Upfi iz on Hur Last Leg

Dis b frum ower deer, deer catterpigglol, upfi:

Yes, it’s true – the left bunion has been operated on 6 hours ago, so know I can only use the right foot. Ai can has bloo crutches. At home Ai also has a Zimmer frame wif wheels – instead of hunch – stretch – hunch – stretch Ai can go push – hop – push – hop AND carry a plate or cup. Next Tuesday they’ll release me and then I’ll be home for 4-6 weeks. Time for playing on lolcats and in the tea room, yay! Mabbeh ai will get a lappytop from work so I can continue wif mai project. I’d like to do that as I still have 400 pages to translate and it is an important project for peeps I like very much.

I don’t know whether I will have fizzical therapy, but I guess so. I have had bunions on both feet for 20 year, but they have started to become a problem about 2 years ago. Even wif orthopedic insoles every step is painful, and I had to stop doing my beloved marshal arts classes. I hope to be able to do that again.

If you would like to write to me, CweenMJ ( cweenmj@gmail.com ) has both my mail and mai e-mail address.

My eye lids keep shutting down so I’ll stop now. Love and hugs to the best friends in the world!



41 thoughts on “Upfi iz on Hur Last Leg

  1. Ye gods, ai neerly fell over wen ai red teh hedding ov tihs post 😯
    * recuvvers farst *
    Heers a big hug nd *SCHMOO* tu yoo, {{{ Upfi }}}. Take lawts of care, k?
    – PB

  2. Dangit Upfi, yew skared teh cheezpoop owt ob mi !! Ai haznawt bin kiiping up de last sebral daes adn habs nawt seed yoo mutch latlee, sew wen ai seen dis ai feered de wurst.

    Butt(!) ai is sew happy tu see yoo am otay adn willbe getting awroun bettur!


    • I knew what was going on, and i didn’t like the heading, either! We have seen too many folks really there, i guess. But Yaayyy for being through the surgery! Father, thank You for our Upfi. Thank You for surgeons who know their job! We ask for quick, uneventful healing, and a quick return to all the things that give our Upfi joy. Thank You, Father! In Jesus’ Name—AMEN!
      Love you bunches! —janey

      • *Amen, sister!* Dis skeerd meh, tu! (at teh furst) butt(!) ai kept awn reedin nd sew glad yur awn teh mend, {{{{{upfi}}}}} Sendz heelin nd gud wishez nd schmooz beemz tew upfi!!!

  3. O Upfi…Ai has a beeeg happy fur yu…soon nawt eny pleh pain wen step-step-stepin.
    Luv-n-beemz ob healing speeding your way! {{{{Upfi}}}} =^!^=

    • *gigglols at teh thot ob a caterpigglee on a skateboard*
      Like teh otters, ai also had a hart stoppage at teh headline. So glad it’s teh gudgud news. *wunners if upfi can dansdans wif dis Zimmer fingy*
      Hugs adn best wishes to get bak into teh grate dans ob life! {{{{{Upfi}}}}}

  4. oh mai hart, i saw dat hedline an bowt falled ober, sed tu mai self, o, o, o, shud haz bin keepin up. am so glad iz nawt teh bad newz! Yay fur gittin foot fixed! hoep u feel bedder soon soon! hugs an schmooz!
    {{{{{{{upfi}}}}}}} heelin beems>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  5. Hoeps for speedy healing for yoo — ai is gladgladglad yoo wills be free ob pain! Hoeps yoo can has sum nice cozy tea room adn kitteh time while you is healing. {{{{{{{{Upfi}}}}}}}}

  6. God’s nightgown, Upfi! You shur know how to get every kitty’s attention, don’t you?! Heart stoppages all around. I am thrilled to hear your news. Just think–a few weeks of just idling around, getting betterer, maybe doing some fun translating, then walking with much more ease. Sigh. Makes me awl happitail to think of it! Schmooooos to you, and I sends you some hawt chonklit thru teh innertubes, k?

    • “God’s nightgown”???? Dayle, have you been reading Gone With the Wind again? Good to see you, sweetie! Drop by sometime, when you get a free (ha,ha!) minute!
      Love you lotses! —janey

  7. Tawk abowt da ah-tent-shun grabbing headylines, indeed! Too bad you can’t chrysalis yourself thru da healing an rehab phase! Bestest wishes four a gudgudgud recubbery on da way to pain free dansdansdansing! [I habs da bad, painful feet, too, wif my toes making dare way to my momcats’ right angle ones! be sure to lets us noze how much bedderere you am feeling. I’d be interested to know. An aunt had a bunionectomy way back in da primitive days 50 years ago, before dare were da microsurgeons who knew what day was doing wif dose nerfs and stuff, an was nawt happy- too bad dare wasn’t such gudgudgud care back then foar poor Auntie.] Bonne rétablissement!

