Sparkysmom Dooing Gud

dis b frum Miz Cattails:

Ohai cheezfrens! A little uppydate on Sparkysmom. She has been in the nurfing hoam a little over a week and is doing gud but the dialysis three times a week is exhausting and the physical and occupational therapy is challenging. Her son says by the end of the day she is too tired to pull out her laptop and visit cheezland much less send any emeows. Even phone calls are very, very brief. As she adjusts to the routine she will prolly be able to do a bit moar…

Your cards and notes are a welcome bright spot in her day so please continue to think of her and let her know the healing beems are still coming her way. Doesn’t have to be spensive greeting cards, just jot a note to her on a scrap of paper and drop her a line.  Here is her address:
Melody Colville
La Palma Nursing Center
1130 West La Palma Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92801
KCT remembers how one dear cheezfren had her kids draw pictures for her and it tickled her pink to get them. Fanks fur all ur wondermous support. Cheezpeeps am teh bestest!
Purrs n hedbonks,