MM sez Fankeez

Dis has arrivinged in mai in box from MuggleMary:


Ohai, mai leej –
Can you post a big thank you to everyone who has comforted me regarding my poor Zeekie’s passing?

Everyone has been so wonderful to me, and I want to let them all know how much I appreciate the outpouring of love, hugs, and even a poem! from my cyber friends.

Zeekie was 16 years old, and had just had his birthday on June 28. He died in his sleep, in one of his favorite nap spots, inconveniently in the middle of a hallway floor just between my bedroom and the bathroom. He’s been cremated and will come home again later today.

If anyone would like to see him, he was featured prominently on the 2012 Cheezland calender. I also posted several photos and I think a fetching video on my Facebook page. He was a cat with a sense of humor, and one of a kind. There are no ordinary cats.

Much love and schmoos to all! I love all of you!
AKA Mary Sethre


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