St Looey Cheezmeet, part deh sekkund

Dis am frum SpotStarsMom:

Here we all are after we got done sweating at the zoo!!! We had lots of fun and YIKES! was it hot! We had dinner at Golden Corral in St. Charles which was my husbands idea…good idea dear!

From the left:A Biker Too, Kitty Novich, Plasticcat, Uniquekitty,Turtlol and me!!! It was so much fun being together today and I am so grateful I got to go.


6 thoughts on “St Looey Cheezmeet, part deh sekkund

  1. It WUZ Teh funs! Eeben tho it wuz teh hawtist day pawsibull…. we awl had lawts uv icee watters and we tuk lawts uv rest breaks. Teh Golden Corral was a welcome respite; tehy had teh ayrs condishuned, and teh fuds wuz nommy!
    It wuz nize tu see teh aminuls, but wooda been nizer ifn it wuz nawt 108 degrees abuv zeeroh…..(whew)

  2. Ai wuzznt ayut teh zeu, dere awr sum hyllz dere dayut dee-feetz mai eyfooertz tew wawyuk aeraound eezalee, ai reunz aout ob wynd tew kwyk, beyut ai dyd goe tew dynnur wiff deyum adn hayud a GUDGUD taiym tawkun wiff ebbreewun!!

  3. ohyesh. we hadda fun tyme!!!! an meeted seberal cheezies!!! We meeted awl dese peeps in St Louis, an on teh way to Mizery we meeted Lindykat an KKM!!!!!!! Den after we leeved St Louis an wuz headed bakk to NY, we stawpped in Kentukky an meeted RHSB!!!!!! Best baykayshun EBER!!!!!!

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