  8. You gibbin mei a hart attak !!! —doan do dat !!! —-we gonna be sendin you anie beemz and wellz wishez to speed un ur rekoverie !! an a {{{ HUGGZZ }}} or two to helpz — ❤ ❤

  9. Yew habs EBBREE PEEPS berry meuch aeyteynsheunz rawraiyt aewae wiffa kaypsheun laik dayt, izz deh hawrtz goeun pitty payt wiff deh ayng ziety ub weuree foar Upfi, yew heeyl berree fayust adn bee uppunattum aeygaeyn beefoar yew knoez iyt.
    Wehn wee sawz teh hedlaiyn dere wuz tew fawtz flaeysheun froo mai maiynd, Oe Noez, Upfi izz goeynna goeyz obbur teh brydj OAR dey habs tew kutz awff wun ob yer footz, Dew Nawt Wawunt eebur wun, izz haeyppee tew heer yew izz naow oefyshully gawt teh nyknayem ob “HAWPAELAOWNG”, jeuss laiyk teh Tee Vee shoeu awn telebisshun wae bayk wehn, yew keeypz awn hawpaelawng awl obbur deh plaes adn giytz bedder wiffakwikneuss kaws wee iz awl seyndun BEEMZ tew yew leyft adn raiyt adn ebbun seyntur tew!!

    • Biker, are you writing a Southern accent in LOL??? I had a tough time reading it till i factored that in! i love it!
      Love you lotses! —janey

      • Aiz jeus raiytun laiyk aiyz wrytun, doen knoe aebaeout knoe suvveurn aggseyunt, iyt iyzz haoevvur iyt keumz aout, iz nawt majmik, izz plaeyn lollun, iffun iyt keumz aout dayt wae den ai geussus dayts whut haypunz wehn ai iz tawkun onna paeg wiffa aynsur tew sumwunz kweuschun!!, lol.

  10. *breaks open teh smellink sawlts*
    *Breevez deep den passiz dem rownd tu awl teh peeps*
    Fayntin cowchez awl arrownd everbuddy. Doan make me burn a fether.
    *Makes liek Paddington adn gibs Upfi a stern look*
    Yu fink yu iz sooo funni jung lady. Well laffter be teh bestest medsin so yew is prolly well awn teh rode to recubbery wif awl teh jumpin an startin an fayntin adn blowin yu haz witnist.
    {{{Upfi}}} Yu gits bedderer soonsoonsoon!

  11. oh Upfi—getz bedder soon! Ai fink bloo crutches are grate, too bad dey don’t come in tye dye!
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Upfi and her tozes}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  12. Upfi – heal up soon, so you can go back to doing the things you love! Take the time to heal completely – don’t try to rush it – don’t want a set-back — sending you superdupermegawatt heeling beemz from California!

  13. Lots and lots of heeling beems hedded over the oshun tu the catterpigglee! Rest, read, translate, heal heal heal… aihopeso the paynes am the leestest possiblol. {{{{{{Upfi}}}}}}}}

  14. Ohai upfi! Jus wantid tu letchu noe dat yu shuld bii awn teh lookout fur a beeg bundlol ob heeling beems coming yur wai. Ai tuk awl teh lublee heeling beems yoov bin sending mii laytlee, wrapped ’em up inna warm floofee hug (wif chonklit sprinklols *tee hee*) adn beemed bak atcha cuz tehy werked oh soe beri muchlee!!


  15. Ai knew dat you were going tu haz da surjery, but sumhow my paje for da Cryer wuzzn’t reloading properly and ai did nawt see dis info. Dat’s wum headline cweenmj used, unless it wuz your emayo subjekt.
    Glad to see you doing otay. Blue crutches!!! Whut a nice color. Wunce you gets home, you can relax, get sum sleep catchup, and lolly-gag (to spend time doing things that are not useful or serious : to fool around and waste time). It wuld be nice to get a werk lappy top fur translatin and sum werk catchup. Just be sure to take time fur yourself adn heal wiffa quikness.
    If dis surjery goes well, maybe you can gets da uvver foot done and den you can haz a skate board! 🙂

  16. Dear frenz, I am very touched by your comments and cheezlubs. I’m sorry that mai poor attempt at a punny headline caught so many of u on the wrong foot – it was mai idea, nawt the Cween’s. Ai be doing ok, the food is good and plenty. Lubs to awl!

    • Habs sum GUDGUD reyst ayut hoem, inna hawzpeytul izz noe gud weyst, inna eerlee mawnun deh Vaympaiyr kumz iyn tew gytz summoar bludz adn turnz onna OBURHED BRAIYT LAIYT, dere goez saleeyp, ayt hoeym ai OLKNEEZ habs eupwurdz shaiynun laiytz, nawt daoun onna faes, izz meuch beyddur foar aiybawlz, ADN salyeep tew!!

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