Stamp Out Hunger food drive

US cheezfrends, please remember that this Saturday, May 12 is the post office’s annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive day. Please help if you can! Cheezfrends Rock!!

For more info…


13 thoughts on “Stamp Out Hunger food drive

  1. Our mail carrier [or perhaps his P.O. branch?] may not be on the ball… we did nae get either the card or the sack, alas…

    • We finally got our postcard on Furs’ Day afternoonish. Eyes going out of town to a fambly wedding, so I’ve packed a grocery bag w/ USPS Food Drive writ large on it, and left it by the building’s mailbawkses.

  2. We just get a postcard reminder, no bag … and when I leave a bag for the postal worker on the pick-up day, I label it, so he’s sure to know it is for the food drive.

  3. Mike wented to teh grosry store yesterday so he will have plenty of food with him when he goes for his volunteering time at teh fuud drive!

  4. Oh, fank CC ai wentz froo teh mayo dis mornin an fownd teh bag. Mai cubberdz wuz LOADID wif non-perishablolz tu, soe misshun akkawmplisht!!
    *Saloots bf faycing eest*

  5. I tawlked tu owr carrier todai. Hii sed hii gotted over 500 pownds on his rowte, an sed owr community gavvered over 15,000 pownds ov food! Grayte jawb efurrry!!!!!!!

  6. Our county brought in about 85,000 pounds this year! Woot! It was fabulous because we have lost so many jobs and population. Have lots of people who desperately need this food. Thanks to all of you who gave in your communities!!!!!!

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