Good News from Tofu

PoussinBoi haz sendinged mii dis nooz:

Ohai Mai Cween,

I thought people would be pleased to know I wrote to Tofu about the same picture being re-posted so soon with another caption. There were two alone today that we only saw yesterday or the day before.  Here is her response:
Thanks so much for bringing this up. I’m talking to the editors of the site and making sure they are aware of this issue and we will make sure we’re spreading out pictures. We usually try to keep at least a month or so between lols made with the same images.
Hope all is well and enjoy your weekend!
Perhaps this will bring folks back to commenting as the numbers have dwindled lately.

10 thoughts on “Good News from Tofu

  1. I nawt like the new cheezburger site. It’s way too hebby on my browser, keeps messifying with my naym adn isn’t as clean-looking.

    There’s also still teh prollem ob non-PG13 lols on teh payg, from thyme to thyme. Combine that wib teh dupe lols adn yuse get teh impresshun teh editors, frankly, down’t gib a Rhett.

    Ifinkso dat cheezpeeps want to come back but want editors adn a site dat treets dem wib respect adn maybe tikklols deir tummies.

  2. note to teh cheezpeeps voting wiff their feet: Teh old cheezburger site am still there, an u can commint teh usual way. NO FB an stuffs. U just has to click in teh upper left corner on “Back to the old cheezburger”, on the lolcats ( site, and u will find teh (leftover) cheezfrends. I has no informashun whutsoever about how long it’s going to be that way, though.

  3. Dis ayum wurff reepetyn, “Iyf iyut ayunt baroek, doan fyxxiyut”, haowebbur deh maynujjmeunt habs uvvur aiydeerz, sew wee iyz leyft beehaiyund wehn dey izz “gyttn dese kneu aiydeerz” izz tew “FYX” teh saiyt ayuffteur wee ayuskkd dem nawttew deu nuffyn!!

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