Southern New England Cheezmeet Uppydate

Here b deh latest nooz frum Catena:
Southern New England cheezpeeps – having not gotten suggestions, I am proposing a place I know and enjoy. It is in Windsor, CT. I propose this for lunch on this coming Saturday, the 16th, for 12:30.  If the weather’s nice, we can sit outside. If we feel like doing something after lunch (as opposed to just sitting around), the New England Air Museum isn’t far away, or we could go farther afield up to Springfield (about 20 miles away) to Forest Park for the museums or Dr Seuss figures or Elizabeth Park in Hartford for the roses.


5 thoughts on “Southern New England Cheezmeet Uppydate

  1. Sounds good to me – I live here and it’s just not an exciting area — or I’ just an old lady who’s not excited — Sprinfield city sucks for attractions — the useum is wonderful — and meeting in Windsor would be great — and the air museum is something I understand is nice too – Count me in …….

    • Sowery Lindykat !! be happie to meetz wid ebberbidie !! an Cassie – sometimes the peeps of ICHC get together to say hi in person — the more the merrier !! ( no hidin behind da avatar !! )

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