New Engerland Cheezmeet

You kin awlwayz tell wen it am summertime — peeps start planning cheezmeetz!  Look at dis frum catena:

There is a southern New England cheezmeet being planned for Saturday afternoon, June 16th.  No details yet, but we figure a lunch and maybe something ‘touristy’ in the Springfield, MA, area.  Please let me know if you are interested, and watch for details.

Thanks, catena (Ann)


Upfi Remainz in Hospital

Oh, deer!!  look at dis frum Upfi!!

Dear Cween,

This is to let u and the cheezfrenz know that ai be still in horse spittle. The operated foot is doing well, but the hole in my leg where the drip went in got infected and was full of pus (not the purring kind, though). So they tied me to a bed again and ai’ll be hoping to go home on Friedegg.

Lubs to awl,


Upfi iz on Hur Last Leg

Dis b frum ower deer, deer catterpigglol, upfi:

Yes, it’s true – the left bunion has been operated on 6 hours ago, so know I can only use the right foot. Ai can has bloo crutches. At home Ai also has a Zimmer frame wif wheels – instead of hunch – stretch – hunch – stretch Ai can go push – hop – push – hop AND carry a plate or cup. Next Tuesday they’ll release me and then I’ll be home for 4-6 weeks. Time for playing on lolcats and in the tea room, yay! Mabbeh ai will get a lappytop from work so I can continue wif mai project. I’d like to do that as I still have 400 pages to translate and it is an important project for peeps I like very much.

I don’t know whether I will have fizzical therapy, but I guess so. I have had bunions on both feet for 20 year, but they have started to become a problem about 2 years ago. Even wif orthopedic insoles every step is painful, and I had to stop doing my beloved marshal arts classes. I hope to be able to do that again.

If you would like to write to me, CweenMJ ( ) has both my mail and mai e-mail address.

My eye lids keep shutting down so I’ll stop now. Love and hugs to the best friends in the world!


Cheezmeet Pixor

Spotstarsmom sendinged mii dis grate pixor frum deh St Louis Cheezmeet.  Such beyoootiimus peepz!!!  Just look at dem smilolz!!!!

Here’s a description of who is in the picture:

From the left:

Spotstarsmom aka Mary Tomcsanyi

A Biker Too aka Dennis Branneker

Cattails aka Catherine Kennedy

Kitty Novich

Janet, Queen of Cheezland; aka Janet Ast; or as Kitty called her… Janet Freakin Ast.

She was really excited to have Janet staying at her house over the weekend.

U kin bet dat deez peepz won’t soon furget dheir awsum weekend!

Twin Citeez Cheemeet

ooo… lookee, lookee!!!  Dis funness am frum ‘Niser!

Ohai Cheezfrends!!

Summerthyme iz awlmoast heer, an yu noez wut dat meenz–Cheezmeets!!!! A cupplol ob us heer in teh Twin Cities (dat bee Minneapolis-St. Paul in Minnesota) habs discusst it, an gess wutt!! IZZA GO!!!!!!!!! It wil happenz in layte Awgust oar erlee Septemberz. Pleez tu emayo ‘Niser (AKA Barb Kastens) at iffn yu fink yu mite bee innerestid. Den inna fyoo weekweekweeks, Ai wil emayo yu a kweschun air tu seez wut dates werks teh bestest foar yu, hao lawng yu wuud lyke teh meet tu bee, anna list ob aktiviteez tu chooz frum.

Yay!!! Dis iz gunna be teh funz, aifinkso!

Yoar frend in Cheez,