Cat Care Kwestyun

Dis kwestiyun b frum LovCharlieCat:

Ohai mai qween.  I have a qwestin I wood like to ask of cheezepeeps.  The other day we took our ailing Spike to the v.e.t.s cause he wuz limpin on one of his forelegs.  Teh v.e.t. says he gots sum arthuritis and to gib him sum “Feline Joint Gel-Glucosamine”.  Are any cheezepeeps familyerr wif dis stuff?  V.e.t. says Spike would like (he don’t!) and he jus been sleep, sleep, sleepin and not eatin.  We is getting really worrified.  Iffin he don eats tonite we are taking back to v.e.t.


20 thoughts on “Cat Care Kwestyun

  1. Gucose-is-mean can come in gels ob vareus strengfs adn flavurs. I wuds gibs it to Catherine – in her last yeer, she was very arthur-itik – ad she lyked sum ob dem adn nawt all.

    Glucose-is-mean cannawt be oberdosed on. Yu can gibs as much as yew lyke, butt from sowmd ob it may habs to hold his mouf closed in teh process!

    Yesh, kittehs nawt always eet. Catherine did that when sik a foo thymes. I had sum hairball meds for her which were toona flabur which was applied to nose adn likked off. (No, nawt my nose!) Once she started eeting, eben a little, she then started feeling hungri adn went to eet moar.

    When dat didn’t wurk, I spoon-fed her gushifuds until she felt hungri.

    I hopes adn prays dat iz just him being stubburn wen sik, adn nuffing moar. Watch clowsly adn tayk to vet iffen nawt eeting tonite, yesh! Definitely! Get bludwurk done, iffen yu cans afford it adn nawt alreddy dun so.

  2. 😦 don’t you wish they could talk sometimes?

    Is it this stuff?

    I gave Morgan that for quite a while — I’m talking years — until he stopped being willing to lick it off a spoon. I have no idea how much good it did him, although I’d have to say he probably did get stiffer and slower after he quit taking it. But I would not say it adversely affected his appetite. Our vet has said that it takes a while for the glucosamine to have an effect – maybe a week or so? I have a few tubes left over which I could send you to try if you’d like.

    If his leg is hurting it could ruin his appetite. Maybe the vet could give you some pain meds to try for the short term and see if that perks him up a bit? And then use the glucosamine for the longer term.

    I assume that some kind of infection such as an abscess, or an injury such as a sprain, have been ruled out. If it is worse when he wakes up but improves as he moves about, that does indicate arthritis.

    • Yes, it would be nice if they could talk! He is taking something similar – thanks for the kind offer. He was actually up and about a little bit this morning, demaned I turn on the kitchen faucet so he could have his drinkies (even though of course he has a full bowl of water). Ate a little, got his medicine and then went back to nappies. So we will watch and see how it goes.

  3. Sometimes cats refuse to eat when they’re hurting. Just nature of the beast… As for the glucosamine, my Bellette takes the naturvet brand, and she loves it, but every now and again, she’ll refuse. That’s when I put it on her front paws, so she has to lick it off. It took about 4 weeks to kick in, but she’s as active as a 17 year old can be now. If your Spike doesn’t eat for a full day, then I would start to worry, but remember, a visit to the vet can be stressful and exhausting for a kitteh, so sleeping the clock around isn’t really too surprising, especially for an elder.

  4. I have had cats zonk out for a day from a shot or a new med…seethrusoul said it, and I’ve had the same thing happen–talk to the vet, or get another opinion. Maybe something was missed the first time (everyone always wants the “easy” answer). Good luck. (((((Spike))))))

  5. Wut CDW sayed.

    And, tu tempt teh appetite wif older, nawt-feline well kittehs, ai haz used baby food meats. Ub teh 2 brands most available in mai area, one haz mostly meat ingredients – can nawt rememburz which, though (Gerber or Beechnut)


    • Ai duz nawt mean to bargify in on teh kitteh diskushon, but when mai first German Shepherd was on chemo for lymphoma, he dids nawt awlways wants to eat. Ai alsew used teh Gerber bebbeh fuds meat flaburs — he liked teh turkee adn beefs bestbestbest. As otters habs saidified, wuns he wulds start likking dat, it could trigger teh appetite.

      Hoeps yor bebbeh feels better soonsoonsoon. Wii wills be praying for hims.

  6. Fanks {{{{cheezypeeps}}}} foar alla teh kind responses and helpingful answers. Will tri teh babyfoods too afinkso. He seems to be little better today and moar like hisself so we will just watch and take careuv oar litel oarinj (bnp) bebeh.

  7. O hao nawt gud! Mai goggie has teh pleh allurgeez an we has been tu teh vet 4 tiemz sinse janooraeree – eggspenseev foar me an nawt ufn foar her!

    Give him a few days. If he won’t eat, give him extra tasty food – wet food, food for kittens (has more calories, good when they only eat a little bit). Another thing you can do for joint aches is fishoil, or other kinds of oil, but if I remember correctly glucosamine products do what the oil does – lubricate – and also reduces inflammation.

    Make a fuss over him and give him time to perk up. Fink ob teh traumah an huge mill ee aeshun ob goin tu teh vet 😯 a kitteh needz tiem tu recubber!

    • Ohai — luklukluks liek yoo habs a Shepherd too! Mai grrrrl developed fud allergeez last fall adn it tookified forebber to figure awt wut it wuz — turned owt to be grains and gluten. Nao she is on limited ingredient fuds adn doing great. Ai hoeps yoo is ables to find teh source ob teh allergeez adn dat she wills feel muchly better beri soon!

      • O teh allurgeez am BERRY pleh! Ai habs dem maiseff tu – Ai kannawt taek teh milkyfings tu gud, butt(!) Ai du lubs teh icee kreems an wippee kreem, soe Ai eets dem sumtiems. An den Ai haet mai tummeh =/
        Mai goggie is nawt a shepard, butt(!) her am a herding goggie an dats awlmoss teh saem =) her allurgeez is awlso teh grains, aifinkso. Ai gottid her awn special fud an tuk away sum ob her treet. It maeks me sadsadsad, cus Ai wud gib her pizzacrust an a fyoo peecees ob pasta wen Ai eated dat stuff an her luuuuuuuubs eet! Ai finded odder treets, soe is otay =) moar bacon goes tu her nao!

  8. Ai hab nebber had tu gibs gloocosameen tu a kitteh, butt (!) ai swares bai it maiseff. It duz tayke a guud too weekweekweeks tu kik in, az uzzers has sedd, sew gibs it sum thyme.
    *sendz beemz tu lcc an Charlie*
    Guud wishez an happytaylol thawts tu yu an yoar bebbeh boi!

    • Ohai and thanks foar yur concern. We took him back to v.e.t. caterday since our bebeh still not eeting, even teh tuna fancy feast (his faborite) and baby food that was suggested by the great cheezepeeps. He hates teh glucosamine gel (even though v.e.t said he should lubs it). The v.e.t. sent us to cat hospital where they took blood and x-rays (Spike says “Ick!- did not like dat”), gave us pain medication foar himz and prescrip for appetite stimulant – he how has lost a full pound in 2 weeks. Just got results earlier today and nothing on x-rays and nothing in blood. Dr. thinks he might have somehow picked up some kind of muscle degenerative disease? They do not know. We found a spot on his neck that looks like could be a tick bite?? Could a tick do this? Calling the Dr. this afternoon with our fingers crossed. Sorry for wordy/long reply but doan know what moar to du.

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