Cheezmeet Pixor

Spotstarsmom sendinged mii dis grate pixor frum deh St Louis Cheezmeet.  Such beyoootiimus peepz!!!  Just look at dem smilolz!!!!

Here’s a description of who is in the picture:

From the left:

Spotstarsmom aka Mary Tomcsanyi

A Biker Too aka Dennis Branneker

Cattails aka Catherine Kennedy

Kitty Novich

Janet, Queen of Cheezland; aka Janet Ast; or as Kitty called her… Janet Freakin Ast.

She was really excited to have Janet staying at her house over the weekend.

U kin bet dat deez peepz won’t soon furget dheir awsum weekend!


18 thoughts on “Cheezmeet Pixor

  1. Indeed most beeeyootimus peeps!! *waves floofy paw at ebberwun, frum teh rainee norfwest* Hoep ebberwun had a wundermus tiem!

  2. Grate looking buncha peeps. Ai remembers meeting Janet (JCH2K) at da cweenmj reception in Minneysnowdayz in Aug 2010. She kept us in stitches wif her story ob travel to da cheezmeet. It wuz such fun to meet cheezpeeps.

  3. Wee habs lossa feun, hadda nais meel awn Fried Egg, awn Caturdae ai diydnt goes tew teh Zew wiff dem buyt weynt tew teh pynknynk inna pawrk laeydur, den weynt oeybur tew teh Baeyrbeekew adn habs GUDGUD fuds, den tew dae iyt wuzza taryp tew Grants Farm anna teur ob teh plaes, iyt wuzz ae GUD taiym hayud bai EBBRYWUN, Fankies wun adn awl foar ae berry nais taiym dys weaekeynd, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY foer deh Peeps!!

  4. Ai triedntried tu figgur owt hao Ai cud get der, but had an epic fail. Turtlol an Janet ar wundermus cheezfrens, juss so yoo noes. Sumdai, ai will meet teh St Looee cheezpeeps….

  5. Oooh! How lovely.
    Ai just haz two questions: 1.) Biker, did yoo make dat shirt? (Ai haz a curious bc we makes teh tie-die shirts @ teh Camp every year) and

    2.) Am dere Two Cheezland Queens??? cweenmj And Janet, “Queen ub Cheezland” – ??

    • I made the shirt myself, twice a year KDHX has a tie-dye shirt party at the Shanti bar in Soulard, they have a nice courtyard & KDHX has 2 of these a year there, the next one is on Saturday June 16th from Noon to 6pm, I’ve made two of them, its EASY, takes 45 minutes to do, that shirt was soaked in a solution to help the dye take better, thn I laid the shirt on a table, took three fingers &”spun the shirt into a spiral using the upper center front of the shirt as center, I picked the colors & tried to figure out how it would look, when you’re done it goes into TWO plastic bags (no leaks please) stays there for about 18 to 20 hours & is then rinsed at least six or seven times until the rinse water is clear, wring out, hang on hanger & hang in tub to dry —WASH SEPERATELY the 1st time!!


  6. Hahahaha! Kitty Novich here.(Btw, my *very clever* Cheez name is kittynovich. Haha.) We had so much fun!! I have to credit Kay Draper with “Janet Freaking Ast.” The name was deemed VERY apppropiate whilst we were at the KC Cheezmmet, as we were a bit starstruck! I dropped JCH4K at the airport at O’Dark 30 this morning. Perhaps the next STL Cheezmeet, I won’t be so ambitious. We ALL has a HOOJ exhausted!! Hahaha!! GREAT TIME!!!!

    • Ohai, habs yew reekubburd yeyt?, ai iz soar adn styff buyt ayum styl terukkn alawng, wuz ae GUDGUDGUD taiym teh payst weakeynd, FANKIES foar alla hayrud wuerk yew peut iyn, pleus ai habs sum DEELYSHEUS taytur sallat foar breffix adn seum bawrbeukyew tew, wuzza naiys breffix, aiz glayud tew meeyt teh peeps adn habs feun!!

  7. Eberiun iz lukin sew D-lited~!!! No one cud luk upon this pixsure and not b smilin to themselves with teh cuteness of teh cheezmeet!

  8. Ohai Saynt Loowis cheezmeet peeps!! Luuks lyke a guud guud thyme wuz had bai awl! Mebbe ai comez awn teh trayn iffn der izza nuzzer wun neggst yeeryeeryeer.

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