Gunner Crosses deh Bridge

Thank you, mai Cween. But I have the sad news that we had to assist Gunner over the Rainbow Bridge at 11:30 this morning. It was a very peaceful passing and we both held him while he fell asleep. Could sure use some Cheezhugs right about now though. Feels like a hole the size of Texas blown through my and Steve’s hearts. Even Ariel (his kitteh sister) is attempting to put on a sad face.

60 thoughts on “Gunner Crosses deh Bridge

  1. Sososososo sorry for your loss.. {{{{{{{{{Gunner, Gunnersmama, Steve, Lil Ariel and all who loved Gunner}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  2. o, so so sorri gunnersmama and steve and lil ariel, i haz sum hugz, best i can do fur u awl. {{{{{{{{{Gunnersmama, Steve, Lil Ariel}}}}}}}}} an sum beemz fur Gunner, so kan find way cross teh brije wif noe problems >>>>>>>>>Gunner>>>>>>>>>

  3. Ai’m sew sad foar yoo, GM. Gunner be awlrite adn yung adn helfy adn happeh rite nao, doh. Him am saef in de meddow. {{{{{{{{{{{{GM adn Steve}}}}}}}}}}}}

  4. Ohai gunnersmama – sending you and Steve and Lil Ariel lots and lots of cheezhugs for the passing of your sweet boy, Gunner. The Meadow has another beautiful goggie to look after teh puppies and kittehs. {{{{{{{{{Gunner and his family}}}}}}}}} xoxooxox

    • MsKapow!!!! Iz it yew!!!! I am so happy to see you!!! How are you? I have missed you so much!! I have leaky ais, I am so happy to see you !!!


        • I am so glad to hear from you. We were all so worried when you left. How is Millie? Did you see all the messages I wrote you on your wall on Lolcats? I didn’t want you to think we forgot you. I am so glad you are okay. Cheezburger has changed so much even in the time I’ve been there. There’s a site on Facebook now called Cheezpeeps on Faysebuuk for peeps who wanted to stay in touch without using cheezburger. There’s a bunch of people from lolcats over there. Of course there’s always the tea room here. It’s usually where I can be found, GumbieKat even tracked me down here.

          Thanks for contacting me. Give my love to your family and to Millie.

          *Hedbonks, Schmoos an whiskur kisses*


  5. Mai hart breaks for yoo. Iz no greater pain, aifinkso. But Gunnar is fankfankfanking yoo right nao dis minnit for helpings him leeb hims sick body behind adn go be helfy adn well in teh meddow. Teh love nebber, ebber changes or lessens – it jus grows adn grows, adn he is your bebbe boi forebber and ebber. He is running awl ober teh meddow right nao telling awl teh aminals what a great famblee he has adn awl teh love yoo shared adn hao yoo were strawng for his sake adn did dis last kindness for him. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Gunnar adn famblee}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  6. teerz (for gunner adn fambly)

    ai cood spin sum pritty storeez
    of teh wae fingz yoost tu be
    of awl teh luv ai gayv yoo
    adn teh luv yoo gayv tu me
    teh gaymz we yoost tu plae
    adn awl teh fun weed shayr
    adn o, hao much ai’l miss yoo
    wen ai reech adn yoor nott tehre
    adn ai cood tel a fowsand taylz
    of hoo yoo wer tu me
    butt nao ai haz noe wurdz left
    mai teerz muss speek for me

  7. Goggies has teh hujest harts, aifinkso. Sekund onlee to teh peeps hoo lubs tehm. Shepmom is rite. U r sad, bekus u lubbedlubbedlubbed him, but naow hims it teh meddow, sniffing ebryfing 4 times over and wagging taht tail like him alwaze did wen he saw u. {{{{{{{{{{{Gunnars famblee}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  8. I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending you and yours lots of hugs and beemz and prayers. It’s never easy but you did the right thing and Gunner will be waiting for you in The Meadow!
    {{{{{{{{Gunnersmama and fambly}}}}}}}}

  9. Dis izza sad day fur Gunner’s fambily. You all haz da memories ob years wif Gunner. Hold on tite to each uvver adn da sads will go away.

  10. Mai lil famblee an ai fank ebbry wun ub yu fur teh hugz an beems. Dey halping sew berry mush rite nao. Ar big, goofy boi boi am up in teh meadow gallumping arown lyke teh crayzee moose dat him waz.


    gm + Steve + Ariel (who has some suspicious flakes of what appears to be confetti stuck to her fur)

  11. Ah teh big goggies we luv dem teh bestest. Ai iz sittin in teh bak uv a piano consurt adn tryin tu wipe mai eyez surrep…sirrpt…syrup…wivvowt bein notisst. Yu showed yoor strawng, strawng luv bai lettin himz go. So diffykult but rite. I hazza hooj ake in mai hart for yu and yoors. Sindink yu luv adn prayurz, strawng arms tu go arownd yu an a saft sholder fore yoor hed. Iz otay if it gets a liddlol damp.

