…..lotz ov pikshurs!!!!

      • Catsablanca an Kenkar, yoo can be shur ai will be tayking menny, menny pixors, an ai will be happeh tu send ’em tu owr gud Cween fur teh postifikayshuns heer awn teh Cryer! 😀 Awl Cheezies hoo cannawt attend will be graytlee misst! ♥

  7. I googlol-ed St Louis Zoo nad dey hav my favrite animals EVER (apart from kittehs) – SLOTHS! Pleez to be tayking pixors of teh Hoffman’s Two toed sloth? nad teh Linnie’s two toed sloth? (if you can find dem in teh trees as dey problee be hyding).

  8. Ohai!! Sorry I have not been following these posts. I honestly didn’t think about it… Lol. I did NOT know that we need reservations for Grants Farm!! I will take care of that. I will also make reservations at The Old Spaghetti Factory. Turlol, I am sorry you don’t like the Metro Link… Cattails!! Woot!!!!! Deanna, there is a link on the FB event for hotels very near my house. The are pretty affordable on this side of the river. More expensive the closer you get to the city, Btw, As far as were I am personally located relative to St. Louis, you can see the Arch from my roof… Anyone who is willing to put peeps up would be GREAT!! Janet Ast, Rebecca Estes and Hubby are staying with me. (JCH4K and BekBek) For Friday night, we plan to park at Casino Queen and take the Metro Link over to the landing. For folks staying near me, we can meet at my place or Itty Bitty and have a caravan. I “might” be able to use my friends HUGE mini van that holds 7. We have a Camry that seats 5. We will have to drive Saturday because we have lunch packed in coolers. I’ll have more info as we get closer to the date. I’ll make all reservations under “Cheezburger.” *giggle* I just want everyone to enjoy themselves!! My contact info is and my private cell number is 618-971-0869. It’s easiest to reach me by text, esp. if I am at work. Just Kitty Novich on FB, there is only one of me. Thank CC!!

  9. Is dere ennywun lokal hoo cud put up a cheezfrend for Caturday nite an duz NAWT hav kittehs? I has a bery bery bad allergee. Turtlol can attest that I has a trustwerthee.

    Utherwise, maybe I can come owt inna erlee mornin inna bus from Chicago an come bak the saym nite.

    • It duzn’t look like I can mayk it aftpurr awl. It was just barely possible as it was financially, and logisticalkly It’s just not going to werk. Have funs, ervywun!

      • Wendy, wuld it be feeziblol tu tayk a trayn tu Springfield, den rode-trip & share a cheep hotel rume wif me?

  10. OMCC, yes, Wendy IS teh berry trustwerthee!!! And seh wood be a lubblee howsguest! I would have her at my house, but there is the Miss Bonny issue….poor Wendy would be all sneezy and wheezy in short order if she was at my house for the night.
    and, if Wendy stays wif yu, Ai bet she mite ebben SING fur yu!! She is teh taluntid lady, fur shure!!

      • I suppose whatever size you would like to make!! 🙂 Heike and her Hubby (birthday boy) will not be able to make it… I’m trying to get a head count. I would say just a regular size cake would be plenty…

      • Gah!! Forgot to mention for anyone who is “from” the area, please don’t worry about the BBQ being in Madison. I am aware of it’s reputation. However, this place couldn’t be ANY more safe!! It shares a parking lot with the police department!! Very safe place!! Oh, and the cops don’t bug the patrons, out of respect for Tony. ♥


  12. There’s Grasso Plaza at Gravois & Hwy 21, it’s a big enough area to be able to park there & carpool from it, AND its about 1 mile away from the entrance to Grants Farm, “UP IN THE AIR FOR DISCUSSION!!”, any other ideas??

    • Another alternative is to park at Ronnies cine & their plaza at Baptist Church Road & Lindbergh, get in BIG vehicle or two smaller ones, exit onto Baptist Church Road, go to Gravois, turn right, go along the fence of Grants Farm to get an idea of whats to come, go in, park & enjoy the tour, total mileage is about 2 to 2 1/4 miles on this route!!

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