Upfi Remainz in Hospital

Oh, deer!!  look at dis frum Upfi!!

Dear Cween,

This is to let u and the cheezfrenz know that ai be still in horse spittle. The operated foot is doing well, but the hole in my leg where the drip went in got infected and was full of pus (not the purring kind, though). So they tied me to a bed again and ai’ll be hoping to go home on Friedegg.

Lubs to awl,


23 thoughts on “Upfi Remainz in Hospital

  1. Oh, noze! Still in horse pistol?! Ai do hope the pleh infection is nawt serious! May it respawnd quickly to aunty By Ottics, stat! Pleeze to be berry kir full [mmm, kir… hic!] an gets lots ob gudgudgud rest [well, az gud az one kansas a horse spittle (im!)patient!] An keep ur feetsies up… oar down, or wearever daze sposed to be inna case like dis. Sleep and newt rishun am also berry imp or tent to da Rick cub ree. Ai know you haz an impayshunt to get home sweet home, but ai hope the dox doant kick you out too soon, like de pleh inshoe rants makes ’em do in ‘Merca!
    Bonne rétablissement! {{{{{Upfi}}}}}

  2. it reelly iznot fayr
    lief tryz tu haz yoo beet
    if yoo iz a catturpiggly
    tu haz bad legz or feeet

    ai reely trewly hoep taht
    teh pleh suun goze awae
    horse pitalz can haz borin
    juss lyin tehre awl dae

    • Awww, fankeees for the lubberly poem! Ai is nawt bored, so many strange fings happen here. Ai can has buks and mai smartypants phone, so ai be busy awl day. Unfortunately, the foot tends to hurt during the night, but if I can’t sleep well, I take naps during the day.

  3. Oh deer, what a poor liddle caterpiggly you must be. I haz a beeg sorry to read this. I’m sending you ohai beems, and a comfy pillow and blankey and some hawt chonklit thru teh innertubes. I luvs you, get well soon, ya hear?

  4. Upfi – you be gett-n rid of dat darn pus cittie — not so gud to hab — be waidn to hearb u izza doin bedder and sendi-n BEEMZ to halp it alongz — ❤ ❤

  5. Oh deer Upfi, dat’s nawt a good fing tu haz happen. Infekshun – donut want. Still in horse pistol – donut want. Ai hopes dat you hazza quick recobery adn gets home soonest.

  6. O Deers! *sends extra focused beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemz to our Caterpiggly*

  7. Wehn Upfi geytz hoem shee shud eetz lossa Yogurt tew reeplays alla gudgudgud steuffies inna iynteystun dayt awlsoe giytz kylld awff tew aelawng wiff teh bayud jurmz, teh gud wuns heylps yew dieyjeust fewd berry wehl, wiff aout enuff ob dem iyt duzznt wuerk soe weyhl adn mae kawz ae reun tew teh baffrheum moar dayn hugeuhmul, yogurt izz gud foar yew!!

  8. O noes!! Jus whut u B nawt wunting! Plz 2 keeping teh chin up. Oar teh fut. Whutebber! {{{{{{{{lame Caterpiggly}}}}}}}}}

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