Gnu Rezident in deh Meddow

Dis sad nooz am frum ower deer MuggleMary:

Ohai mai leej;

i just wanted all of cheezland to know tht their iz a noo kittee at the meadow. My baby boy, Zeekie, crossed teh brij sumtime yessturdai, in his sleep. He had been losing weight for a year, and in the past cuppel dais didn want teh fuds, nawt eben teh hooman baybee fuds ai gotted fur him. Yessturdai him wuz berree frail, & i said all my goodbyes beeffoar ai went to sleep.

Hii wuz a berree gud boi.

Xxx to all,


53 thoughts on “Gnu Rezident in deh Meddow

  1. Oh, what sad news, indeed, mugglemary! I am so sorry for your loss of Zeekie. How old was he? He was berry four chew nut to hab you as his hyooman mommy! Many condolences. RIP to Zeekie. {{{{{mugglemary}}}}}

  2. O, MM… werds arnt enuff tu eckspress mai sorroe fur yoo. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{MuggleMary}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Yoo noez dat sweet littlol Zeekie will be well taykin care ub bai awl owr hart-bebbehs in teh meddoe, an dat yoo’ll be well taykin care ub bai us. Ai sends yoo beemz ub lubs, peese, an komfurts. ♥♥♥

  3. Ai am sew sawree, Zeekie wus a berri gud boi adn noa is getting used to da restification adn renooal, peese adn ufn in da meadow ((((((((((MugglolMary))))))))) u was such a gudgud kittehmawm. *leekie ais*

  4. Oh Mugglolmary, liddlol Zeekie hab had teh bestist momma an life. He wuz anudder winner ub teh Kitteh Lottery, habbin a Cheezpeep ub him’s berry own. Mai Gunner boi am at teh gatez ub teh meddow greeting yor Zeekie wiff awl teh udder belubbed petz.

  5. it woz (for Zeekie, mugglemary adn fambly)

    it woz luv taht held yoo heer
    til it woz tiem for yoo to leev
    it woz luv taht woz owr fortyoon
    adn wiv luv ai will greev
    ai wil greev for awl tohse moe mintz
    taht we too yoosd to shayr
    ai wil greev for awl tohse daez wen
    we didnt haz a cayr
    adn thoe ai’m greevin nao ai noe
    taht wen wen mai liefz compleet
    yoo wil be amung teh furst
    taht at teh bridj ai’l meet

  6. O hao sad – an awlso a littlol bit happee. Him went awaes inna sleep. Ai purrfurrs eet dat way. Ai has maed menneh littlol wuns goe awaes at teh critturdoktor, butt(!) Ai du lieks eet bettur wen dey juss goe tu sleep an neber waek awp agin.

    Hims earflee bodee was dun – nao hims spirit plays foareber in sunnyshien wiff gushies an mowntaen spring water, an soe menneh friends him will nawt eber run owt of stuffs tu du =)

  7. I’m so sorry for your loss, MM — no matter how prepared we think we are, it’s always heartbreaking to lose a furbaby. But now Zeekie isn’t in pain, he’s eating all the gushifuds he can hold, and he’s running and pouncing in the Meadow. Know that he had the best love and life from you, and look forward to seeing him in the [far-distant] future.
    Hugz adn beemz from Tecksus.
    {{{{{{{{mugglemary adn Zeekie adn fambly}}}}}}}}

  8. oh MM, ai am so sorry–it iz so painfull wen thry go away! But(!) him iz not suffering enee more and you haz menee good memories. adn he iz happy adn waiting for you.

  9. I fink mai arms iz lawng enuff tu reech frum teh norffwest tu teh upper midwest an gibs yu teh sooper lawng sweet hug uv comfort an peese. Luckee Zeke–an luckee yu tu foar awl teh yeers uv joy yu had tugevver. {{{mugglemary}}}

  10. O ai iz sew beri beri sorry! It awlwayz hurtifies sew muchly, eben if iz kindest fing for dem. Zeekie is yors forebber adn ebber adn ebber, adn teh gentle golden heartstrings wills keeps yoo bof connectified until yoo meets again. {{{{{{{{{{{{{MM adn Zeekie}}}}}}}}}}} Rite nao he’s joining teh nebber-ending chorus ob “My hooman’s teh bestbestbest!” dat echoes frew teh meddow awl teh tiem adn awl teh otter animlols are showing him awl teh best places to nap adn romp adn play.

  11. I ams beri beri sorry to heers abowt dis. Eberywun else haz sed moar dan I can fink to say, sew all I’ll say is dat he’ll be in teh meddow, playing wib eberywuns dere. I heers teh Nite Watchman gawt sum fresh catnip in teh other day.

  12. Sinding yew minny beemz {{Mugglolmary}}

    My sweet Furhead and Max will bee there to sai ohai tu yur Zeekie. Lukky Zeekie tu habs yu az a mahm! Much hed bonx tu yu Mugglolmary, and awl my cheezepeep buddies!

  13. {{{{{MM and famblee}}}}
    Zeekie did indeed win teh kitteh lotto-tree wen he fownded u for his forever home, and he wnet becuz he was reddee. In teh Meddow him will rest and be helfee agen.
    *gentlol hed bonk*

  14. Dear MM, ai’m sew sorree tu heer about the loss ob Zeekie. Eberytyme ai heer of a cheeze peep losing a precious furbaby mai hart aches and mai aiis leek fur them. Mai thorts are wif yu and yur fambly at this tyme. {{{{{{{{{{MuggleMary&Famblee}}}}}}}}}}

  15. Many, many cawndo, corndoll, …..sorries on your loss of Zeekie, MuggleMary! Mai hart akes for you, but dream ob de meddow and you will be happy again, some day. Hugs and schmoos…

  16. Oh MuggleMary, mai deer cheezfren, pleez noez dat mai fawts R wiff yu. An iz sew guudguudguud tu see awl teh sweet cheezpeeps gathur heer tu gibs lubs an sapport at dis berry tuff thyme. Iz nebber EZ, butt (!) teh lubs ob ower frenz maykes it moar bare-ablol, aifinkso! Ai wil gibs yu a beeg hugg at teh cheezmeet neggst munf! Until den, dis wil habs tu dew:
    {{{{{{{{{{{{MuggleMary & Zeekie)))))))))))))

    • fankees sew mush, mai deer fren ‘Niser. Its doin mii gud tew hear frum awl mai frenz in teh teerum an cheezlan. ai gibs yoo speshull hug at cheezmeet! schmoooo

  17. ((((((Mugglemary)))))))) so sad to hear he is gone. He waits for you with patience–after all, he is a cat, and can wait very patiently (except when the stomach alarm goes off).

  18. *sniff* {{{{MuggleMaryandZeekie}}}} sumo an bonnie an zeba will watch 4 zeekie an will pounce on ur zeekie an lick him 2 bitz. welcome zeekie.

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