  12. Gunner knew he wuz loved right to the end. You were a brave mommy to see him thru it. Ai has a sorrowful for you and wif you! {{{{{{{Gunnersmama & Family}}}}}}}

  13. Yew izz teh beystyssust Mawmee adn Dayddee dayt Gunner kud hab, yew lubbd hym enuff tew heylp hym wehn hee reelee neeydud iyt, dass deh hawrdust thyng enny wun hoo habs a Goggie oar ae Keow wud hab tew dew, Gawd lubs yew foar beeyun GUD adn berry reespawnsubbl peeps, taykun berry gud kaeyur ub yur bebes, mennee cheezhuggz foar yew awl feeyulun diss lawss, {{{{{{{{{{Gunnersmama, Steve & Ariel}}}}}}}}}}

  14. Oh, what sad news! My eyes are leaking for Gunnersmama an all the fambly and at suvovawot’s poy-nyant poy-em. Gunnersmama, Ai trooly lubs yer imagery ob a googy, galumphing moose! Your loving description brings a smile to mend the tears.
    {{{{{Gunnersmama and fambly}}}}}

  15. Ai’z soe sorree foar yu awl 😦 I’ve had 40+ pets in my life, and though it’s 20 years since I got the first two, some still make me a bit weepy when I go through old photos. Letting them go is so hard – you never ever want them to leave, but allowing them to live in pain or discomfort hurts more. The last love we give them when we let them go to sleep forever is also the biggest love.

    ((((((((Gunner & famblee))))))))))

  16. Ai iz sew sawrry to heer tihs Gunnersmama. Plz tu take sum strenff frum teh Cheezpeeps lubs an understandings {{{{{{{Gunnersmama, Steve, Aerial and dear Gunner }}}}}}}

  17. Casey, Bette & ai am sew very sorry that yoo haz lost yoor sweet little boi.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{gunnersmama and famblee}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  18. Ai am sew sorree tew heer abowt Gunner. Yew haz mai deepest love and sympathy.

    Sending many prayers your way for you and your family.

    {{{{{Gunnersmama and family}}}}

  19. Ai am verr sorry dat you have lost your bewtimuss Gunner. leeky ize, leeky ize {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Gunnersmama and famblee}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  20. Oh, ai am so so sorry u haz losted ur beloved Gunner-goggie. He loved and was loved and will be sorely missed, yet you carry him on in your heart. {{{{{♥Gunnersmama and Gunnerspapa and kitteh-sister♥}}}}}

  21. My heart goes out to you gunnersmama and fambly. Wrapping you all in a soft blanket and holding you close to ease your sorrow.

  22. Oh, sweetie, i just now heard. I am sooooooooo sorry. I pray for your comfort, and that soon the memories will bring you nothing but smiles and a warm heart. GOD bless you, dear heart.
    All my love—janey

  23. My baby girl cat will be there to help gunner settle in to the meadow… Hugs and beems of comfort for u and husband…. Iz ok to feel like hole in heart iz big as Texas…, u just feel what u be feeling …. We all be here for you…

  24. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Gunnersmama an Steve an Ariel}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} O, hao sawree ai yam fur teh hyooj lawss yoo haz had! Ai juss nao am reeding dis, an dabbing mai leeky aiz wiffa shamwow. Sweet Gunner am sew happeh in teh Meddoe nao, butt yoo am leff behine, an sad. Ai sendz yoo beemz ub lubs an komfurts an peese, an ai hopes yur sads nawt lass tuu berry lawng. ♥

  25. Ai sew beriberi sawree dat yu an Steve an Ariel has losst ur biluvid Gunner. Fankees sew mutsh foar teh wunnerful lief [nawt noen bai ebree goggie] yu gibbed tu him, an foar ur brayvree an lubs inn ceeing Gunner tu hims peesful end. Ai an mennee uvvurs noes hao beriberi hard dis wuz foar yu, an wii hoald yu an Gunner inn owr harts at dis sad sad thyme. Tell Gunner’s stoary, show Gunner’s pikshurs, honner Gunner’s lief, greeve Gunner’s lawss – boaf yu an Gunner disurbs awl dis. Iph ai mae borroe an parafrais frum Sarah McL: Inn teh arms ov ur Cheezfrends, mae yu finding sum kumfurt heer. Mennee lubs an blessings tu yu.

  26. Mai deer cheezfrend, yu noez ower thawts R wif yu an teh famblee. (Ai shur am glad yu sent mee an emayo, cuz foar sum reezon ai dunt get awto matikalee notifyd wenn a noo poast goez up awn teh kryer ennymoar.) Ai iz shur dat Miha haz met Gunner bai nao an hazza noo frend tu play wif in teh meddow. Smokey, Gizmo, Asti, Rick and I send awl ower lubs.
    {{{{{gunnersmama, Steve and Ariel}}}}}

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