Claire needs beems

This from the cheezfrens group – Claire’s sister posted this on Facebook

“Just a short note to let you know Claire White aka tidmum may not be around for a few days. She was taken into hospital last night with severe back pain and loss of feeling in her legs. She has had an MRI scan today and is waiting for he results. I will update you with any news. In the mean while please send hugs xxx”


36 thoughts on “Claire needs beems

  1. Beemz ob corse fur tidmum … Ai hoep awl ternz owt jess fine fur hurr.
    {{{{{{{{tidmum adn fambly}}}}}}}}

  2. BEEEEMZ !!!!!!! BEEEEMZ !!!!! BEEEMZ !!!!! Hope it is a simple problem – or no problem at all , maybe just some rest ………… will keep her in my thoughts and hope she recharges back to her regular ole good self —- ❤

  3. Teh Norfern California Beemerator is on OHAI and sending sparkling, heeling beemz to Tidmum in TTI!

  4. Many, many gentle, safe hugs. Hopefully it’s something minor, but just to make absolutely certain *beams of lots of good vibes*

  5. BeeeeeeeemittyBeeeeeeemittyBeeeeeeeemitty Beems on Ohaiest Ohai from us — dat sounds scaree. Wii sends gentlol beems ob healing adn comfort, adn lots adn lots ob gudgudgud gnus magnets… {{{{Tidmum}}}}

  6. Ohai agin AP! Ai am sew sorry to heer dat your sistercat amz in da horsepittal. Ai hazza hoepfull dat eberyting will bee OK. Menny, menny beems tew Tidmum and Famblee.
    {{{{{{{{{{Tidmum, AP and Famblee}}}}}}}}}}

  7. Ohai, mai Claire! You are in my prayers, dearest–consider yourself hugged and know that you are loved!
    Love you bunxches! —janey

  8. Mennee beeemz tew Tidmum foar ae gudgud prawgnoesys adn mynymul dyskeumfeurt!!

  9. Healing beeeems ob well wishes for gudgudgud nooz and speedy and comfurblol recuvery tew Tidmum! {{{{{Tidmum and fambly}}}}}

  10. UPDATE: copied from FB via cheezfrenz Yahoo Group
    Viv Shepard Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments. The news so far is
    that they didnt find anything on the MRI scan . They are not sure at this point
    what the problem is. She will be seeing the doctor again today and may possibly
    be allowed home. I let her know last night that beems were plentiful and she was
    very pleased and overwhelmed at everyones kindness.
    She is very tired and very sore and worrying that she is inconvenienceing
    people. Just like Claire to worry about other people more than her self.
    (Can she feel her legs?)
    Yes but she isnt walking very well . My daughter Josie went to see her last
    night and took her out for some fresh air and I think they used a wheel chair.(
    i could not go because i had to look after my son as my husband was away with
    work commitments) I feel a little bit guilty about not going but she was very
    pleased to see Josie , they get on really well Claire is like her second mum.I
    have just spoken to claire she is waiting to be seen by the physio and the pain
    management team. I think they have done x rays as well but no news as to what
    the problem is. She still has little feeling in one of her legs, but is feeling
    a bit better.

    • Father GOD, thank You for Claire. You know what the problem is with her back; i ask that You would bring healing by whatever means You choose. You know she has lots of work to do, so if You’d hurry, i know she’d appreciate it! We ask this in Jesus’ Name—amen.
      All my love —janey

    • No she is NAWT inconveniencing people. Adn iffen she DARES to fink lyke dat agayn for teh rested ob teh day, I… I… I… will sing to her. YESH. I will! So dere!

    • Claire, feel bedder fastest! Teh boiz ar wurried abowt yoo at home. Dey get awl weeble and feek for noms. Ai wish Ai cud get across teh pond to halp yoo, but Ai will sendify mai beeeems instead dat yoo come owt of payne an ar bak awn yoor feet soonest. Mebbbee yoo shud have a Pimms in eech hand nekst time? Keep yoor balance better. *schmoo* Wii lub yoo, Clairepuss!

  11. Lotsa beems frum da far norfwest korner ob da US (also known as Pacific Northwest). Hope eberyfing turns out otay. Maybe justa pinched nerbe?
    *****—–*****>>>>> Go away no feeling in da legs. Nawt to scare Tidmum!

    • I had had that thought myself. If Claire can have a chiropractor look at her, it might help. I remember a very nasty fall i took in 5th grade—the MD missed the dislocated hip (grant you, i was very small for my age, and theywere looking for a break, not a dislocate), and the chiropractor found and fixed it. It is worth a shot–ask around for recommendations.
      Love you bunches! –janey

      • Ebbun beyddur wud bee ae OSTEOPATH, ar Dawktur wiff alla deh knollijj ob ae kairoepraekktur, ai sawr wun wehn ai habs ae BERRY bayud neyuk paeyn form hoeldyn teh foeyn awn mai soljur steyd ob wiff mai hayund, obbur ae syx yeer peereeyud mai neyk gawt soe bayud ai kuddnt lewk moar danna feyu deegreez leyff oar raiyt, teh Awsteeoepaeyff FYXXD mee fain!!

  12. manny strong beems in tidmum’s direkshun! teh juttehs send hedbonjs adn pwomis nawt to weave thru your legs…unless it’s dinnertyme…

  13. A nudder update from Viv:
    Ohai everyone quick update on Claire. Unfortunately she is still in hospital. She is still suffering from loss of sensation in her legs , and in quite some considerable pain. She has had another MRI last night to see if they can find the problem. I think she will probably be in there for the weekend. I dropped of care packages with her yesterday lots of nice goodies. Kittehs are being looked after but are missing their mum . I will post again when we get the reesults of the MRI .

    • Thanks, Nennepuss! Oh, mai Claire, i am still praying for you! Would you do me the honor of praying for me and my folks? Dad keeps missing doctor’s appts (he’s going to have an abdominal aortic aneurysm fixed); they need me to come down there and i need help with logistics for the move. (I find that praying for someone else helps me get through my difficulties.) Nerves, be healed in the Name of Jesus! Amen.
      All my love—janey

  14. beems tu Tidmum fur gettin bedderer wivaqwickness an tu teh medics fur fyndin owt teh cause ~~~~~~~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  15. Sending healing beems and positive thots and lots uf luv ur way, Claire! Hope you are feeling moar betterer very soon.

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