Miranda’s Memories

Looking at dis wut haz landingifyed in mai inbox dis morning frum MurfNturf!!!

Ohai Qween! Dis wud be berry innerestin to awl da Cheezfrens.

Happy ending, so don’t glorp up Too many tishews watching it.
Butt… Da foster dad John duz has da borked leg, and we won’t know until Thursday whether surgery iz needed on hiz tibia.
And Miranda da awesome mommy iz still waiting fur adoption. It’s at da Purrfect Pals shelter-inna-Petsmart in Everett, Wash.
Hey, dat’s not far from da Cheezburger HQ hint hint!!
Ta ta,

MurfNturf (rick op)

8 thoughts on “Miranda’s Memories

  1. OMCC! Even with plenty of tissue warning, there wasn’t enough time. Tears are rolling down my cheeks, but happy ones. Such a great mawm kitteh, such cute beebehs, such loving humans. Now all that needs to happen is to get Miranda her fureber home.

  2. Very nice!! Great job and get better soon, foster dad!
    {{{{{{{Miranda at Purrfect Pals}}}}}}} Hope you get your fureber hom soon.

  3. Oh, I can’t bear to watch anything with a tissues warning… even if I know it has a happy ending. I think I’ll just look at the sweetie pies in the picture… oops…splort

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