Continued beams for Sparkysmom

Ohai cheese peeps! Our good friend Sparkysmom is still under care in the nursing facility. She has hit a few snags along the path of recovery and is understandably blue. She isn’t feeling up to being on line or talking on the phone but if you could find a moment to send her a note or card I know she would appreciate it.  The address is:


Melody Colville

La Palma Nursing Center #9A

1130 West La Palma Ave

Anaheim, CA 92801


Please keep our sweet friend in your thoughts and prayers and drop her a line if you can. Thanks, cheese friends rock!


8 thoughts on “Continued beams for Sparkysmom

  1. Ohai, sweetie! I am on my way to Phoenix where i will meet up with my daughter and we have a girls’ escape planned, so i will be out of touch for a while. Please give mai Sparkysmom a biiig hug for me, will you?
    Father, thank You for my precious sister. We come against this emotional attack and ask for Your joy, which is our strength, for her in Jesus’ Name. We thank You for all you have done for her and are continuing to do—Amen.
    Thank you for the heads-up, BF473! GOD bless you, too!
    All my love—janey

  2. Got an emeow frum sparkysmom’s son (which am nawt sparky, BTW) and he says our dear Mel am doing a bit better. She has an iPad wif her now which she can read, but she am nawt up to answering mail. Sure appresheeate everyone’s continued kind thoughts, get well wishes and beems. And doancha wish we cud all show up in her nurfing hoam room and gib her a big hug? Since I’m in Kansas… I hafta send a virtual hug. {{{{{{{{sparkysmom}}}}}}}}

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