Sparkysmom am Improving

Gud nooz frum Cattailz!!


I know many of you are waiting to hear how Sparkysmom am doing. She am doing gud! She had a tachycardia incident last week and subsequently had a defibrillator implanted and a permanent dialysis catheter installed. So she am feeling much moar betterer now!  The plan was for her to be transferred Saturday to a skilled nursing facility for recovery and rehab for a few weeks before going home. I am hoping to hear from her soon with the address so we can flood her with cards again. Skilled nursing can be a lonely place and, sadly, peeps who get lots of cards and outside attention seem to get moar respect and betterer care.

Mel will have her lappytop at the nurfing home so she should soon be able to give her own uppydates and fank you herself for all teh hugs and beems u be sending her. In teh meantime (oar shud ai say teh nicetime… we nawt mean here) ai will say fanks for teh outpouring uf cards and luv. Ur support make a whirled of difference.
I’ll post gnu address in teh comments as soon as ai gets it.
Purrs ‘n hedbonks to all,

13 thoughts on “Sparkysmom am Improving

  1. Yaaaayyyy!! for getting better! i continue to pray for your complete healing from all this stuff, sweetie! And thank you, Cattails, for keeping us posted!
    Love you lotses! —janey

  2. ai has a happee-dansdansdans for sparkysmom! those beems are werking well, aren’t dey? best wishes to you, spakrysmom, for a quick recubbery *beems beems and more beems from Oz*

  3. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY foar preuvmunts, iz berree gud tew heayr, keeyp awn keepyn awn wif dayt sew wee kud dew dubbl bayuk flypz wehn wee heerz dat yew iz goeyn hoem, dass wunnurmuss tew heer {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Sparkysmom}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Mennee Beeeeeeeeems ob healf adn heelyun tew yew!!

  4. Where’s Sparkysmom, you ask?!!!!
    It’s official: Sparkysmom iz nawt in teh witness protecshun program for testifying about cheezpeeps “yoinking kittehs and/or taking shiny stuff into the light to see it moar betterer”.

    We found Mel’s hideout. She was transferred to the nurfing center on Moanday. I dun have a room number and she dun have a phone in her room. She dun hab a TV either, so she is on the hunt for moar luxurious digs. If she moves, I’ll let you know.

    Till then she can be reached at:
    Melody Colville
    La Palma Nursing Center
    1130 West La Palma Avenue Anaheim, CA 92801

    • Oh yeah, and she has her lappytop wif her so she can read about all ur beems and well wishes! Replying is harder, but she’ll get on that eventually, too!

  5. Beeemitybeeemitybeeeeeeeeeeeeeemsssss to yoo Mel!! Yoo is doing an eggsald job wif teh get-bettering! Wii is awl cheering yoo awn! {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Mel}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Fankees for teh uppydate, Cattails!

  6. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY aegaiyn deres GUD NOOZ form Sparkysmom, keeyp awn iympreuvvun, izz deh beyst ob neuz tew heer.
    Ai eusd tew libs iyn Callyfawrnya inna sebbunteez, ai libbed iyn Lawng Beeych adn den meuvvd tew Rancho Palos Verdes foar ae kuppl ob yeers adn waound up kummyng bayk tew St. Louis.
    Wehn yew gitz aout ob teh hawspytul adn izz beddur goe tew El Tarascos diner adn hoysta berreetoe foar teh biktoeree ob geyttung beyddur (iffen dey izz styll dere, dat wuz teh beyst plays tew eet GUD fewd adn wuz reezunaebul tew) iyt wuzzat teh fewt ob Rosecrans Abbunyew iyn Manhattan Beach, wehn yew iz heeyld leyt mee knoe iffun yew ebbur goez neer iyt aegayn, fankies adn YEW jeuss giytz beddr adn beyddr!!
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Mel adn Sparky}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  7. dat’s great gnus! con-beem-a-lay-shuns for teh getting betterer adn betterer! big beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeems to sparkysmom 🙂

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