Claire update

This is the latest from Claire’s sister, Viv:

ohai everyone quick Claire White update. No further news to report The hospital seem to have no sense of urgency she is still waiting to see the neurologist and bloods that should have been taken on friday still have not been done. Needless to say Claires colourful language is in extreme useage. Furbabies are fine but missing their mum . Buggerit backwards with a fish fork and other unpostable expletives..


15 thoughts on “Claire update

  1. There’s no excuse for not doing tests that are needed and when they are needed. I can’t say as I blame Claire one bit. On one of hubby’s hospitalizations I warned the nurses & doctors about apparent “lack of concern” saying in a not quiet voice: “I’m an over 50, post-menopausal, woman with red hair, an Irish temper and a bit of Cherokee ancestry; if you all can’t get his problem sorted out, I’ll take him where it can be.” Then I called the insurance company and told them they had no right to discharge him; they may not pay for more than 3 days, but you can’t discharge him until he’s ready to go home according to the doctors say so. He stayed 4 more days and went home.

  2. Oh, for pete’s sake and cryin’ out loud! Wake up and do your job, folks—after all the noise the Olympic opening ceremonies made about the NHS, the least you can do is get it right! And that expletive is STILL making me laugh, and this is the nawt-thurd thyme i’ve seenit!
    Continuing to pray, dear heart—give her some hugs for me, okay?
    Love you bunches! —janey

  3. Just seen this on the cheezfrens Yahoo group :
    “from Viv’s facebook: She has now seen the neurologist who has ruled out
    anything nasty. She does however have some damaged discs and a nerve issue.
    She hopes to be home tomorrow .”

    That sounds better news – Hoping that Claire is soon in less pain.

  4. altosinger: I TOTALLY agree about the expletive, and am going to find SOME way to work it into my daily conversation. 🙂
    As a medical-safety researcher/editor, and daughter of two cancer patients [who got excellent treatment but that was mainly because my dad was VP of the hospital], I am outraged that Claire has been receiving [or rather NOT] this kind of treatment. Thank goodness she has at least one advocate in Viv. PLEASE, Cheezpeeps, nominate someone to be with you if and when you have to be hospitalized … patients forget questions to ask of their [paid] caregivers and those caregivers are also overworked and forget things too. A gentle [or not-so-gentle] prod from the patient’s advocate can often get things moving.
    {{{{{{{{Claire/tidmum adn fambly}}}}}}}}

  5. Well, ai iz gladified to heer dat iz nuffink nastee, but mai grrrrrl adn ai are grrrrrrrrowling at teh stoopy peoplol who nawt treats owr Tidmum in tiemly fashun. Iz inexkyooz…inesqueez…nawt hackseptible!!! Ai hoeps dat teh discs and nerve isshoo can be resolvified wifakwikness.

    *sends “do better!” beeeems at stoopy hospital* — dat’s owr Tidmum yoo’ve got dere, yoo treats her rite!!

    Claire posted this on Facebook:
    Thank you soooooooooooo much for all your wonderful comments, get well wishes and hugs 😀
    It really helped knowing all of you were thinking of me and beeming.
    I’m still in lots of pain, but the meds are helping a good deal. I have an appointment with the Pain management team on Tuesday next week. Hopefully they will sort out a med regime that doesn’t have me in la la land and *bunged up* if you know what I mean O.o…
    The good gnus is I have no borked discs …there is a degree of spine deterioration and wear and tear, but that is expected considering the accidents I’ve had and type of work I used to do.
    But best of all, I am Home, with my kittehs and fambly and I can *see* all my on-line friends again. I missed you guys!!!!!!!!!
    Claire Xxxxx

  7. Izz GUDGUDGUD tew bee hoem aygaeyn wiff alla teh Keows tew “heylp” yew wiff ebbreethiyng dey kud, adn dey awr azz galayd tew sea yew azz yew awr tew sea deym, mae yew gytz wehl berry fayust, rekubburyng eggsaleyntlee, moar heelyn BEEMZ foar yew >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  8. I ♥ you guys 😀
    I don’t have the words to convey my profound lub and thanks to all of you. The well wishing,hugs beems and prayers have kept me going over the past few weeks.
    I’m hoam and hobbling round with crutches and many drugs, but it is worth the pain an effort to be here with my fambly, kittehs and frenz 😀
    Pain Management Clinic tomorrow…let’s see what happens……..
    Claire/Tidmum xxxxxxxxxx

    • Ohai janetcanhas4kittehs, gud tew sea yew aegaeyn, wee habs ae nais cheezpeeps vyzzut iyun St. Louis, ai hab playnz tew reejeuvvuhnaeyt maiseylf, goeyun bayuk tew teh sawymmn pewl adn mai wawukkn eggursaiyzzus innda waddur, kayunt dew ae lawt beut gawtta dew sumpin, syttum aeraeound izzunt gud, dew sum loe iyumpakkt steuff adn iympreuv!!
      YAAAAAAAAAAY foar Claire, Beemz awr GUD

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